Canada's fanciest fanny!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Marion Dayshift, Solid Gold nightshift
Well hello all! Sorry for delay in my blogs but was on vacation (went to Vegas, would share stories but as you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas lol) and also had some issues with locating internet cafes in the places I was working so it put me behind a little but I’m back in action!
Have to say that I’m loving working in Central Canada. In Winnipeg they have 40 strip clubs-it’s a thriving industry out here and more are opening. What i enjoy is that the clubs are still based around the stage shows. Although the girls aren’t yet putting on full out showgirl style shows, they are hotties and many know a lot of pole work.

Entertaining to watch and so much potential to bring back the old school style of feature performances which once used to be the norm in the industry but has fizzled over the last 10 years due to clubs not wanting to pay for top quality shows and focusing more on the table dancing. I think clubs have forgotten that men and women still want to be entertained and completely appreciate a good performance.
I had a customer notice that there was a girl who seemed to be imitating a few things I do on stage and asked if it bothered me and if there was a lot of cattiness or animosity within the groups of girls working. I said that I take it as a compliment if someone wants to use any of my ideas or moves-guess I’m doing something right! And that I think the industry needs more girls who are ambitious enough to evolve their shows and put on a high caliber performance. I will give advice and tips to anyone who asks. I would love to see an upswing in the substance a girl delivers to the stage. The better the shows, the more full the bars will be, not to mention it would be great to bring this industry back up in terms of quality. Take away quality stage shows, take away your audience. I’m seeing that happen in other provinces where the dancing industry used to thrive.
Anyways, back to working in Winnipeg. In Winnipeg they have this thing called “jamming” where you bounce around from bar to bar. In a usual week I get between 12-16 shows, in Winnipeg I get between 30-40! Thank goodness for my fitness competing background where I’m used to training up to three hours per day. AND…I love it! I enjoy the hustle and bustle and constantly being on the go. Not to mention that it’s a lot more opportunity to receive tips and meet a lot more people. What I found interesting is that each place has it’s own kind of clientelle, very unique from the next one but yet some of these pubs are just down the street from one another.

They all have their regulars and their own vibe. For example, the Marion, the pub I was at during the day, was an older, blue collar pub and Solid Gold, the place I worked at in the evenings was more of a nightclub feel. It was wonderful working in Winnipeg because my shows were so well received and I generated a mini following almost instantly where customers would follow me from bar to bar as I jammed. It had been a while since they’d seen bigger shows and it was immensely appreciated. Definitely made me enjoy my job even more!
It’s funny, during the week there was a bomb threat, tornado warning and flooding on the roads but yet…not a show cancelled or missed! The shows must go on!

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