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Meeting Marty Brodeur…

So here I am, working out East and I’m making a few friends along the way. One person in particular I had been chatting with was the hotel manager of the place I was staying. In conversation I mentioned how much of an avid hockey fan (at one point was a season ticket holder) I was and that on my day off I was actually planning on going to a game, seeing that out West we don’t get to see much of the Eastern teams play.

WELL…the next day I happened to come down to lobby looking for some take out menus and the hotel manager enthusiastically calls me over, waving his arms in the air like a crazy person. He then proceeded to say, “Martin Brodeur is in the lounge with some the Devils! I told them ALL about you and they want to meet you!” “K….WHAT?? Are you joking? Seriously..he’s here AND you told him about ME??” LMAO

 He responds, “Yep, the ‘real’ Canadian girl that’s a true fan to the game and is even catching one tomorrow cuz she doesn’t get to see the Eastern teams play.” Here I am, in my jeans and a hoody and I’m going to meet a hockey legend. Now I have met a lot well known people but for the first time I actually felt a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie!! Yep, can sing for Jay Leno, met many actors and musicians but was nervous meeting Martin Brodeur! LOL

Anyways, I walk up to their table where the hotel manager introduced me and they asked me to sit down and join them for a few drinks. At first there was a little chit chat about where I was from, the weather, general stuff, then comes the skill testing question, “So, what do you think of Luongo?” The entire table goes silent waiting to hear what I’ll have to say. At this point Luongo was doing great and chosen as the 2nd goalie alongside Marty Brodeur for the Olympics. The spotlight was on me with Marty looking directly into my eyes. My response, “He’s a good goalie, a very good goalie but he’s he’s not ‘great’ and at that moment I raised my hand to Martin Brodeur. “He still has yet to win a Stanley Cup.” (In my head I’m thinking, he’s amazing and he WILL win the Stanley Cup!!” Vancouver Canucks are my team, which they all knew, so that was definitely a trick question.

“Good answer.” One of the guys at the table says.

The next night I was at their game with THE best seat in the house right behind Martin Brodeur’s net and that night he beat the all time shut out record!! SO AMAZING!! And no, there was no hanky panky going on, he really was a top notch gentlemen that carried a lot of class, on and off the ice. Sure, a couple of the other Devils asked me if I wanted to ‘hang out’ later but my pizza was soon to be delivered and it was time to go. I’m a fan of the game and many exceptional players along the way-not by any means a puck biter or groupie.

I think that what they do and have achieved are incredible but definitely not grounds to have a random hook up, and that goes for anybody that has any sort of status or public recognition. I can appreciate what a person has accomplished but am more interested in ‘Who” they are, not “What” or “How Much” they have. That don’t impress me much 😛 And the best things in life aren’t ‘things’. I do have a few other hockey stories that’ll be added however, there will be one I will leave out and that would be me meeting, ‘The Great One’. Though it’s not too naughty, it would tarnish his good boy image a lil so will just leave that one alone….I’ll just blame the post game win alongside the alcohol induced loose tongue. lol Hey, at the end of the day WE all are still human 😛

Token Pot Head vs Token Crack Head lol

In Winnipeg, Manitoba there is a hotel that has been designated specifically for the out of town dancers to stay. It’s not an actual functioning hotel anymore but has been somewhat revamped and renovations are continuing so that the girls have a nice, clean, comfy place to make their home away from home. And an immense amount of appreciation goes out to Rick (my amazing agent from Superb Entertainment) for making the rooms so immaculate to live in. It’s nice cuz when on the road you just never know what you’re gonna get…..that’s a whole other blog LMAO (Just to give you a brief idea, from high quality hotels to rooms with duck tape holding the floor together-yep, it’ll be on my video blog)

Anyways, back to episode one of many, at the dancer hotel. I’m by no means a judgemental person, each person is here to live their own journey and make their own choices and shouldn’t ever live under a label, incident or situation they’d been involved in. HOWEVER, for the sake of description and to give you all a clear visual on these episodes, I will be labelling! lol \

