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Been Making a List and Checking It Twice!

Happy Holidays everyone! Making a list and checking it twice….

Here’s a look at a recent purchase I made from Victoria Secret….I received a generous egift card from a big fan out of Winnipeg as a pre holiday gift and made LOTS of sexy purchases! And to show my appreciation he will get some personalized thank u photos 🙂



Last days in Oz, Back in Van Then Off to Miami!

Working in Oz this time around definitely has been my most successful trip to date on every level. Reconnecting with my absolutely amazing, loyal and enthusiastic audiences, deepening some of my previous friendships and creating some new ones. The energy in the changeroom was a lot more positive and fun compared to my last trips. The girls were a riot to hang out with and kept me entertained most of the time with their light hearted playfulness. Of course there was a little drama..not always gonna escape that,but it’s book material, not blog material so I’ll leave it at that.

I had three new costumes made by the amazing, Julian Dean! So exciting!  I’ll post pics soon. And these new shows are already receiving an enormous positive response…especially Catwoman. I performed it for my last show at the Crazy Horse and it was off the hook! Two regular customers who were going out for a cigarette stopped in their tracks when they saw me on stage and stayed to watch the show. Afterwards the one gentlemen said that was the best show he’d seen in a long time…and he has seen a lot of great feature shows. He actually said it was right up there alongside one of my friend’s, Dinah Might’s burglar show! Loved that!! Yep, there is nothing better than a show that brings down the house! It’s that moment (remember, I call it the sweet spot-where you are completely connected with the audience) that I live for, that energetic exchange throughout my display of creative expression; Drawing the audience in and making them feel like they are a part of my show. I had many shows like this which was incredible cuz the Aussie audiences are so much more reserved then Canadian audiences BUT I broke them outta their shells! lol It only took a ‘few’ trips!

My last day Madsion Cue and I went to the beach to soak up some beautiful sun and became quite a spectacle. It all started with a group of footy players coming over and wanting their picture taken with us. We thought it was cute so we obliged. But then two Asian guys came over and they wanted their pictures taken with us….and then a dude brought his baby over! Umm, yes, his baby! He asked me to hold the lil guy for a picture and it didn’t stop there….two other boys came over with their sister followed by a group of guys from Amsterdam! And of course we get on the topic of who has the better pot. LOL I personally don’t smoke pot but I heard ours is better. When I was in Jamaica and cab driver was trying to tell sell me some pot (yes, really) and then he asked me where I was from. When I said Vancouver, he replied, “Ohhhh…iry mon, nevermind, this is noting compared to your gonga.” LOL Anyway, Madison and I were killing ourselves laughing at the spectacle we had become on the beach. Then she looks over at me and says, “It’s cuz you have big boobs.” I burst out laughing! It reminded me of the same comment a wise old crab says to me whenever I tell him how much I love a place and how nice the people are. “It’s cuz you have big boobs..” Just to ruffle my feathers….really, I’m a nice person and that’s why everyone’s nice to me 😛 But then I turn to Madison and say, “Maybe it’s cuz your wearing a thong…AND you have a great butt” LMAO These Adelaide peeps don’t see much T N A out and about like that! I told her just to use her French accent like she doesn’t know people in Adelaide don’t wear g-strings on the beach! “What do mean..monseur?” :*

It was a nice farwell dinner with a group of lovely ladies, including my bestie, Candi, who I was gonna pack in my luggage and bring her home with me. All of who I connected with along with one ol gent, Rob, who was my own personal chauffeur turned friend. It was margaritas and Mexican fiesta at one of my fave restaraunts to end the trip on a high note. And of course, watching Vonni’s show which entailed not only her amazing performance but performances from a couple of up and coming drag queens, who by the way were great!! Another trip down, many more to go! Up next, home for a week then Miami! Until we meet again, my fave Aussies! Thank you for making this trip above and beyond my best visit yet!