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Creative Juices Are Flowing n Growing!

Really excited these days! I’m currently writing a screenplay for my blogs. I have some interest from the film industry¬†on bringing my adventures to t.v. *fingers crossed* Also on the agenda is: writing songs to record, I have a meeting with a director for a potential role in a movie, I got a new puppy to train AND I’m 6 weeks out to my next fitness competition biotches! Yep, lots on my plate but with my healthy appetitete I’ll take a second helping! Bring it on! Whoot whoot! Dream big and always shoot for the moon cuz even if you miss you’ll and among the stars. My mom always used to tell me that ūüôā¬†Another fave quote: The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss, but that it is too low and we reach it.‚ÄĚ – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo :0)

Not to mention I’m back here in Winnipeg where I’m sure one day Rick, my agent, will bronze my jamming shoes. lol This is where in between my feature shows I have jam shows all over the city. I usually will perform 12-24 shows in a week but here in Winnipeg that goes up to 40+! And that’s on top of my 2 hour a day gym sessions training for my comp. When I’m prepping for a fitness competition my training is quite intense along with the diet but I LOVE every minute of it and truly ‘In-joy’ the whole process.

And nope, no takin an easy here due to my crazy work schedule, it’s play hard or don’t play at all! When I compete I go for gold so my focus each workout and each day with my meals is set on that win and walking off stage with a 1st place trophy! As I said, I enjoy the process, I’ve always been an athlete and this is another platform where I can really reach above and beyond my previous limits and continue to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually, however, at the end of the day it’s also great to walk off stage with a 1st place trophy in hand! I will own that. Peeps say they competefor the experience or just for fun, when I compete, I compete for number 1! And no matter how well I do, I know that I am already a champion cuz being a champion is in the attitude you carry.

I have been truly blessed on this road trip, my driver is a former bodybuilding champ and at 57 is going for it again next year! And I think he’ll win! So he totally understands the process I’m going through and¬†is even helping me eat extra clean by cooking me the most amazing chicken along with taking care of my lil pup so I can train in the afternoons. A trainer away from my trainer lol A HUGE thank you goes out to Valentine Payne for totally giving me all the support, motivation and extra dose of inspiration¬†I need on this competing ¬†journey right now. Definitely an angel looking out for me. And he’s a personal trainer as well so if anyone’s looking for a great trainer add him on Facebook and get in touch for further details.



Here I go of week #2 in Winnipeg and so far it’s been great! I was at Teasers and 3D last week and at the Marion and Solid Gold this week. Having a blast at both places so far! It was excellent having a room full of peeps from T-Bay last night. Of course the rowdies were from there, I should’ve known! Coming into Winnipeg to catch a Jets game and Janine Jericho-LOVE IT!


And just to be clear, the movie opp is NOT an adult film or in that industry whatsoever. I’m a showgirl, not a porn star and wouldn’t ever take that road. Not that I have anything against it, I believe every one’s got their own journey to take and wouldn’t ever judge, it’s just not my cup of tea. I hate to burst any naughty promiscuous fantasies but honestly, for me, sex isn’t just sex, it’s so much more than that and I prefer to keep what goes on in the bedroom, or in the kitchen, or on the airplane, in a public washroom, on a bus¬†or in a truck…te-he-he, for someone special and who I care deeply for. THAT’S what really gets me off; true passion and intimacy so you really can unleash all your inhibitions with someone you trust and care about bringing it to a higher level of pleasure…in private and not for film or movies, unless maybe a home made movie! lol And I wouldn’t want to ‘act’ in those films anyway, just¬† give me the real deal thanks!

TORTOLA Chapter 2-Introducing Kelly, Chuck n the Party Girl Yacht!

So here I¬†was in the British Virgin Islands, soaking up everything it had to offer from the beautiful sun, to eating fish right out of the ocean to the wonderful island people and their culture and loving every minute of it. Now I understand the meaning of, “Ire mon, ire.” lol Work was alright, not exactly my cup of tea but I made it work for me. Then one night I was intrigued when I caught a glance of another hot blond in the bar…not only blond but platinum, with a fitness physique. Feeling slightly territorial (I grew accustomed to the notoriety of being the only blond, white woman on the island lol Tortola isn’t known for having a lot of tourists as some of the other Virgin¬†Islands) I wanted to see who this mystery lady was and why was she on Tortola?! Not to mention I thought it was crazy that I felt like I was looking at my own reflection! Hmm….was their a connection? Time to investigate!

