Canada's fanciest fanny!

Centerfolds in Thunderbay, Ontario

Well, we picked up exactly where we left off the last time I was in Thunderbay….Monday night, jammed packed and for my last show decided to bring out the paint. There was a beautiful birthday girl sitting in the front row with all of her hot friends so I pulled her on her on stage with me. She was extremely shy so I promised her I’d be gentle and that I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want me to. I will always respect the boundaries of anyone who comes on stage with me, though I will tell you, her friends weren’t shy at all!

I got her to lay down on the stage, put paint in both her and as I straddled her, I let her paint my body. WELL…the bar went CRAZY! All of a sudden there were bodies all over the stage with tipping dollars and requests to get painted. As I was taking tips, the paint on my chest was transferring onto those faces I was taking tips from and by the end of my show everyone had paint on them. It looked like the worrior tribe of Thunderbay!

I had never had so many naked women on stage with me at one time before-it was great! I played with about 12 sets of boobies that night; what can I say, I love my job! Lol My show went over into a double encore and I ended up making over $400.00 in tips. What a great way to start the week off With an audience that’s so interactive like this one I love to bring out the fun stuff so I asked the Owner if I could break out the water guns but unfortunately the stage wouldn’t react well to a water show. It’s all good, paint and liquid latex it is!

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