So my room is at the beginning of the hall and as I said previously, a bit of a hermit, keep to myself, the somewhat normal (I use that term VERY loosely) feature performer. A few doors down there is the token pot head and across from her the token crack head. Upstairs are a couple of easygoing, fun party girls. It’s Sunday night, and like a couple of girls, have just arrived earlier that day and Sunday night is the only eve we have to go to bed early and get a full night’s rest. With our work schedule bedtime’s usually about 3am (for me lol) and up early each day to do my program and train at the gym. I, like many girls, value our Sunday night sleep. Well, I was astonished to be awoken at 1:30AM by the sound of a vacuum cleaner! WTF

I then hear the token pot head leave her room, walk over to the token crack head’s room and knocks on the door. She politley and calmly says, “Hey man, would you mind not vaccuuming right now, we’re all trying to sleep. It’s the only night we have to get a good night’s sleep in.” And then comes a response  in high pitched squeal completely freaking out saying things like, “You always judge me, you’d be bugging me if I was vacuuming at 1:00 in the afternoon, I’m just cleaning..” And the yelling continued for a short time before both girls went back in their rooms and slammed their doors. One girl going back to bed, the other ranting to herself. lol Can you guess which one…Have you ever heard an argument between someone who smokes a doob and one who snorts, sniffs-whatever. It’s kinda funny. At first I was annoyed at being woken up , then was considering going out into the hall to mediate but in the end, just let it play out to see what else, if anything, would happen as I’m laughing to myself. Seriously, it felt like a scene right out of a Kevin Smith movie.

Oh Yeah, from what I hear, the token crack head’s still holding a grudge over that one :/

Sun of a Beach-Back in Brandon!


Just wanna recap on the rest of the week in Brandon. It’s funny, looks like with my blogging I’m picking up right where I left off before getting my own site up n running. Here I am doing my Central Canada tour once again, though I’ve been to Australia and Eastern Canada in between. Well, I’ll share stories from those trips as I’m now more consistent with blogging. But for now all I have to say is, “Sun of a Beach!” Bahaha This is an annual volleyball tournament that happened the same wk I was in Brandon. My hotel room happened to be on the same floor as all the teams competing and it truely was like partaking in Spring Break a few weeks early! People gone wild!!

The hallway party with bongs and beer kegs, so hilarious. And then there was everyone knowing where the ‘dancers’ where staying, so endless knocks on the door with peeps wanting to hang out became the norm. Izabella and I became the ‘token dancer’ friends to some of the teams. But it was excellent cuz they all came down for our shows and proved to be an over the top, enthusiastic audience! There was a blizzard in Brandon but yet, the bar was a full house!!

One thing I wanna share with you all is Izabella’s quick evolution in the dancing world. *I’m SO proud of how far she’s come in such a short time) I met her in Australia where she was a newbie working as a floor girl doing private dances-never gracing a stage as a showgirl. She came and met me in Ontario where she continued to work as a floor girl and then came the BIG step up to stage this week in Brandon. She was SO nervous, she didn’t know if she could do it. But having a background in hip hop I just told her to use some of those sassy dance moves n make sure to make eye contact and SMILE on stage…that’s it. It really is that easy.

An audience wants to be entertained and appreciates it SO much when a girl is enjoying what she is doing. Who wants to watch a girl with a cranky look on her face make the art of striptease look like a chore-like she hates her job or even better, just watches herself in the mirrors?? LMAO I told her that by incorporating some her ‘real’ dancing into her shows that the audience would eat it up AND they did!! Her first week as a stage girl and she not only cleared more than $700.00 for the week in tips, and that’s without posters or promo to give away-that was just her being her entertaining and happy self but received great reviews from everyone. YEP, I’m a proud mama bear 🙂

LOVE it when girls absorb what I tell them and then utilize those tools reaping the huge rewards. A true validation that IT WORKS!! And really, it is so easy, so so easy if you let it be. It was also my best week in Brandon and enjoy seeing all those familiar faces..a few shout outs to Jennifer, Uwe, Greg, Angela, Danielle…EVERYONE!! P.S. I have never autographed so many beautiful sets of boobies before!! Muuuah sexy ladies!!



