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Crowned Miss Nude Exotic Dancer North America 2014!! Part 1

Hello peeps! SO happy to announce that I was recently crowned Miss Nude Exotic Dancer NORTH EXPO9AMERICA at Deja Vu Showgirls in Las Vegas!! Along with the other titles of Hottest Stage Personality and Overall Best Show! Woot woot!! Have to say that I’m still flying high over the big win, in more ways than one. On this trip to Vegas I also got to see just how good of a friend my bestie, Justice, really is and got to create and deepen a few other friendships along the way. I finally got to meet the amazing Rio Rivers aka Gracie, who puts on all the big contests in the States and got a taste of the U.S. exotic dance scene, which has me intrigued even more! But all this goodness still did come along with some pretty crazy challenges as well….EXPO DANCE

At 4am on the Sunday morning I was loading my car, getting ready to pick up Justice and go to the airport. While I was loading, my keys fell out of my hoodie’s pocket and into my car un-noticed, until of course I close the hatchback and reach for my keys in my pocket only to realize what had just happened. SO, I call the 24/7 locksmith hotline and they said they’d call me back…I waited 15 mins with no phone call or an answer when I called them back.

I immediately call Justice and explain what happened. I then tell her, we’d have to take her car instead. At the moment she is one handed, she just had a major surgery on her wrist, so thank goodness she only lives 5 mins from me as she is not supposed to drive. I tell her that ALL my clothes and summer shoes are locked in my car, everything including toiletries, along with the two shows I was planning on doing, my Peacock and my Showgirl or Devil :/ and she responds, “I have LOTS of clothes! I’ll pack a bunch for you! What do you want? I have dresses, shoes, everything.” I then laugh out loud and respond, “I won’t fit in your stuff, you’re smaller than me!” She is mini! But she reassures me that it’ll all fit. SO, I grab 2 other costumes, Batman and new Superman, my make-up and some promo and away we go!

She comes to grab me, we stop at her place and grab her luggage with some outfits she put together for me and we dash out the door and get onto the highway heading to the U.S. border to catch our flight out of Bellingham. As we approach the border we read a sign that states that the border crossing is CLOSED-WTH??!! This particular border crossing was closed that early in the morning, so now the nearest one was 30 mins away…NOW we are cutting it too close for comfort. SERIOUSLY?! What is with this luck? I just kept thinking to myself that something wonderful was going to come out of all this.

I will say that through this entire ordeal though, we laughed and stayed so calm and collected. I mean really, what would stressing out do. Just try and keep our heads up with a positive attitude and be open to those lil miracles to flow in and help out. We were both probably a lil overtired from not sleeping at all so it made it easier to be light with the whole situation.

We finally make it to the other border crossing and OF COURSE there’s a line up AND we get hassled a lil from the officer. Of course! LOL By this time it really was comical. I felt like I was watching a movie. Finally we get through and we boot it to the airport! Justice was driving one armed, by her adamant own choice, and ‘would have’ just made our flight if it wasn’t for the wait and hassle at the border. She impressively pulled off getting us to the airport just as our flight was leaving for the runway. She made up really good time, we were so close! AND now I know what it feels like to be driving with a Nascar driver LOLEXPO6

SO we missed our flight. Still in positive spirits we had enough flirtiness within us to bat a few eyelashes and twiddle our hair with our fingers, to not have to pay the extra fare difference, nor did we have to pay for our overweight bags AND we were seated together in the emergency seats with LOTS of space! Yay, positive energy is now working is magic!

We arrive in Las Vegas, exhausted and excited all at the same time! A GREAT live that a taxi driver said to us was, There are no bad days, just bad moments.” Never allow your bad moments to become a bad day. Another lil splash of positivity to uplift our spirits 🙂 We check into our suite at the Palms Place Hotel and it was GORGEOUS! I particularly loved the bathtub being in the middle of the room lol The producer from Naked Justice swung by with a few comedian friends and I thought it was funny to tell them they couldn’t come in right now because Justice is having a bath AND she’s in the middle of the room! lmao! And then I go over and shave her armpit, the one she can’t shave with her cast on on. You know you’re a true friend when….

She told me I was lucky…because she wasn’t performing I didn’t need to shave her box Bahahaha! I just replied with a great, big smile, “If I had to do it, you know I would in a heartbeat!” lol What are friends for? 😉

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