Once I made my way over to her table to introduce myself I notice that she had slipped away for a moment leaving a male companion just sitting by himself. I introduce myself and we start to chat while waiting for her to come back. Then Kelly comes over to table, introduces herself and makes room for a big bottle of champagne heading towards the table. As we all engage in conversation we all just connected instantly. Kelly and I did have so many parallels in our lives and it started to feel like we knew each other forever. And her partner, Chuck, was also such a down to earth, charismatic man and we all enjoyed just hanging out for the evening sharing stories and sipping some bubbly.

Kelly prefers hanging out in strip clubs cuz of the laid back atmosphere; she used to be a dancer herself and enjoyed the environment so that’s why they ended up at this club oppose to somewhere else. Kelly and Chuck were quick to make friends with the club owners and a few other people and we all decided to meet the next afternoon for a few drinks at a local sports bar. They would be in Tortola for the week and it’d be nice to hang out with people that you get along with so well. After a few days of getting together, Kelly invited me along with a few other staff members from the club to go boating the following afternoon. “Sure! I’d love to!” The next afternoon we all go to the dock to meet Kelly and Chuck and were a little surprised that they weren’t there. In their place were two men in a speedboat who told us to hop on, they were bringing us to where Kelly and Chuck were. I thought that was a little strange for a day of ‘boating’ but just went with it.

Well as we’re ripping through the Caribbean Ocean we start to slow down. We began to come closer and closer to a yacht…a 146 ft yacht…with a crew of 9 people and the name, ‘Party Girl” written across the side. I was thinking to myself, “NO WAY. WTF, seriously?” and then started laughing to myself. Sure enough THIS was our stop! As the two crew men help me on to the yacht there’s Kelly ready to greet us in her see through purple¬†shirt with pasties on underneath and the tiniest g-string I’ve ever seen. As soon as I see her I burst out laughing and say, “Nice ‘boating’ Kell. I like your ‘boating’. I’m thinking Sea Doo, maybe a little speed boat, that to me is boating LOL Anyways, I like your boat.” ūüėõ

She smiles at me and directs me into the living room to get a drink while waiting for everyone else to get on board. I later learn that Chuck was an extremely successful owner of a well known franchise. It was a pleasant surprise. Honestly, it was nice and refreshing to meet someone of his success and stature  and how incredibly humble, kindhearted and fun he was. Let the partee` begin!!

For the rest of the night we all had such an amazing time, diving off the yacht, hottub, tubing, jello shots, pole dancing, eating, eating and more eating. I did run into a bit of an issue with a guy who had really taken a liking to me. He started following me around and almost was at the point of being a little aggressive and was agitated¬†that I didn’t share the same feelings he had. As the party was winding down on some of the ship and winding up on the other ;), Kelly and Chuck snook me into a more private area where I’d be away from that guy and where we could just relax from all the people who were starting get unmanageable, a lil wild¬†and wasted. WaaaWaaa! lol

We ended up laughing the night away and deepening the friendship we were already building. When the morning came Kelly and Chuck invited me to stay onboard and sail with them to St. Maarten where they were meeting 5 of their friends from Florida to spend the weekend there. Something in me just said YES! Usually I’m quite guarded and would never sail with strangers lol¬†But I did feel a good vibe and there were going to be 14 other people onboard as well, so I felt pretty safe. And of course I called home to let my family know where and who I was with. And that was it for my work stay in Tortola. My contract was coming to an end anyway so the timing couldn’t have been better. I briefly got off the yacht, went straight to my room, packed my things and was off on yet another magical adventure! Chapter 3 COMING SOON!¬†


YAAAY! Champagne Glass Tub-bubbles anyone?

I’m SO excited right now, I just found a champagne glass tub to use in my burlesque shows! And with that new addition comes my decision to¬† go to cirus shcool and learn some new tricks! Though my shows are already high caliber and high energy, I believe that as an entertainer there’s always room to grow and evolve and once you hit a certain level with your shows, why not reach for more!¬†¬†Challenge yourself to reach your highest potential, with anything you do, really. Whoot whoot! I look forward to clowning around over the next little while on silks and contortion classes ūüėÄ