Canada's fanciest fanny!

Catfight-And the claws came out tonight!

Here we are on Friday eve and I swear it’s a full moon out; craziness is everywhere! It’s been another busy week full of amazing, rowdy audiences…maybe a lil too rowdy! lol A girl jumped on stage with another dancer, and instead of just being playful as most girls are when they wanna jump on stage and tip the dancer, she started parading around attempting to upstage the dancer and take over her show. OK ladies….this is not something you EVER do. Be an attention whore somewhere else, some other time. I was sitting with another dancer and as we were watching, we both were commenting on how that wasn’t right and the girl needed to get off the stage before it got ugly, but ugly came.

The dancer who was on stage at the time, Gia, had asked the girl nicely to leave the stage a few times, then the girl lightly pushed Gia’s arm and that was it…GAME ON! All of a sudden there were heads being smashed on the stage floor, punches in every direction, rolling around wrestling….but there was no tapping out here! lol Finally the bouncer grabbed the half naked, dishevelled girl, put her over his shoulder and took her out of the club. Of course the audience was on their feet and cheering for Gia for standing her ground.

Seriously, you really don’t wanna piss off a dancer. Dancers usually come from some sort of background that has thickened their skin, we work every single week with other girls who are catty and can be bitches so are used to standing our ground not not taking crap and many dancers do have pent up anger and frustrations that they are just waiting to unleash. Don’t go there, it won’t be pretty. We work in a very cut throat industry at times and many girls are always ready for battle. Keep it fun, keep it playful and most importantly, KEEP IT RESPECTFUL. This isn’t always an easy job for some girls and as women we should be supporting eachother, not out to get eachother. Really, Fingerpainting is SO much more fun!


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