Canada's fanciest fanny!

LOL Silly

Got a few messages asking for updates! Sorry peeps, lots of traveling, putting together a new fitness routine, learning some new circus stuff and long shifts at work have had my energy consumed this last month. But have had a ton of fun and amusing episodes, I’ll share a few. I was at the Budoir Rouge my first two weeks back here in Alberta and as I mentioned before it’s at the top of my list of places to work. It is evolutionary in the strip club industry and one place where I go to work and it doesn’t feel like work. On the weekends they hand out these LED flashing light sticks to all the customers and with the music pumping, everyone raises their sticks in the air matching the rhythym of the beat…it’s like being in a rave!vegas

I had a very entertaining girl sharing my room with me, she had me laughing all the week. Great attitude and we had some common beliefs about the Laws Of Attraction. I’m totally going to de-glamorize dancers here BUT it’s hilarious. She was having the worse gas ever LMAO and as a courtesy, kept popping out of the change room to let them go. (A VERY nice courtesy lol) Well, one time she popped out and let one rip one as one of the male dancers was walking by! One she thought was pretty hot! Bahahaha

This same girl would also hike up her frilly pink, full bummed panties over her hip bone, slouch her arms forward rounding out her back and in a Russian accent say, ” I am from Ukraine…I work hard and need money for my fam-i-ly!” Her timing was impeccable, the club’s owner happened to be walking by our change-room at the time with our door wide open! Ahhh nothing like being silly at work. She also didn’t click very well with the other girl in our change-room and every time the girl would come into the change-room and do something that annoyed her, she’d start playing self help youtube videos on how to deal with annoying people! Being the mediator I ‘try’ to be at times, I told her to just let the other girl know she was doing things that were bothering her and she felt were disrespectful. An example, being very messy and having her mess all over the other girls station and costumes….AND eventually she did. And of course, the other dancer apologized sweetly and all was good. Then she started playing self help videos on how to make more money! 😀

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