Canada's fanciest fanny!

the Liquid Zoo

I’m back in Kelowna at the Liquid Zoo, one of my newest fave places to be! LOVE the club, a true show-bar. An AMAZING staff all around from the doormen, the hot waitresses, excellent DJs (one of my most fave and important things in a club, as many of you know lol) right on through to bartenders and management. The decor is electric with a night club vibe and the stage is built like a cage, with 4 poles on each corner on the stage and cross bars at the top to monkey around on LOL Too much fun! Definitely keeps me busy during my shows and gives me an extra workout for the day with all those chin ups and playing on the poles!

The audiences are SO generous and enthusiastic-LOTS of sexy ladies coming out and showing their appreciation, giving all the guys a run for their money, though many of the men here are pretty top notch as well. I’ve signed so much boobage here I feel like Vince Neil at a Montley Crue concert! But I have something on all those rockstars, I get to sign 6 packs as well…the guys like to get in on the body signing action, too. Yep, I LOVE my job 😀

Was a crazy drive out here, though. The highway driving out here was a nightmare!! Heavy winter, mountain conditions :S People were in ditches, including the big trucks w chains on their tires, peeps were spinning out right in front of me! My heart was beating a million beats per it felt BUT I had faith in my Super Cooper with my super snow tires n plugged right on through and around the chaos. The guys in their big trucks would just watch me pass them in my Mini lol After I had make it to Kelowna safe and sound I heard they closed much of the highway off. Perfect timing for me. And I arrived to a beautiful, sunny day!

Well, first night went off without a hitch. A busy, rowdy night and a grrreat way to start off the week! Already went through 25 posters, not too bad for a Monday eve. Good line up of girls this week as well. Great costumes, good attitudes and entertaining shows. Looking forward to getting all messy with finger-painting and a water show Saturday night, you know, the usual 😉 The wetter the better!!

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