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Solid Gold in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Just graced the stage for a third time at this wonderful gentlemen`s club. One thing I really like about working here is that you can get as messy as you want for your shows and you all know I loooove to get dirrty! Paint followed by turining the stage into an all out slip n slide watershow-SO much fun! This was a huge week-40 shows and 2 stags! Crazy! I ended up meeting a girl I knew from years ago and she was so surprised to see me. You see, I actually was on a hiatus from the dancing scene for quite a while. I worked in the music industry managing and singing in my own band for a few years and had achieved many great heights such as singing for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, appearing on many television shows such as E! T.V. and Breafast Television but most importantly, cultivating a fan base across Canada and in parts of the States. After we disbanded, I needed some time to regroup and decide what I wanted to do. While I was deliberating on what to do with my music it was time for me to get a `real job` and due to my passion for fitness and travel those were the positioned I applied for. At that point I had put dancing on the back burner. Actually, I became quite conservative in those years away from the stage. You could say from `Nude to Prude`. lol From hanging upside, swinging on poles naked to an all out soccer mom. lol
I walked into a local gym to drop off an application and happened to be speaking with the manager, who then, just hired me on the spot. In a short time I became their top producer in sales, moved up into management and proceeded to get my personal training certification and was working hands on with clients helping them to achieve their highest potential. Ireally enjoyed my job but really began to feel like I was living in a box. I started to feel like I wanted to work for myself rather than working for someone else. Accompanied with this feeling of wanting to do more, I had just gone through a three period of almost every challenge a person could be faced with from a divorce, losing four family members, (the most significant, my mother) and then went through a heartbreak. Oh yes, my cat did run away, too, so I guess this really can be turned into a country song! lol But on a serious note, I don`t look at these challenges as negative, just huge opportunities for growth. Guess my soul was starving for growth and that it did.
Anyway, as circumstances would have it, I was approached by a few people encouraging me to grace the stage again, that the industry was lacking high quality feature performers (not too many showgirls left)and so decided to do a 4 week booking in Australia and have just keept moving forward in full force ever since. I have to say that I`m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. And with all of my flexibility, strength holds and gymnastics that I learned in competing in fitness, my shows are above and beyond what I used to do and so I just keep evolving as an entertainer. Now you`ll be able to appreciate the girl`s extreme surprise to see me.
On a wilder note, here`s a juicy story for you all. One evening after work, I get a knock on my door. Now it`s 2:30am and I`m already in bed so I`m thinking, `Who the heck could this be..` Well low and behold it`s one of the sexiest girls I`m working with, wearing a see through white dress and she started groping herself. She then proceeded to do cartwheels naked down the hallway! That`s all I`m sharing! Needless to say, it was an eventful night 😉