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Calendar Girls in New Zealand!

Landed in Auckland, New Zealand a few days ago and freakin LOVE it! Just when I thought it couldn’t get better it just did! SO beautiful and the people here are amazing, very laid back and kind but you probably would be too, living in a place like this. Found a gym and have my Internet, now I can conquer the world one eyelash at a time..well ok, maybe just the southern hemisphere for now. lol I may just do the base jump off the Skytower….TBD

I am working with one of the nicest group of girls I’ve ever worked with and the club is beautiful. The stage is a little small for me and a bit of a challenge maneuvering around how the set up is, I can’t quite go all out on it BUT the poles are amazing and it glows a bright red which looks absolutely stunning. The lighting in the club is excellent, sets a cool vibe with the dark decor and glowing blue lights. Had a few hot dates with the poles this week already and have been able to excel a few combinations that I had been working on. WOW do great poles ever make a difference. However, almost made myself sick on the spinning pole…hanging upside down in a jaded split and spinning too fast-who needs carnival rides! lol The stage really is my own amusement park 😉 But the stinging in my thighs is almost gone-THIS is when your body finally has adjusted to a new move….the Superman in this case. The sting on the skin is numb and less bruises. It was cute, one of the newer girls here at the club had a huge bruise on her leg. I looked at her and said, “New pole move?” She laughs and says, “Yep, just don’t know which one’s giving me the bruise!”  It’s funny cuz customers must think we have rough sex or get beaten or something. Yep, took a good beating from the pole last night! lol

Well it’s St. Paddy’s Day here which is said to be bigger than New Year’s, so am looking forward to tonight.

I do however feel a potential trip extension in the works…


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