So funny, here I am back in Brandon, Manitoba (and having another rockin week!) and am lounging around in between shows with my friend, Izabella, who I had met in Australia and as we’re both naked, laying in bed watching t.v. our food delivery comes! Oh yeah, guess I should put some clothes on! Lol I’m just so comfy hanging out in my birthday suit. As soon as I get into my room I just take it all off.  Hmm..wonder what he would’ve done 😛

I am SO happy that my friend from Oz has decided to come out and get a taste for the Canadian audiences and how things work out here. She’s loving it! And of course, Brandon’s proving to be an amazing week. Customers are even paying cash for extra shows! Love that kind of enthusiasm and appreciation. Honestly, my darker characters usually go over the best out here so was a little concerned about performing burlesque but it was so well received.  SO many beautiful and generous ladies have been in the audience this week, LOVE IT!! I enjoy tapping into that feminine sensuality and exuberating that energy, inspiring the women in my audiences. I find sometimes that women forget that they are all such sexy beings and I hope that they are reminded of that in my reflection. Ladies can be so hard on themselves, their bodies. feelin shy around their men when disrobing in front of them, and also get preoccupied with kids, work, cleaning,  just being busy that they lose/forget that feminine power, that natural sexiness and sensuality that we ALL possess. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, so c’mon ladies-just allow yourselves to be the sexy beings you were created to be and let it shine! 😀

Ode to Drama!


Helllllo peeps! You may have noticed that there’s an inconsistency in regards to keeping my blogs updated, a huge time gap, this is only due to switching sites. I will now be blogging on a regular basis but I’ve decided to change the format in which I was blogging. Previously it was a week to week entry but I’ve decided to be freer with what I’m writing about as far as adventures go so my blogs will be stories and experiences from past and present. I have waaay too much juiciness to just limit my writing to a blog per week, and oh the stories to share!!! And even a little drama….

Ode to drama!! LOL Have to admit, it’s been quite a while since I’ve remembered what it was like to be 16, but was brought back to those memories recently. Now honestly, I can be a bit of hermit. What I mean by that is, I don’t hang out in the bar unless signing promo and chatting with customers and don’t  ‘party’. I have a life that expands far beyond my dancing (fitness competitor so in the gym everyday, doing an online program, personal trainer/nutrition and my music-singer/songwriter) which keeps me quite busy.

When I’m at work I’m there to do my job. Meeting a few great friends along the way is an added bonus but I definitely don’t make a lifestyle out of my dancing career. I usually steer clear of the many dramas that happen within the industry (however do entertain myself with it all) but for the most part, keep to myself. SO that being said, It was unexpected for me to be sucked into a recent episode of dancer drama. And like sands of the hour glass…these are the plays of my life! Lol

So there was a contest a couple of weeks ago in Winnipeg. When I first heard of it I thought about doing it, I completely enjoy being able to put together a big show with props and pyro and bringing my best to the stage. However, with my busy touring schedule leaving my little time to create a show set up decided against it. It was a good title but I have my sights set on Miss Nude Canada, that’s the one I want. Well, two days before I was set to leave for Winnipeg my agent tells me he needs me to do this contest.

I adore my agent, he’s always been good to me so agreed to do it with his encouragement. “I don’t have anything prepared!” I said.  His response, “Aren’t all your shows big shows..” Yes, but not contest caliber shows. The girls competing for this title are hungry for it so they’d be going all out, and they did. I hoped for the best but didn’t have any expectations. Don’t get me wrong, walking off stage with a trophy always feels great and if I’m gonna compete I’ll work with what I ‘ve got and always go for gold (whoever says they just do it for fun is a liar! Lol) but there are girls really striving for this one. And as it turns out, those girls were the ones who took the cake. And HUGE kudos to them! Some of my fave girls working their way up in the industry who really made an enormous effort with stage set up, backdrops and being original. Each one of them compleletly deserved their placings in my opinion. Sure, it would’ve been nice to receive something but not down n out like some ladies.

