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Meeting Marty Brodeur…

So here I am, working out East and I’m making a few friends along the way. One person in particular I had been chatting with was the hotel manager of the place I was staying. In conversation I mentioned how much of an avid hockey fan (at one point was a season ticket holder) I was and that on my day off I was actually planning on going to a game, seeing that out West we don’t get to see much of the Eastern teams play.

WELL…the next day I happened to come down to lobby looking for some take out menus and the hotel manager enthusiastically calls me over, waving his arms in the air like a crazy person. He then proceeded to say, “Martin Brodeur is in the lounge with some the Devils! I told them ALL about you and they want to meet you!” “K….WHAT?? Are you joking? Seriously..he’s here AND you told him about ME??” LMAO

 He responds, “Yep, the ‘real’ Canadian girl that’s a true fan to the game and is even catching one tomorrow cuz she doesn’t get to see the Eastern teams play.” Here I am, in my jeans and a hoody and I’m going to meet a hockey legend. Now I have met a lot well known people but for the first time I actually felt a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie!! Yep, can sing for Jay Leno, met many actors and musicians but was nervous meeting Martin Brodeur! LOL

Anyways, I walk up to their table where the hotel manager introduced me and they asked me to sit down and join them for a few drinks. At first there was a little chit chat about where I was from, the weather, general stuff, then comes the skill testing question, “So, what do you think of Luongo?” The entire table goes silent waiting to hear what I’ll have to say. At this point Luongo was doing great and chosen as the 2nd goalie alongside Marty Brodeur for the Olympics. The spotlight was on me with Marty looking directly into my eyes. My response, “He’s a good goalie, a very good goalie but he’s he’s not ‘great’ and at that moment I raised my hand to Martin Brodeur. “He still has yet to win a Stanley Cup.” (In my head I’m thinking, he’s amazing and he WILL win the Stanley Cup!!” Vancouver Canucks are my team, which they all knew, so that was definitely a trick question.

“Good answer.” One of the guys at the table says.

The next night I was at their game with THE best seat in the house right behind Martin Brodeur’s net and that night he beat the all time shut out record!! SO AMAZING!! And no, there was no hanky panky going on, he really was a top notch gentlemen that carried a lot of class, on and off the ice. Sure, a couple of the other Devils asked me if I wanted to ‘hang out’ later but my pizza was soon to be delivered and it was time to go. I’m a fan of the game and many exceptional players along the way-not by any means a puck biter or groupie.

I think that what they do and have achieved are incredible but definitely not grounds to have a random hook up, and that goes for anybody that has any sort of status or public recognition. I can appreciate what a person has accomplished but am more interested in ‘Who” they are, not “What” or “How Much” they have. That don’t impress me much 😛 And the best things in life aren’t ‘things’. I do have a few other hockey stories that’ll be added however, there will be one I will leave out and that would be me meeting, ‘The Great One’. Though it’s not too naughty, it would tarnish his good boy image a lil so will just leave that one alone….I’ll just blame the post game win alongside the alcohol induced loose tongue. lol Hey, at the end of the day WE all are still human 😛