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Shout Outs

Hello All,

This blog is all about extending an immense THANK U to a few special peeps who have in one way or another showed some kindness and generousity to me over the last little while here in Oz. The gorgeous, Katey, who on my birthday got me a cake and brought it out onto the stage during my show with all the other dancers. It’d been a couple years since I’ve celebrated my birthday or even had a cake due to traveling so THAT was amazing and tasty! Wanted to make a mess and rub it all over my body BUT my desire to eat it was much greater! lol A BIG thanks to Robert, Kaye and Chloe who completely spoiled me with chocolate (definitely the way to my heart) a BEAUTIFUL silver necklace from A&C Diamond Store, a rhinestone  tiara fit for a queen, a key shaped picture frame, (the key to their hearts te-he-he) a silver, metal make up case and a rhinestone key-chain. Definitely made me feel like royalty and SO special-warm fuzzies all over from all that getting spoiled!

Miss Kellie and PTree for always being so enthusiastic and building me the BIGGEST and BEST houses made out of tipping dollars! LOVED how on my birthday not only did their house take up half the runway on the stage but they started a trend, and everybody joined in! They even got the shy boys going! I absolutely love my job as an entertainer and putting on a show but I love it even more when the audience becomes a part of show 🙂 That IS the Ultimate experience. Connecting and changing the energy in the room where everybody is having fun.

Matt, the bartender, who’s bringing me in home cooking!! THAT is my favorite!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thx to Mr. Mike for the new laptop, special delivery. YAY!

Lindsay, who will be featured in an upcoming blog, who has been helping me with learning some more advanced and intricate pole moves, soon to be brought to the stage. SO excited! As a performer I believe that there’s always room to grow and evolve and this is an area I’ve wanted to challenge myself in for a while now and a challenge it is!! Been battered and bruised by my hot dates with the pole but no pain, no gain, right…. The new pole moves are incredible and a fun addition, right next to bondage restraints soon to come 😀

The Beautiful Sydney Fox, for the little jar of Vegemite lol now I’m a true Australian!

Of course, lots of appreciation for my friend Candie, who takes good care of me and who gave me a bouquet of one of my most favorite flowers, white lilies. Their scent filled up my flat and added so much beauty to a place which at times can be a bit dark.

I have been truly blessed here in Oz with some of the most playful, kind and generous people one could meet and I appreciate ALL the lovin! Thx for making it a special and fun birthday for me this year. xx

Another BIG THANK U to Nikki for bringing me in another beautiful bouquet of  white lilies!! My favorite 🙂 Flowers in general really are one of my most fave things; I used to grow roses…the only thing I could grow! lol Everything else would die but my roses. Just brightens the day! Her floral design company is Show It Floral Design in Adelaide, Australia if you need any arrangements!

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