Canada's fanciest fanny!

Here At Danny’s in Hanover, Ontario (Where Everybody Knows Ur do do)

Well, here at Danny’s in Hanover, Ontario! Thought I’d just drop a quick hello and post a pic with one of the lovely ladies I’m working with this week, Karina-a true lil hottie!! One of my fave things about this place is the people. The staff are amazing and make this an easy and fun working environment. When my agent first asked me to go to Hanover I was like, “Where? Is that in Canada?” lol As it turns out, this small town is the biggest town in it’s area, so Danny’s became the hub for all the neighboring counties with it’s great staff, comfortable atmosphere and consistent sexy ladies. It really does feel like, ‘Cheers’. Whenever someone walks through the door  I just think of the scene where Norm walks in and everybody says, ‘Norm.’ lol 

It’s been a nice start to the week, a lil quiet due 2 pre-holiday errands but have been SO happy to see many of my familiar faces already and am exxxcited to see a great crowd out for the rest of the week-and from all the enthusiasm I’ve been receiving in Facebook messages and posts, it should be rockin 🙂

I’ve just started choreographing my dominatrix/batgirl show using red duct tape! Nothing like getting a lil sticky! But it looks and feels so sexy and I love that it’s quite a unique element to add. Will try to have some video footage in 2 weeks when I’m gracing the stage in Montreal for the grand opening of Studio 300. Just can’t keep me away now that I’ve had a taste for the French! And from what I hear, now that they’ve had a taste of me, they say I taste pretty good too, so the feelings are mutual 😉  Te-hehe

It’s a HUGE week with Playboy T.V. being there amongst other industry professionls and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.

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