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Back in K-Town at the Liquid Zoo! Three Prong Triple Barrel…..LOL

Back in Kelowna working one of my fave places, the Liquid Zoo. So far it’s been a busy start to the week, seeing lots of my fave familiar faces in the audience πŸ™‚ And yes, it’s been rockin so far! Excellent enthusiastic and generous audiences and a great line up of girls. Myself and Natalia are going to practise doing a routine with silks and potentially bring it to stage for Saturday night as a X-TRA SPECIAL DUO performance; Cirque De Soleil striptease style! And seeing that we both have Russian in our backgrounds we’ll call ourselves, From Russia With Love LOL Shaken….not stirred…a whole lotta shaken! πŸ˜€ But always fun to have someone to monkey around with and practise circus skills on stage.

The other dancer working this week, Miss Tygra Banks is an amazing pole dancer, flipping around that pole looking like a drops of water flowing so naturally and smooth she’s definitely inspired me to expand my skills even more. I LOVE it when I can get inpired by watching another entertainer. She’s gonna help me with polishing off a few moves and I will return the favour in another area that she could evolve in. Did I say GREAT line up….oh yes I did! Great when you can work with girls, exchange tools in evolving new skills, inspiring each other and feeding off of that cooperative energy wanting everyone to succeed rather than push each other down which happens far too much in this industry. Plus it makes for a week full of fun and a lil mischief in the change room πŸ˜‰

Funny moment: We opened the curtain and the window in the change room due to all the hairspray fumes lol and the window faces a back alley. It’s getting a little darker outside and there was a car in the back alley. It looked like no one was in it. The one girl who was naked stood in front of the window and said, “Oops, I have to bend over and pick this up.” and she bent over pretending to pick something up on the floor. “Then she giggled and said, “Is that a cop in there….haha could you imagine..” WELL, a moment later the car drove away!!!! There WAS somebody in the car! We all laughed our pants off…literally! So funny. And the phrase that pays for the night, “Even if you pinch it a little, it’s still loose.” (Talking about a hair weave LMAO)

Prepping for 2 Big Comps XD

Blogs are a little behind do to no internet connection for 6 weeks! Blah! Gonna have to wait till I’m in writing mode to jot down some stories and THAT I have from my last tour. I’m currently 2 days out to my next fitness competition, some of you have seen me start to lean out and eating chicken breasts I carry around with me lol but am feeling AMAZING! The carb depletion process was a breeze, easily maintained my energy and physique is definitely my best package yet! It’s been a joyful journey this time and have really in-joyed the process. It’s a different organization I’m competing with so it’s exciting.

Also prepping for Miss Nude Canada in a few weeks and THAT also has been SO much fun, designing and creating my shows! πŸ˜€ Putting my best breasts forward! lol Doing contests is an opportunity to excel and expand your shows and create the ultimate performance. Had a blast working with all of the wonderful people I’ve been connected with and have had SO much fun all along the way and excited to see my vision unfold on stage. Even have my hot sister coming down to help me with the show…she may even get on stageΒ πŸ˜€ And really excited cuz it’s in Calgary during the Calgary Stampede….save a horse πŸ˜‰ Gonna break out my cowgirl hat for this one! I haven’t worked in Calgary so am looking forward to something fresh.

Have two new shows added to the collection… XD

It’s not the steps that matter but the path. And the path will take care of itself when you keep focused on your destination πŸ™‚