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Landed In Oz

Well, landed in Oz and been here in Adelaide for a full week. And boy oh boy what a week it’s been! From my apartment completely flooding, to drama with one of the girls having a tantrum and quitting, to 4 different birthday girls and fun celebrations, a great live show at the Garage (a local gay club) hosted by one of the beautiful birthday girls herself, Vonni, to the stunning dancer and friend, Ricki, who jumped outta a box topless with pink cupcakes and icing, to some girl doing something SO disgusting that I can’t even write about it, (trust me..I’ll just say, ‘Aunt Flow’) to getting about 3 hours of sleep per night due to adjusting to the timezone change (definitely wasn’t feeling good-faking it till I made it! Can’t even remember the last time I had to do that 😉 almost got t-boned by another car (I wasn’t driving!) and hanging with Katy Perry’s band (one of the most down to earth band’s I’ve met in a while) has left this to be a pretty eventful welcome back week here in Adelaide!

It’s not perfection that makes life memorable, it’s the follies. And honestly, when I walked into my flat after being out for the afternoon and saw the owner of the Crazy Horse, Leona, mopping the floor because it flooded, well…what can I say lol What an amazing lady and she just took it all in stride.

My week’s highlight: As I’m gracing the stage for one of my shows, connecting with my audience, I lock eyes with a guy sitting in front row with his female friend. I smile at him and she encourages him to tip me. He looks a little unsure so I bend down and say, “C’mon, when was the last time you had a naked woman’s boobies in your face….Never??!!” As we both burst out laughing he responds, “Pretty much!” Yep, what can I say, I have an AMAZING Gay-dar detector! lol I have to say that I completely love it when I have gay men sitting in front row for my shows cuz they REALLY APPRECIATE a good show! And are usually so fun and enthusiastic! Thanks Nathan for making my week 🙂 Oh yeah, and there was another guy who was getting very obnoxious so I pulled him on stage and whipped the shit out of him! That made my week, too! 😀