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New Poll Brewing! I Have a Week Open Coming Up-Where Should I Go??!

After receiving many requests lately to come back to certain cities/clubs I’ve decided to have fun with it and see who wants me to appear the most in their city out here in Central/East Canada. So far, Brandon, Manitoba and Thunderbay, Ontario are neck in neck with votes, totally duking it out! Then Winnipeg (Adelaide, Edmonton and Victoria had many votes as well but not in the same area as my current tour. But thx! Good to know where peeps want to see me) You can vote on my Facebook profile, Janine Jericho, leave a comment or send me an email.

This a perfect way to pursuade me to come play on your stage, and of course, it’ll be ALL my pleasure!



Bonjour les amis mon! On the Quebec Tour!

Well, have my rental car and have been booting around this wonderful French land n practising moi qui parle français! Oui, Oui!! I haven’t spoken the language in years but am picking it up again quite quickly and can read and understand it better when other people speak it rather than me speaking it. I think that’s cuz I’m still feeling a little shy to speak it. But practise makes perfect and the people out here are taking the time and helping me along.  They appreciate the effort 🙂

Being from the West Coast and traveling to China a few times I made it more of a priority to speak Cantonese, which isn’t even spoken very much anymore, the more common language for Chinese is Mandarin. But I am now inspired to brush up on both French and Spanish. I LOVE languages and learning new tongues 😉

I’ve got two words…poutine and smoked meat sandwhiches!! SO GOOD! They even have poutine at Tim Hortons! Ha ha, I think that’s awesome.

It’s like being in a different country over here and I’m just taking it all in. I’m currently working at Sexy Hollywood, a smaller club that offers a more intimate vibe and am getting a feel for these French audiences. Had a fun ‘paint date’ last night! And the crowd Thursday eve gave a warm welcome 🙂  

The absolute, most sure-fire way of physically moving in the direction of your dreams, on a day-to-day basis, without messing with the “cursed hows,” is living them, now, to any degree that you can.

And you can ~Mike Dooley~

Blasts From the Past-Oldies But Goodies!

Thought I’d share a few stories from past adventures on the road and all I’ll have to say is you better hang on to your hats for these ones! As I mentioned previously I had a well known duo and we were called the Natural Blonde Thrillers. We had achieved extraordinary heights during our career together winning every duo title there was to win and becoming one of the biggest duo acts in the industry. We performed fully choreographed routines with skits, pyro and props. We were sensual dancers with a comedic edge to our shows. We also worked our butts off to achieve everything that we gained and nothing was handed to us. We were two rookie dancers when we met that most people never took too seriously. But we wouls spens night after night practising flips and dance moves and putting together shows from start to finish as if it were like a musical play. Boy, her different boyfriends that helped us out along the way through this journey  must’ve freakin loved it LOL When I reflect back to a specific night where we’d practise moves and ask him his opinion he must have been in heaven! LMAO Of course, we were just so innocent and truely focused on getting the routine right that we didn’t even notice that fact.  

Well when  we were on our Canadian cross country tour we happened to miss a flight leaving Winnipeg. As it turned out there wasn’t another flight till 5am the next morning so we were freaking out on what we were going to do. We were being very stingy lol and didn’t want to pay for a hotel room so asked the ladies working at the airline if we could just sleep in the airport. Nope, at the time the airport closed at midnight and locked it’s doors. So we pulled out the damsels in distress, a few tears and one of girls working at the airline offered to take us in for the night. It was convenient because she would be checking passengers in on our morning flight so we could all drive in together.YAY! Didn’t have to get a hotel! So we thought…

When we arrived at her apartment it was a really cute little place. Her husband was home from his job and we all had a bite to eat and engaged in some small talk. They seemed like your average, ordinary, even a little ‘square’ kind of couple. We felt pretty comfortable….till bedtime. They set up beds for us in the living room and just down the hall was their room and then the bathroom right next to it. Well, Jenna and I started to hear some sounds coming from their bedroom and it was pretty obvious that this couple was gettin down! And they had a porn flick playing with the the volume cranked! lol The crazy part was that they left their bedroom door wide open and were talking loud enough so we’d here and they were wanting us to join the action. WE WERE HORRIFIED!

All we could do was pretend we were sleeping but we couldn’t stop laughing! Seriously?? Is this really happening?? Next time let’s not be cheap. And the worst part was neither one of us wanted to go to the bathroom cuz we’d have to walk right by their door! So we held it all night. Everyone acted like nothing happened in the morning and that was that.

Isn’t THAT ironic…the two people who seemed to be ‘square’ and ‘normal’ ended up being the wild ones and here you have the Ultimate Duo Champions being the ‘squares’. And that airline isn’t know for having friendly service…well, guess we saw the extra friendly side!


I was in Kamloops last week at the Duchess and what an amazing little club! Was pleasantly surprised! It’s a beautiful showbar (it under went renovations last year. From what I hear it’s a HUGE improvement from what the club was before-ex: the stage was like 2 tables pushed together LOL) and not what I was expecting for a smaller city tucked away in the B.C interior. I usually expect something a little rougher around the edges but have found that these smaller venues can be the most fruitful, laid back and fun bookings, so will always try them out when they pay well. Honestly, I LOVE small town mentality, probably cuz I’m a small town girl myself and really, it is like a paid vacation for the week.

And of course, throughout the week I had many people asking me what the heck I was doing there…shouldn’t I be in Vegas or something?! lol They don’t get showgirls like me come through there very often. Which was fantastic, it’s a great feeling to have my efforts appreciated and validated. Love adding a spark to the stage! And got to enjoy working with one of the BEST DJs ever, Mr. Deryck Crawford! Yep, a shout out to Deryck who did everything a GREAT dj does. Another hidden gem out there in the BC interior 🙂

Not too much drama this week lol A table of people got throw out cuz of guy who almost grabbed me…almost. I saw his hand coming and batted it out of way. I was pretty damn close to giving him a knuckle sandwich but remembered to stay professional and got the bouncers. 5 years ago I would’ve just knocked him out! But having someone else deal with it IS the higher road. His table got thrown out, which I hate to have happen. His friends were actually a lot fun. It’s too bad, I just want to  havefun and keep the party going. Blah! Well, it’s very rare that ever happens so just got deal with it.

One of the girls kept having freak outs in her room. Don’t know what her issue was but clearly she had a few! Each week there’s always one. lol But all in all, a really good week and am looking forward to going back to the Dutchess again.

2 weeks out to my fitness competition, leaner than I’ve ever been and am so happy with how my physique is looking-my best package yet! However, due to not having vitamins in my diet right now and the food I’m eating consists of chicken, white fish, green beans and rice cakes, my body’s bruising quite easily and it looks like I’ve been beaten! lol Nope, no fights, just my hot dates with the pole! Damn pole work! But feeling pretty amazing and full of energy despite the carb depleting process. Usually at this stage of the game it’s tough to get through the day let alone a workout AND shows but am feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I;m an all natural athlete and believe that your mind is the BEST enhancer you can use, so I just stay focused and allow my passion to fuel my energy.

But not gonna lie, cravings are surfacing and I’m obsessed with watching the food network right now! lol I LOVE the Cake Boss and Iron Chef! And talking dirty to me right now would be, “Ice cream, chocoloate, cookies, pizza,” and for the Big ‘O’…cherry cheesecake! hahaha