Canada's fanciest fanny!

  • FB_IMG_1517802503421Janine Jericho

Janine Jericho has been an international headliner and maintains top feature entertainer status within the exotic dance industry for over the last decade. Continuing to win top titles and awards, including 17 in the last 3 years alone which have included the prestigious and top honors of World Ultimate Entertainer, Battle Of the Champions, Canada Grand Champion, Universe Performer Of the Year and 2x Miss Nude World Entertainer of the Year, totalling over 60 titles and awards throughout her career, has made her a staple and one of the most sought after artists to date. She has performed in 9 countries worldwide, with multiple tours throughout Australia each year and is personally invited to headline competitions and main events thus growing a huge fan following and making her one of the most bankable and bookable headliners currently touring the globe.

FB_IMG_1517802872148 She possesses specialty skills that include: aerial acrobatics, fireplay, circus arts, flow arts, veil fans, advanced pole-dancing coupled with her high energy dance style, elite costumes and props, has added to her being billed as one of the top entertainers to date.

She has had several publications internationally with her most current features in Pin Up Culture Magazine, Wild Vixens Magazine and graced the cover of Night Moves Magazine and last year was on the film sets of Supergirl, the 100, the Arrangement and Riverdale. Janine Jericho has also been a special guest on a variety of radio talk shows throughout North America, which included the Tony Batman Radio Talk Show, where she was one of his highest rated guests to date. Janine is also one of the featured personalities in a documentary called, Naked justice, that is near completion and set to be released in 2019, that tells the story on what it takes to be an elite showgirl and an inside look into the industry.

Janine Jericho is the founder and owner of Elite Entertainment Training, a mentor-ship program available to up and coming talent. She is a true inspiration to the new generation of showgirls, breathing fresh life into the world of dancing.FB_IMG_1523512324832