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NYC The Realization Of A Dream

I had just performed in NYC at the infamous venue, Sapphire! THIS was an axperience I’ve had on my all time bucket list as a feature entertainer. The Big Apple, along with Las Vegas, for me, are a performers dream and it didn’t disappoint. Sapphire is located in Manhattan and my accomodation was a swanky, boutique hotel just off of Park Avenue. I was giddy flying into the city and just as excited as my Uber driver was making his way throught the traffic to my hotel. Being in New York also stirred up so much memories and emotions from when I was teenager and an aspiring model.

Growing up in what was then, small town Fort McMurray, I had aspirations to model. Well, my main aspiration was to be a popstar lol But at 12, I had started doing local fashion shows and the odd modeling gig, like being the cover model for a local photography studio located in the mall. At 13, I started going to, ‘Young Ladies Modelling School’, which was the first and only school of its kind and founded and taught by Yvonne Deprees. I actually had to quit air cadets and basketball to go these classes, as they were all on the same days…which was a tough decision to make BUT with the modeling school, there was an opportunity to be one of girls selected to go to a modeling convention in New York City at the end of the year….THIS is what sealed the deal for me! I wanted New York City.

Myself and my best friend, Kara, who looked like Brooke Shields, attended the school together for the school year. She actually had the look and the height but I had the work ethic. And then it came down to the selections for N.Y. and it was a small list, I believe 7-8 models were choosen and I was one of them! However, my celebrating was cut short when one of the chaparones had to cancel, leaving not enough chaparones for the trip. Because I was the last girl selected, I would be the one cut from the group. I was DEVASTATED! My world just feel apart as you can imagine any teen girl’s dreams being broken. My parents felt terrible and asked Yvonne if there was anyway to make an exception and she said that if my mother came, that would be enough chaparones for the trip. My family didn’t have enough money to cover the expenses of having my mother come with me, so my dad reached out to a few family members with no avail and then decided to sell his truck so that we could afford for my mother to come with me. Even just remembering back to this moment as an adult, makes me emotional. It sure is a different type of gratitute. I didn’t fully comprehend back then just how much of a sacrifice he was making for me but I sure do now. Profound gratitude. This gesture though, wasn’t just about a parent making a huge sacrifice but aslo showing me how much they believed in me and my dreams and to never give up.

So, off to New York we went! And it was AMAZING! I got to dance in a talent search (dancing was my main passion) and wowed the judges, however, was still uncomfortable with my body, so wore a bulky t-shirt over top of my dancewear, which costed me marks, They said if I just wore my dance outfit, I would’ve won. But boobs were coming in! I wasn’t comfortable with the girls yet lol However, I was selected to do a Coke commercial and partake in high fashion, fashion show, which was a big deal because I’m short. No one was expecting me to get it but I had the perfect walk and presence. So many memories with my mom like, seeing the Statue Of Liberty, walking through Central Park and having people try to sell us watches out of suitcases! That was crazy to us small town folk!

As I was waiting for my limo to come pick me up from my hotel, I couldn’t help but feel so happy in that moment as now, here I am, as an adult, waiting for my limo, in my swanky hotel about to headline at a venue in Manhattan. Well dad, I’m not a millionaire…yet, ther’s still time lol buuuuut here I am living my dream that started with an aspiration as a young girl, with two parents that taught her to always follow her dreams and that she could be anything and do anything she ever wanted. No limits.

And Sapphire was absolutely outstanding! The staff was exceptional, the club itself and the audience were outstanding. I had a successful performance and was told on the spot they’d rebook me not only at that one venue again but also the other two that they have in N.Y. Bumblebee stole the show! They said they hadn’t seen a feature of my calibre of show in a long time. And quite honestly, I was worried about doing my transformer. Bumblebee is so over the top, that whenever I’m in a new venue, especially one as highly regarded as Sapphire, it concerns me that people won’t ‘Get it.’ They might be expecting something more burlesquey style. I then reminded myself that BROADWAY was just down the street and if anyone would appreciate this scale of a show, it would be the New Yorkers….and they did!!

I have a few videos from this trip up on my IG @diaryofashowgirl_janinejericho

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