Canada's fanciest fanny!

Blonde Moment!!

Working at On the Roxx in Vernon and having a grrreat week here! Rockin audiences, enjoying the sun during the days, awesome staff! Really happy 🙂 Visited with my friend, Madison Cue, too! Funny conversation today between me and the other dancer I’m working with:

What did you do today?” “I went boating. And you?”

“Me too.” “Did you go wake boarding?”

“Nope. We were tied up to other boats.”

“Me too, we were tied up to other boats.”

“We were tied up to seven other boats! Crazy!”

“Us Too!

“We had girls hanging upside down and everything..”

“So did we!”

YOU ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING DON’T YOU…..The two blondes still didn’t have a clue LMAO

As I’m looking at her pictures I start laughing, “OMG, we were tied up with your boats! You were two boats down from us!” SERIOUSLY, I really shouldn’t be sharing our complete and total blonde moment but thought you’d enjoy a laugh at our expense…lol

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