Canada's fanciest fanny!

Halfway In Thunderbay!

Back here in T-Bay and it was so funny, while on the bus coming up here from Winnipeg a group of air cadets who were also on the bus recognized me; it made for an interesting trip to say the least! lol I actually used to be an air cadet, even flew a glider! Of course I get the usual 20 questions with the #1 question being, “Why do you dance? You seem like you can do anything?” My speech as a response back, “Because I love it! And you’re right, I can do anything and have. This is what I really enjoy doing for now. I’m a sensual and erotic woman and enjoy being sexy and exhuberate that through the art of striptease. I’m a passionate performer and embrace my femininity to the fullest. For way too long women have put they’re own sensuality and sexiness on the back-burner, working in a very masculine society and I’m here as a reflection to that feminine power that has been forgotten, both by men and women. I love traveling around the world, meeting so many different people with extraordinary stories and experiencing culture. I love what I do! ” One guy yells out, “Right on! I’ve NEVER heard a dancer say that before. That’s so honest and admirable.” Whooohoo! lol

Then as I’m heading down to the rental car place I have Erin, the gal who totally takes care of my rentals when I come to town, mentions how I’m popular with the ladies. Word travels fast in these smaller towns. Yep! The hotties in T-Bay are my faves! Such a fun, playful audience and the ladies here do own their own sexiness! Love it!  I even went into Subway and had my salad made by a lil hottie who comes in for my shows 🙂 I actually used to be a sandwich artist myself! In my pre-dancing days.

Well, here we are halfway through the week and it’s been off the hook and busy every night. T-Bay never disappoints! Breaking out the finger paints for the weekend……

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