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IMG_20150915_013838I have heard many things in the dancing industry lately as to how the industry is changing, there isn’t a need or reason for girls to improve or evolve on stage shows because clubs won’t pay anymore, the showgirl is being phased out. I completely disagree with this and being one of the most requested, bookable and bankable features in the industry, with a longstanding career, proves it. I have also listened to endless complaints from club owners of the lack of high quality entertainers in this industry who were also easy to work with and how they WISH there were more! So, for the last 6 months I’ve been creating my own business, ELITE Ent., which will train both, dancers who are hungry enough to evolve into features and stage girls who may not necessarily want to feature but want to be better performers on stage. Better stage shows mean better tips, bigger audiences and better pay 😀 I want to restore faith back into elite entertainers and the venues that book them. As our industry goes through different phases, the phase of the showgirl is now coming, people want to be entertained by a fantasy on stage. I want to work with the girls willing to make the investment and effort and put quality back on the stage and enthusiastic customers back in those seats! Breath some life back into this industry 😀

Clubs are tired of paying features and dancers who think they are worth more than they actually are, showing up to bookings without something as simple as hair and make up done, low quality costumes and rolling around on stage because there are only 5 people in the bar…coupled with a bad attitude and yet they are supposed to be the headliner and the draw. Why are there only 5 people in the bar for your show and ‘if’ it is one of those random off days, or an early showtime, what are you doing to make sure they stay for your other shows? Or come back in? Not performing your best definitely won’t keep customers and they will tell all their friends about how terrible the “feature’ is at so and so club. Also many bad attitudes has kept some clubs from consistently booking features. Nobody wants to deal with a dancer with an attitude problem. Back 10 years ago it didn’t matter how you acted, a great show could stand on its own but not in today’s industry, clubs and staff won’t tolerate it. This is a word of mouth industry that can make or break your week and you risk the club being a ghost town for the rest of the time you’re there. Some clubs haven’t wanted to risk bringing in a feature anymore because they’ve had so many negative experiences and haven’t reaped any monetary rewards by having a high priced feature. In today’s industry you need to prove your worth…and clubs WILL pay you when you do. Bottomline is, the club needs to see an increase in their revenue whenever you are there, people in those seats, if there are less people make sure they are quality customers, that your following of fans are coming in to see you, (That’s another thing I see…features with EPIC followings on social media but yet can’t bring people into the bar…are those followers authentic?? If you have over 300 000 *Likes* on your fanpage and tons of loyal followers on Instagram, why is the bar dead when you are there? And sure, you may have caught a totally off week, need to build more of a following in a new place, or bad weather, etc but if this is happening EVERY week, what does that say about you as a headliner? Are you being requested or are clubs not having you back? Are you booked consistently from week to week?

When you make a positive difference at a club both ON and OFF the stage, is when a club will invest in booking you repeatedly and THIS is what I can train you in. I had wanted to start training dancers to be features a few years ago, if you go back through my blogs you will see it but had other priorities, so put it off. Well, over this summer, that once excitable vision that had laid dormant over the last few years, was ignited at full force. I had many different industry professionals approach me from dancers to club owners, to the Worlds Pageants, to even a radio talk show host, ask me about training girls, how we need a fresh injection into the industry. I guess I give off that ‘coaching’ vibe, as it is almost second nature to me. People WANT to be entertained in today’s industry!! Though private dancing is a backbone for many clubs, the alcohol sales and cover charge are also 2 huge contributing factors for a club, so having a fantasy on stage with an entertaining show will help target all markets of customers, not just the guys coming in for some private dancing but a much broader audience coming in to watch the shows on stage. It’s about expanding that audience even more and bringing in a wider market of people. Especially with so many female customers coming into the clubs these days, they want to see a beautiful, talented performer on stage they can feel empowered and inspired by. And winning a title/contest does NOT make you an instant feature! Just because a girl had the perfect show at the perfect time does not validate that she is capable of headlining a club for a week. You can blow fire out your ass but if you don’t have the right attitude, showmanship and personality, people won’t care. Having an Epic contest show doesn’t go far when you are at a weeklong booking with 18-24 shows for the week. I was featuring loooong before I had any titles 😀 

Why choose me? I have had a tremendously successful career as an international headliner for 10 years, being one of the most requested and consistently booked features in the industry. My name stands on its own and I’m sure you have heard or recognize it. I have an extensive background in management, which I’ve already built 3 successful careers from but I also am a personal trainer and a lifecoach, so training and managing people is something I’ve always been passionate about, excelled in and yielded successful results. There is so much more to coaching someone to reach their own highest potential beyond just telling them what to do, what to wear and what to say.  Anyone can dress up in an amazing costume…but it comes off, you can be incredible at aerials’ or pole but what if a club isn’t equipped for those?

DSC_2606[1]MENTOR-SHIP PROGRAM for dancers who aspire to be feature performers

This 6 week coaching program is designed for the ambitious dancer who is willing to put in the effort, hard work and investment into becoming an elite feature performer AND generate more revenue. This program will be custom made and includes one on one personal coaching throughout the 6 weeks. I will train you for both ON and OFF the stage, stage shows, how to cultivate a loyal following, how to expand your social media presence, how to get that raise and secure bookings, business etiquette and business sense (YOU are your own BRAND), personal development, costume and show ideas, contest prep, marketing yourself, pole work and any other tools you made need to elevate your career.

$1500.00 for 6 weeks with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. You will receive a custom built program and one on one coaching either online, Skype or in person along with my recommendations as an elite feature performer once all criteria is met. A small investment to make for a long, secure, bankable career.

House girls that want to enhance their stage performances

I am also offering training for stage shows whether it is pole, floor routine, aerial, veil fans, dancing, whatever skill you may looking to learn or evolve you have theses options to choose from:

$75 per hour

Deluxe Package: 4 sessions $260 (Save $40)

Premium Package: 8 sessions $480 (Save $120)

Every club I have had the pleasure to work at knows my work ethic, attitude, credibility and my reputation stands on its own.  Have the ELITE stamp of approval everywhere you go!