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Fort St. John, BC

Whoohoo! Full house last nite n just had a 2 rockin afternoon shows 😀 Not bad considering it’s supposed to be their slowest month up here. Really happy that the showgirl and burlesque shows seem 2 be the fave…well next 2 batgirl lol Gonna break out the black ostrich feather fans for my next show 🙂




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Blonde Moment!!

Working at On the Roxx in Vernon and having a grrreat week here! Rockin audiences, enjoying the sun during the days, awesome staff! Really happy 🙂 Visited with my friend, Madison Cue, too! Funny conversation today between me and the other dancer I’m working with:

What did you do today?” “I went boating. And you?”

“Me too.” “Did you go wake boarding?”

“Nope. We were tied up to other boats.”

“Me too, we were tied up to other boats.”

“We were tied up to seven other boats! Crazy!”

“Us Too!

“We had girls hanging upside down and everything..”

“So did we!”

YOU ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING DON’T YOU…..The two blondes still didn’t have a clue LMAO

As I’m looking at her pictures I start laughing, “OMG, we were tied up with your boats! You were two boats down from us!” SERIOUSLY, I really shouldn’t be sharing our complete and total blonde moment but thought you’d enjoy a laugh at our expense…lol

Stories Within the Stories

Stories within the stories….here’s one for you: As you have read in my previous blog about the contest, I was having trouble with filling my angel spots for my show…the girls that had committed to being my angels kept flaking out so I was left scrambling at the last minute right before my shows looking for angels to come on stage with me. During my first show it was my friend, Dinah Might, and my old girlfriend from highschool who had never stepped foot on stage before, let alone a stage in an exotic dance club..yep, a total MILF lol so nervous but she rocked it like a pro 😀

Well, I called up from the troops my younger sister, a more conservative personality who is a school bus driver, knowing she’d be a reliable person BUT would she and could she do it….she had never stepped foot on a stage before either AND I had a husband to convince to allow her to do it. To my surprise she not only was excited at the opportunity but her husband was thrilled with the idea (I guess I underestimated him lol hmm…sisters on stage together lol) he not only said yes but he said she could get naked if she wanted to! LOVED that support 😉 Didn’t realize my request was going to spice up their marriage so much, too! Awesome to see so many people benefiting from my show in one way or another 😉

So my sis came down and she got to experience a day in the life of me AND the confessions of a change room. Girls shaking their naked asses in changeroom, a lil girl on girl talk, a conversation about ‘squirting’, one girl who called herself psychic with the penis size of men…yep, my sis’s ears were no longer virgin ears- in my eyes. Really, her ears probably lost their virginity a long time ago lol

She was texting her hubby saying, “Wow, there’s already talk of girl on girl. in here….” I’m sure in the back of his mind he was hoping she’d take pictures!

I have to say though, my change room did have the BEST energy and girls during the contest all week. Everyone was so much fun, good vibes, GREAT talk, even some dirrty talk (I had my own mini girl crush te-he-he) and so helpful…unbelievable that these were contest girls. Ateasa Love was my other lil angel for Friday and Saturday and I was totally blessed to have her grace the stage with me, she was exxxcellent!

My lil sis rocked it, too!! Who knew she had it in her… must run in the fam 😉 It was funny, when she asked me what she was wearing I pulled out a red pvc bikini top and skimpy booty shorts. I was trying so hard not to giggle when I handed it to her and couldn’t look her in eye. She was like, “Seriously, I have to wear this?” I said, “Yep! And made a quick exit so I wouldn’t have to argue with her..if she put up a fuss BUT she didn’t. She put on the hot little number and was good to go. She has an incredible body and I knew she’d pull it off,  so was firm on the scantily outfit. Plus her hubby will LOOOOOVE it!

After we wrapped up the show she was so cute, she told me she’d love to do it again!