 I don’t value these types of contests the same way as many girls do. I’m already an established and successful feature performer who has made a prominent mark in the industry with my performances and already am high in demand-booked for the rest of the year! After working 12 hr days in the ‘real world’ I wholeheartedly appreciate and am passionate about this job. Being at the top of my game is something I’ve worked hard for and am proud of so will humbely acknowledge that. To newer girls or the ladies who want to feature these titles are a huge stepping stone to getting there, so they understandibly will have a greater attachment to the outcome. There was some deep disappointments with some of the girls and I just told them to let this contest fuel their fire for the next one, not to indulge in the disappointment or look for reasons/judgements why they didn’t do better; the contest was fixed, someone sabotaged their show, etc. The girls who placed earned what they got.

The smartest thing you can do when you see someone who is successful or in a place you want to be is to shut your trap from the criticizing, judgements and ego that thinks you could do things better and LEARN from them. This is coming from my own experience. I used to be one of those girls until one day when I decided to sit down and watch a huge feature at that time’s show and then ask her questions about how she got to where she was. That was my A-HA moment. Watch and learn and BE successful.

 Anyways, on to the week of post contest,  pre-drama. I was booked in to Solid Gold (the club that hosted the comp and one of my faves to work) and started my week off without a hitch. Tuesday comes and my agent asked me to cover the feature shows at Lipstixx. Now Lipstixx is another one of my fave clubs to work, the audiences are amazing and so are the staff but it doubles my driver bill cost, so when I’m in Winnipeg for only two weeks, it’s usually not on my schedule. Only my three week bookings and longer. So I was surprised with the last minute switch but just went with it knowing it was just one night.

The next day I spoke with another dancer in the bathroom as we were both changing for shows and she told me she had an altercation with the manager the night before and we were being switched for the week. WELL, this didn’t sit well with me. I LOVE Lipstixx, just not the added driver expense and I was looking forward to my week at Solid Gold. I didn’t feel like I should have to pay for whatever issue happened with her and that club.

So when asked about switching with my agent he said nope, you’re staying at Solid Gold. WELL…seriously, I had no idea that this would be the cause of the gossip wheel  going in full motion for the next week. That dancer was then sent to other out of town bookings because I was staying at Solid Gold and she was not happy about it. The story then moved into how she was supposed to work at Solid Gold and I didn’t want to be moved out of my booking, so she was left with jumping around to these out of town one nighters.

For the rest of the week I was confronted by dancer after dancer asking me what had happened, why I was there when ‘so and so’ was supposed to be there…my response each time, “I don’t know. I have nothing to say about it. I’m not going to engage in/be a part of any drama. It is what it is.” I didn’t realised I was going to be villianfied for working where I was booked 2 months previously. At one point, after the 4th girl was asking me about it I had told her (all in good humour-ok smart ass good humour) to take her pointer finger, gently place it on her thumb and rub them together. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now playing the world’s smallest violin! Seriously, it’s not my issue. And THAT became my tag line for the week when asked about it, cuz I was repeatedly asked. Guess she was telling everyone and anyone who’d listen. And then of course comes the, “She’s just jealous,” comment. You know, there’s a funny thing about that comment, and it goes for any situation. Of course when you’re a successful, confident person you’ll have some nay sayers along the way (and an immense THANK U to all of u for giving me more determination and fire to strive to succeed) but really, that is such an empty accusation and an extremely high form of self flattery. I’m quite happy being me, thanks!

Some people took a situation that had nothing to do with them and made it ALL about them. Welcome to the dancer world 😛

But regardless of the waves, I ended up having one of my best and most prosperous weeks. If there are gonna be waves might as well learn to surf! And really, at the end of the day it’s not about what ‘they’ do it’s about what ‘you’ do.