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New Poll Brewing! I Have a Week Open Coming Up-Where Should I Go??!

After receiving many requests lately to come back to certain cities/clubs I’ve decided to have fun with it and see who wants me to appear the most in their city out here in Central/East Canada. So far, Brandon, Manitoba and Thunderbay, Ontario are neck in neck with votes, totally duking it out! Then Winnipeg (Adelaide, Edmonton and Victoria had many votes as well but not in the same area as my current tour. But thx! Good to know where peeps want to see me) You can vote on my Facebook profile, Janine Jericho, leave a comment or send me an email.

This a perfect way to pursuade me to come play on your stage, and of course, it’ll be ALL my pleasure!



Sun of a Beach-Back in Brandon!


Just wanna recap on the rest of the week in Brandon. It’s funny, looks like with my blogging I’m picking up right where I left off before getting my own site up n running. Here I am doing my Central Canada tour once again, though I’ve been to Australia and Eastern Canada in between. Well, I’ll share stories from those trips as I’m now more consistent with blogging. But for now all I have to say is, “Sun of a Beach!” Bahaha This is an annual volleyball tournament that happened the same wk I was in Brandon. My hotel room happened to be on the same floor as all the teams competing and it truely was like partaking in Spring Break a few weeks early! People gone wild!!

The hallway party with bongs and beer kegs, so hilarious. And then there was everyone knowing where the ‘dancers’ where staying, so endless knocks on the door with peeps wanting to hang out became the norm. Izabella and I became the ‘token dancer’ friends to some of the teams. But it was excellent cuz they all came down for our shows and proved to be an over the top, enthusiastic audience! There was a blizzard in Brandon but yet, the bar was a full house!!

One thing I wanna share with you all is Izabella’s quick evolution in the dancing world. *I’m SO proud of how far she’s come in such a short time) I met her in Australia where she was a newbie working as a floor girl doing private dances-never gracing a stage as a showgirl. She came and met me in Ontario where she continued to work as a floor girl and then came the BIG step up to stage this week in Brandon. She was SO nervous, she didn’t know if she could do it. But having a background in hip hop I just told her to use some of those sassy dance moves n make sure to make eye contact and SMILE on stage…that’s it. It really is that easy.

An audience wants to be entertained and appreciates it SO much when a girl is enjoying what she is doing. Who wants to watch a girl with a cranky look on her face make the art of striptease look like a chore-like she hates her job or even better, just watches herself in the mirrors?? LMAO I told her that by incorporating some her ‘real’ dancing into her shows that the audience would eat it up AND they did!! Her first week as a stage girl and she not only cleared more than $700.00 for the week in tips, and that’s without posters or promo to give away-that was just her being her entertaining and happy self but received great reviews from everyone. YEP, I’m a proud mama bear 🙂

LOVE it when girls absorb what I tell them and then utilize those tools reaping the huge rewards. A true validation that IT WORKS!! And really, it is so easy, so so easy if you let it be. It was also my best week in Brandon and enjoy seeing all those familiar faces..a few shout outs to Jennifer, Uwe, Greg, Angela, Danielle…EVERYONE!! P.S. I have never autographed so many beautiful sets of boobies before!! Muuuah sexy ladies!!



So funny, here I am back in Brandon, Manitoba (and having another rockin week!) and am lounging around in between shows with my friend, Izabella, who I had met in Australia and as we’re both naked, laying in bed watching t.v. our food delivery comes! Oh yeah, guess I should put some clothes on! Lol I’m just so comfy hanging out in my birthday suit. As soon as I get into my room I just take it all off.  Hmm..wonder what he would’ve done 😛

I am SO happy that my friend from Oz has decided to come out and get a taste for the Canadian audiences and how things work out here. She’s loving it! And of course, Brandon’s proving to be an amazing week. Customers are even paying cash for extra shows! Love that kind of enthusiasm and appreciation. Honestly, my darker characters usually go over the best out here so was a little concerned about performing burlesque but it was so well received.  SO many beautiful and generous ladies have been in the audience this week, LOVE IT!! I enjoy tapping into that feminine sensuality and exuberating that energy, inspiring the women in my audiences. I find sometimes that women forget that they are all such sexy beings and I hope that they are reminded of that in my reflection. Ladies can be so hard on themselves, their bodies. feelin shy around their men when disrobing in front of them, and also get preoccupied with kids, work, cleaning,  just being busy that they lose/forget that feminine power, that natural sexiness and sensuality that we ALL possess. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, so c’mon ladies-just allow yourselves to be the sexy beings you were created to be and let it shine! 😀

Brandon, Manitoba

Well Brandon, Manitoba definitely gave Thunderbay a run for it’s money! As I said before, these smaller places let it all hang out and are out for a good time! There’s a military base nearby and many of the men are your typical tough n rugged hard workers and countryboys…my FAVORITE!
To start off my week, I decided to take the bus from Thunderbay to Brandon (a 12 hour trip! It looked so much closer on the map LOL And my goal is to become a veternarian cuz I love children! There’s a dose of blonde for ya!) with another dancer I was working with and in a seat nearby I struck up a conversation with a nice guy who was in the service. He had just finished visiting with his wife and was going back to the base. Nope, no other intentions, just making friends along the way as I do in my travels. And when I’m not on stage toting around half naked in big theme show costumes I’m actually quite laid back, girl next door wearing comfys usually pertaining to a baseball hat and gym gear. Definitely wouldn’t peg me for an exotic dancer. SO, I’m sure you know what’s coming…as I’m walking around signing my posters who comes up to me but the guy from the bus trip LOL And as we look at eachother we burst out laughing and have the expressions on our faces like someone just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar! I’m thinking, “Yep, you just saw me get naked!” and he was thinking, “i just saw YOU get naked! And was that a hard core dominatrix suit you were wearing…” For a brief moment I slipped out of my Janine Jericho persona and was that giddy girl next door. He then asked for a poster and I was like “of course, you helped me with my luggage.” And yes, this is something that happens from time to time.
I have to say that Brandon was one of the most easy going places I’ve worked, great down to earth people and the customers were incredibly generous (probably one of the best clubs I’ve worked at for tipping and promo sales-I was selling posters right off the stage during my shows!) and they really got into my performances. It got to a point where customers started tipping me and requesting certain theme shows for specific times. Yep, the guys here weren’t afraid to ask for what they wanted! It’s ALL good to me! I have no problem with requests, that’s a huge compliment. I even had a group of guys request a theme so they could bring their girlfriends in to watch. Those were the metalheads from Alcore! A little shout out to them! They also had special requests for when I was signing their posters, one guy told me to write something very dirty so I wrote ‘mud’ lol I’ve got some naughty sayings but thought that was funny. They really liked to be involved in the whole process, this is a first but I welcomed it….you mean they DO pay attention? Yes, this audience as a collective does. I’ve had requests for certain themes but not on a daily basis as I did here. Another interesting week. Nope no girl on girl action here, there are strict rules in Manitoba and no contact with the audience is allowed, as it is in Ontario-Boo!