Canada's fanciest fanny!

Janine2017-2Janine Jericho is a force to be reckoned
with, gracing stages all around the world as an International Feature performer, she dazzles her audiences with her Epic costumes, spectacular performances, stunning figure, succulent sensuality and killer smile. The blonde bombshell that connects with her audiences through her naughty, sexy, playful attitude that shines & tantalizes the masses, cultivating a loyal following wherever she goes making her an audience favorite and one of the most bankable and bookable features performers to date. A high energy dancer with many specialty skills, paired with a sassy demeanor and an abundance of personality, only scrapes the surface of this wild beauty. Get ready to be a part of the highly entertaining, Janine Jericho Show! CURRENT REIGINING: WORLD ULTIMATE FEATURE ENTERTAINER, MISS NUDE UNITED STATES 2015, MISS NUDE EXOTIC DANCER NORTH AMERICA 2014, WORLD ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR, EXOTIC NUDE UNIVERSE PERFORMER OF THE YEAR, 2nd Place EXOTIC NUDE UNIVERSE 2014IMG_20150920_115554


Hello everyone, this is where I’ll be sharing with you my many adventures and the behind the scenes scoops performing as an international feature showgirl and headlining act gracing the stages of many gentlemens’ clubs and venues around the globe.
First of all, let me introduce myself for those who aren’t familiar with me. I’m Janine Jericho and I’m from Western Canada. I have always been a creative person that loved the stage and here I found a place where I could make the stage my playground and take my audiences on an erotic journey. Dressing up into character, playing a role, exuberating sexual energy and taking the appreciation n value for the female form in all it’s sensuality to such creative heights is a platform I embraced.IMG_20160123_211753

My shows includes 14 different characters and choreography from old school burlesque to modern edge themes shows, with specialty skills as a high energy dancer, aerial hoop, advanced poledancing , elite and exquisite costumes, popular with all audiences and a gymnastics background all of which, makes me one of the most sought after and highest caliber showgirls of today. As far as travelling goes I’ve worked in China (Macau), Australia, Guam, the Caribbean, the States (competing only), England, New Zealand and most of Canada. With music being my first passion, dancing my second and traveling my third, I connected with a career where I am in alignment with who I am and LOVE what I do. And I enjoy being able to embrace my femininity and express it through an erotic performance of striptease is my Passion In Action!BATMAN FB


I’ve competed in many contests and can say I have more titles than the public library! Well, not quite lol but a lot. more than 30 to date. My favorite titles would be the World Trio Champions, the Ultimate Duo Champions (2 years in a row) and Miss Nude Canada’s fanciest fanny! funny story with that last title…After landing in Australia and brief introductions with the Dj who had come to meet me he enthusiastically says, “SO, you’re Canada’s fanciest fanny! That’s going to be great for the radio interview!” OK people, just so you know, fanny doesn’t mean ‘butt’ in Australia as it does here in North America. And I pride myself in being a top quality showgirl entertainer who puts the ‘ass’ in ‘class’ lol So you can imagine how comedic it was going to be, how ‘I’ was going to be interviewed on the radio for all of Australia to hear and was going to be talking about my fanciest fanny! I actually was feeling a little pressured, like I should bedazzle it or something. I would call it, Janine Jericho’s kitty glitter!’ Now that’s fancy!



All laughing aside, I am a sensual performer. Big difference between a showgirl and a show-all girl lol I like to leave a little mystery and grace and the art of strip tease is exactly that-Tease. Though, It was funny how I was meeting people and the first thing they would say is , “You’re Canada’s fanciest fanny!” I just flash my pearly whites and give them a wink as I’m chuckling to myself. 


Anyways, this was my introduction to you and I am looking forward to sharing with you my dancing ventures from week to week, I promise, never a dull moment!