Canada's fanciest fanny!

Thunderbay Centerfolds

Yep!! lol Back in Thunderbay for round 2 and all I’m gonna say is, “My last show Sat night, standing ovation, everyone singing every word of my songs and at one point had 5 people on stage with me, two of them were women getting naked!” YEP! That’s what I’m talking about! Now that we’re getting to know eachother better the audience in Thunderbay is really getting comfortable. Of course, ‘Fresh meat Monday’ was jam packed with many gorgeous ladies as it was before.
It was funny cuz there was a hottie I was chatting with in the bathroom and on stage at one point I had my boobs in her face. The next day I go to a local gym to get a one week pass and guess who the front desk girl is…drumroll please…it was that girl. I recognized her before she recognized me. As I said before, when I dress down I’m just like the girl next door. I’m thinking to myself, “Didn’t I have my boobs in your face last night?” as I’m chuckling away and shaking my head. “Grrreat!” lol I hope I get a deal!

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