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Here we go in Mexico!! I’m a little backdated with blogs BUT I’m now back on it and might as well get started with one heck of an adventure! A girlfriend of mine and I had to go to Mexico for one of ours bestie’s wedding and decided to go down a week early to have some fun and THAT we did. When we first arrived we went over to pick up our rental car and the rental car company wanted a $3000.00 deposit! WTH! But after messaging a few family members to confirm this, it seemed to be the norm and we soon found out why…the roads in Mexico are crap and there are giant speed-bumps everywhere! And when I say giant, I mean a mini hill. And they areSAMSUNG crazy drivers…absolutely nuts.  One night we were driving home and I was doing 60 km per hr, not too fast and a speed-bump came out of nowhere! I hit the speed-bump and we were airborne! My friend actually hit her head on the roof on the car as she was texting! I just thought to myself that I needed to keep control of the car when we land because that’s when accidents occur…losing control when you hit the road. As we hit the road we heard the front of the car scrape the ground and I had a flashback to the movie, ‘The Hangover.’ lol All we could do was laugh out asses off. I looked at heard and said, “Did any cops see that? If they did we are SO getting pulled over!” But nobody saw what had happened. When we pulled over to check the car there was a piece of plastic dangling from the front bumper and that was it. We just tucked it back up and we were off! Lucky!

Things got off to a great start when we checked into our hotel and asked the front desk guy if there were any nicer rooms available, with a few batting of the eyelashes, he upgraded us into a suite! It was AMAZING! I love Cancun! Hotel and car…check and CHECK!SAMSUNG

The third night we were there we decided to take a drive to see if anything was happening in town…and everything was happening! Time to park the car and have some fun! We made friends with an MC and a DJ who worked in the clubs and had VIP treatment the whole time we were there. After a long night of dancing the night away we leave the club and my girlie was going 80 in a 60 zone, so I told her to slow down. Cops in Mexico will try and pull you over for anything  so we needed to be careful BUT too late….a cop driving beside  us went onto his megaphone saying, “Please pull your vehicle over now..” OH crap!

So for the next 45 minutes my friend was pleading with the officer not to arrest us. He was gong to take us in for drinking and driving, even though she only had one drink at the beginning of the night and really…they care about that in Mexico? lol We knew that he might be persuaded with a little cash pay out BUT all we had left from our night was 60 pesos! Ummm yes, that’s peanuts, that’s around $4.00 US! LOL We kept batting our eyelashes and did the girlie thing praying to God that he wouldn’t arrest us. We even offered to buy him dinner the next day. “Come and hang out with us for a nice dinner.”  😀 Finally he states that he won’t arrest us but he would have to take my friend’s license  and she’d have to pay $250 USD at the police station the next day. SO, here we go again…plead, plead, plead!! Bat eyelashes, bat eyelashes, bat eyelashes! I was channeling Marilyn Monroe in this moment! Eventually he gave her license back, TOOK the 60 pesos and let us go. But not before we lost our car key and asked him if he took it. He then was looking for our key with his flashlight under our car when I found it under my leg. My friend just giggled an ‘almost busted’ kind of giggle and said, That’s why I’m the designated driver tonight.” *Double perma-grins* 😀 He then escorted us back to our hotel and gave us his name just in case we got pulled over again. Holy ‘Sweating bullets!’ME and Rach

Our days in Cancun consisted of bikinis at the poolside with pina coladas and each night was always something new. After a twisting of my rubber arm by my friend and the guy who got us into the club, I decided to compete in the Palazzo pole dancing championships. The guy told me that there was one girl who had an amazing body who’s local and wins a lot but that if I could do stuff on the pole, I’d win cuz she doesn’t do anything on the pole. Well, that night there were a few girls who could do pole tricks so the competition was steep. But I had an edge….I call them Thelma and Louise. 😀 I asked my friend if I could use her bra seeing that I wasn’t wearing one with my summer dress (And she showed my just how true of a friend she was…her shirt was see through AND she is NOT a dancer who is used to showing that off lol) and when doing my pole dance I took off my dress and performed my tricks in  a sexy thong and her sexy black bra. And of course, ‘the girls’ were out in full support…well, popping out, more like it. And when it came down to the audience vote, I took the cake! Won $200, whoohoo! Then the next day you’ll never guess what happened….I was in the newspaper. Yes, the article was ranting on how the Palazzo hires professional dancers for their contests and there’s a big picture of me in a superman hold on the pole with a huge, treasure cat smile on my face! OMG…really? Why would they put that in the newspaper..I have no effin idea but they stopped the pole dancing contest after that happened and they haven’t had it since. I even met another dancer, Kennedy Cage, who knows the same people we were hanging out with because she lived down there for a while (yes, small world) and she said they STILL don’t have the contest and she heard about that. Oops. I was just a tourist having fun and I happened to have some skills….what? Who me?

We decided to go down to Playa Del Carmen for a night to hang out with the MC and his Dj friends and once again, my rubber arm was twisted to compete in a bikini contest….and I won that, too. I was making a paycheck while in Mexico with the winnings lol SO MUCH FUN. I always wondered what the hotel staff thought of us, strolling in every morning at about 6…lol Each morning when the valet guy took our car all he would say is, “Good night??” and we’d smile and say, “Great night!” lol There was even one early morning when we locked ourselves out of our room but our feet hurt so much from heels that we went to the front desk in bare feet, needing to pee and probably looked disheveled from our night out. Take into consideration, we were staying at a nice resort with mostly families and couples…the Sesame Street song, “One of these things just doesn’t belong here, ” played in my mind at that very moment. LOL

And this was week one…..week two, WELL, not sure if I’m going to write about week two just yet but it was even crazier than week one on a whole other scale. It really could’ve been ‘Bridesmaids 2’.