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Hi guys,

I am so honored and blessed to be nominated for International Showgirl Of the Year for the Ed Awards at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas!!! Although this award will have panel judging by industry people, voting by my supporters is also an important factor in winning this prestigious award. I cracked the top 10 from around the world, now let’s make it #1 😀 vote for your fave Canadian Beaver! It will take a few mins as you need to register…don’t let this sway you. Every vote counts and you will not receive any spam. They just try to avoid any cheating and want I.T. addresses that are legit. You will also need to vote for the other categories, so choose whichever entertainers appeal to you the most, everyone is awesome. I am so very thankful for the overwhelming amount of support I’ve already received. I loooove you!

So go vote at www.theedawards.comJanine2017-4 Vote for me