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Token Pot Head vs Token Crack Head lol

In Winnipeg, Manitoba there is a hotel that has been designated specifically for the out of town dancers to stay. It’s not an actual functioning hotel anymore but has been somewhat revamped and renovations are continuing so that the girls have a nice, clean, comfy place to make their home away from home. And an immense amount of appreciation goes out to Rick (my amazing agent from Superb Entertainment) for making the rooms so immaculate to live in. It’s nice cuz when on the road you just never know what you’re gonna get…..that’s a whole other blog LMAO (Just to give you a brief idea, from high quality hotels to rooms with duck tape holding the floor together-yep, it’ll be on my video blog)

Anyways, back to episode one of many, at the dancer hotel. I’m by no means a judgemental person, each person is here to live their own journey and make their own choices and shouldn’t ever live under a label, incident or situation they’d been involved in. HOWEVER, for the sake of description and to give you all a clear visual on these episodes, I will be labelling! lol \

So my room is at the beginning of the hall and as I said previously, a bit of a hermit, keep to myself, the somewhat normal (I use that term VERY loosely) feature performer. A few doors down there is the token pot head and across from her the token crack head. Upstairs are a couple of easygoing, fun party girls. It’s Sunday night, and like a couple of girls, have just arrived earlier that day and Sunday night is the only eve we have to go to bed early and get a full night’s rest. With our work schedule bedtime’s usually about 3am (for me lol) and up early each day to do my program and train at the gym. I, like many girls, value our Sunday night sleep. Well, I was astonished to be awoken at 1:30AM by the sound of a vacuum cleaner! WTF

I then hear the token pot head leave her room, walk over to the token crack head’s room and knocks on the door. She politley and calmly says, “Hey man, would you mind not vaccuuming right now, we’re all trying to sleep. It’s the only night we have to get a good night’s sleep in.” And then comes a response  in high pitched squeal completely freaking out saying things like, “You always judge me, you’d be bugging me if I was vacuuming at 1:00 in the afternoon, I’m just cleaning..” And the yelling continued for a short time before both girls went back in their rooms and slammed their doors. One girl going back to bed, the other ranting to herself. lol Can you guess which one…Have you ever heard an argument between someone who smokes a doob and one who snorts, sniffs-whatever. It’s kinda funny. At first I was annoyed at being woken up , then was considering going out into the hall to mediate but in the end, just let it play out to see what else, if anything, would happen as I’m laughing to myself. Seriously, it felt like a scene right out of a Kevin Smith movie.

Oh Yeah, from what I hear, the token crack head’s still holding a grudge over that one :/