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High Quality Showgirl/Feature School In the Works!

So, after much deliberating I’ve decided to develop  a program specifically for those dancers who want to evolve as entertainers, more towards grooming girls to be Feature performers but will also take on girls who may want to develop into a high quality showgirl if the Feature role isn’t exactly a right fit for her. In my travels around the globe I’ve noticed a serious lack of top quality performers and it’s NOT because these girls don’t have what it takes, they just don’t know what to do or the tools they need to not only put on a great show but to be bookable and bankable every week and at every booking. There just aren’t any mentors around anymore for the new girls coming into the industry.

Many dancers out there today think a show is all about showing and shaking your tits and ass….WRONG! Or that featuring means nicer costumes and a boob job…WRONG again! Well, maybe in a few places that’ll work but not as a high quality feature being booked around the world. That’s not enough. Even a great show doesn’t stand on it’s own anymore, girls need to go the extra mile and be friendly and personable to generate a loyal following in today’s industry. It’s all about the art of striptease and cultivating an audience and really, if you put on a great show, the audience doesn’t even care what or how much nakedness you show. But as I said previously, cultivating an audience is one of the most important things. There are a few girls with great shows out there but have a terrible attitude with customers/audiences and people will not come back in to watch a girl like that no matter how great she performs or how much fire she blows out her ass. lol You want customers to rave about you, not complain about you. Your attitude on and off the stage is one main element that’ll make or break a girl and club managers take notice of how busy the bar is when you’re working and how the customers respond to you. One question I’ll always ask a girl who wants to feature or who already is featuring but not getting many bookings is, “Who’s coming in to watch your shows? How many people are coming in to watch your shows? How many people out there right now are here to see YOU? How often do you get held over at a club? How many clubs are specifically requesting you?” There’s one insight for you. And bar WILL pay when there’s someone worth it. They WILL go over their ‘cap’, I know from my own experience. But you need to show your worth and I can help you develop that.

I will teach everything from attitude on and off the stage, how to connect to an audience, put on a show from music to costumes to personality to reading an audeince, how to work with the agents, DJs and bar managers, how to build your name and popularity, how to market yourself and be booked all around the world and a lot more…..everything included from the entertainment realm to the business side of things because ultimately, if you handle the business side efficiently, that in itself will yield you great success but many girls don’t even know what that means.

It’s time to bring QUALITY back to the stage and bring back the average Joe customers who came into clubs for the high caliber entertainers and just to have a beer with his friends. When you take quality off the stage, you eliminate your average customers who aren’t coming into the club for private dances but who are coming in for a fun, relaxed boys/girls night out. And they will come in and COME BACK in for a great entertainer they connect with. Well ladies, THAT could be you! Make the most of this career while you’re in it, there is a lot of room at the top for girls hungry enough to work for it. There is work everywhere and every week for high quality entertainers.

I will be quite selective as to who I take on and therefore will have an application process. The ladies I train will need to fit the all the right criteria in order to be in this program. I’m still developing the program but am hoping to have it available to ladies for the Fall of 2012.