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The Semi Finalists Announced for MNC…

So tonight was the big night, the first cut from 24 girls down to 12 for the semi finals for Miss Nude Canada. I just want to say that I had an amazing time performing in the contest and this year each girl has brought her A game. The competition’s been stiff but have to say, a positive vibe so far and everyone’s been helpful and fun….def not the norm for one of these contests. Surprising since 16 contest girls are staying in the dancer house lol Thought some craziness would surface but nope, everyone’s been pretty mello. Regardless, I have completely enjoyed my trip here in Calgary, the people and working at the BuDoir Rouge, which is the most beautiful club I’ve worked in.

SO…..they call each contestant up one by one till all 24 of us ladies are on stage, then they begin calling out the 12 semi finalists. As each person’s name is being called my heart skips a beat. Then the MC announces, “These are all of your semi finalists for Miss Nude Canada, give them a round of applause!” Yes, my name wasn’t called. A couple of girls, one being my friend, Dinah Might (who made it through btw-WhooHoo! Congratz babe) looked at me and pouted and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s alright. I’m ok.” Sure a lil disappointed but I was ok, I did my best.

THEN someone says, “You’re missing one girl…there’s only 11.” So the MC says, “Missing one girl, well then, everyone give me a drumroll please!” So all the customers start pounding on their tables and the girls on stage start banging their hands on their knees and he yells out, “The final contestant going through to the finals is…JANINE JEEEEERRRICHOO!”

YAAAAAAAY! I wanted to kick their asses for that one LMAO but YAAAAAAAY! Going throught to the semis, my showtime is 9:40pm and now I know exactly what I need to do to smooth out show and change a few things that didn’t work previously. OH YES…and my voice is back!!! Thanks everyone for sending me positive, healing and supportive vibes-they worked! 😀

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