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Looney Tunes In Alberta!

I just wrapped up 2 weeks in Alberta and was pleasantly surprised with these two bookings. Now I’ve worked Alberta years ago when I was still a newbie but have heard that the industry had changed quite a bit for the negative and I haven’t been back since then. BUT I actually enjoyed working here so much I’m looking forward to a full out Alberta tour once I’m back from overseas. They play looney and tooney games here in Alberta which is something not done anywhere else. It’s actually quite hilarious…you play games with the guys where they try to win your promo by throwing dollar and two dollar coins on the stage. Now at first I was like, “WTH, people throw coins at you?” And not only do they throw coins at you but some of these girls make their private areas the target! WTH!! Umm ouch….Seriously. lol So different out here.

Well, after I has a show where I made $500.00 in tips, I LOVED these looney games! LOL However, I’m more of a carnival queen when I play and my target is a good ol beer jug, funnelled poster or knock a magnet off my hip. The last looney in the beer jug wins or 2-3 dollar coins in a row. It actually is a lot of fun and a great way to play and interact with the audience, not to mention those loonies and toonies sure add up; I could have 8 people sitting in the front row and still walk off stage with $100.00! Yep, embracing this different Albertan style completely 😀 And I just love these hard working men, such an excellent audience and SO appreciative.

Red Deer was a bit of a gong show week. I really liked the Gents Club and am looking forward to gracing their stage again in the late spring but a drama filled week for one of the girls on the line up. Poor girl had such a rough week from rude customers, to a fist fight with two female customers and then a kerfuffle over misplaced food with the old Chinese couple who own the dancer house where we stay.

Yep , an all out fist fight with two female patrons. From hair pulling, scratches, a few punches followed by a stripper, stiletto platform shoe kick right in the C you Next Tuesday- it was eventful to say the least! Then something happened where her pizza that she had been saving in the fridge got thrown in the garbage and when trying to find out who did it, that created even more drama. There’a a dancer house where us girls stay and it’s owned by an old Chinese couple. They don’t speak English too well so when she was upset and asking them what happened to her food they both started saying in broken English that they don’t eat pizza, they eat noodles, then proceeded to talk loudly back and forth in Mandarin to eachother. It was funny to listen to that episode play out. They probably thought that the dancer was just some crazy, messed up girl but honestly, I felt for her cuz I KNOW how much it sucks when you’re starving after work and all you want to do is eat and your food is freakin gone. That is the worst!! She’s so sweet, too, just had an off week.

I’m hoping to have a high quality camera soon so I can start v-logging and posting more pics within the next week and even post some footage of my shows. WhooHoo! Now it’s time for the ‘Wetcoast’ and getting closer to home…dun dun dun daaaaa! Haven’t worked at home in years, not since my music and fitness careers, so the thought of gracing a stage on the homefront with the notoriety I’ve attained from those industries, makes me feel nervously excited! Kinda like in Madonna’s Truth Or Dare movie when she’s explaining how nervous she was to do her masturbation scene for Like a Virgin when she knew her family was coming to see the show. lol “Do do do do dooo..OK next!”

Nervous cuz it’s provacative and even a little defiant from what people knew of me but excited to entertain and bring to the stage my authentic self, performing with passion, owning my feminine power and sensuality and enjoying every minute it!

Authenticity doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from who you are. And when you are being authentic, true to yourself and what feels right to YOU, regardless of what other peoples opinions and perceptions are, you bring that authenticity INTO whatever you do…whatever that is. Yes, I’ve said that before AND I’ll say it again and again… 

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