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A Wild and Hedonistic Night At the Budoir Rouge

Awesome din time show! The rockin audience is an indication that people are in the mood to parteee! Had this wild bunch of business men clapping along to each song just gets me even more into my show and entertaining such an enthusiastic audience. Now taking a lil break before my evening shows, gonna have a hot bubble bath, do some deep stretching¬†and rest up for 2nite! Feelin feisty and ready 2 rock the stage at the Budoir and even get in some hot n steamy dances! 2nite’s one of my fave night’s…alll the lasers, smoke and lighting is off the hook, 2 main stages with showgirls, LOTS of sexy go-go dancers all over the bar and male dancers! The energy is SO SEXY and hedonistic…nakedness and sparkles everywhere and for all audiences XD

censored poster #2 angelIt evolutionary in strip clubs…feels like a club in Vegas or Europe. Also working with a concentual motoboatist this week LOL She’ll only motorboat beautiful breats with permission…as I found out ūüėČ

How polite…te-he-he!

Happy V-Day! Gettin Spoiled at the Budoir Rouge This Week :D

Once again all over the map! From Oz I came home to Vancouver for a few days then it was off to Miami then Fort St. John, Victoria, Alberta, Winnipeg and now back in Calgary!. LOVED Florida as I always do. The energy is electric, sexy and passionate. It’s actually one place that I always enjoy and have seemed to have a connection to. I am actually considering buying a place down there cuz I feel so at home whenever I’m there. I usually go to Florida once a year and have been traveling there for the last 13 years. Yep, the Sunshine State is my fave place!

I’m now back at the Budoir Rouge in Calgary, one of my fave places (have you caught on yet..I only work at my fave places lol) and having a rocking week!¬†I just love this club, the staff, the energy…I have a lot of fun on AND off the stage) I’m seriously gettin spoiled at the Budoir this week ūüôā Extremely generous gents making this Valentine’s Day SO special! Just when I thought it was gonna be another uncelebrated V-dayand am sucking up yet another V-Day¬†flying solo¬†I have a few customers that are making this year’s love day so fun and enjoyable! Muuuah!¬†I received a¬†Danier leather jacket along with a few other girls in the line up¬†(perfect fit-good eye for size! THANKS Frank!), yellow sapphire earring and nose ring (Thanks Mike!)¬†and some deeeliscious Belgium Peanut Buttter Cup Chocolates (THANKS SO¬†MUCH Bob-I’ve enjoyed every last bite! The way to a woman’s heart! And yes, they are all gone!)¬†¬†SAMSUNG

I haven’t celebrated a Valentine’s Day for about 7-8 years…and the last time I did celebrate it was with one of my besties, Jenni LOL It was very NO-MAN-TIC lol Have¬† to say though, she knows me well, she gave some very thoughtful presents, better than any ex! I mean, the Marilyn Manson tickets I got one year were off the hook; it was the Dope Show concert and it was freaking¬†AMAZING…BUT concert tickets thrown on the kitchen counter isn’t really romantic :/ And honestly, each year as I’ve always been on my own for this day, I bounce back and forth between the perspectives with nonchalance of, “It’s great to have the world celebrate love one day out of the year. And I love the romantic notions that surround it,” to the other thought of, “Who really cares anyway. It’s an over-commercialized day of the year for Hallmark and other businesses to make an extra profit; just a cash grab.¬†You should be celebrating love every day of the year, dammit!” WELL…it sure sounds great but really it’s all CRAP! Most women DO want to have this day acknowledged and to feel special, desirable and a lil spoiled with romance. Any girl who says not to get her anything….LIES! LMAO Make sure you take the time to be thoughtful and spend this special day doing and expressing it in a special way. Sure, you should jhave days where you do lil things like that year round regardless¬†of needing a specific date with a label on it but really, how often does that happen…

I forgot just how nice it is to be thought of and a lil spoiled on V-Day, thank you all for reminding me of just how great it really does feel. It made my week :*

And Men out there involved with a woman, DEFINITELY take the time to put a lil thought into this day, it will get you ENORMOUS brownie points..and maybe even a lil hot n steamy action ūüėČ