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FB_IMG_1480384935379When I was in Adelaide featuring at the Palace, I went for dinner with a few friends of mine. My good friend, Justine, who used to sing in my all girl group, G-Force and is now an epic cosplayer who just so happened to have married an Aussie and now lived in Australia (Lucky me to have a friend on the other side of the planet!) her hubby, who is a journalist and author along with their two friends, who are wrestlers. Yep, at my table of creativity sits a showgirl, cosplayer, journalist and 2 hot wrestlers! Let the fun begin!

Sean, Justine’s hubby, looks over at me and says, “Tell them the story about when you went through airport security.” NOW…I have SO MANY stories of both, going through airport security and immigration around the globe that I was trying to remember which story he was talking about. So I said, “Ok, was it the story with the sex toys?” Everyone bursts out laughing! He’s trying to gather himself and replies, “No, no, not that one.” So I then blurt out, “Was it the one with the bondage gear?” Everyone is still killing themselves laughing from the first incriminating question I made and this second one just was over the top…Justine then says, “I think it’s the one with your posters and magnets.” “Ooooohhh….THAT one!” I say. You see, for some reason I always get ‘randomly selected’ when going through airport security. I go in for extra testing every time. It actually has made me lose faith in the security system at the airport. Here I am in my LuLu Lemons, bubbly blonde with a baseball hat and ‘I’ am always getting selected. Their selection process is shit. LOL The only threat I  would be is threatening people with a good time! Waa waaaaa! I am Da Bomb! Bombshell blonde, that’s about how explosive I get 😀 High calibre DDs, maybe! Anyways, I started to get frustrated with always being selected so I decided to pack my promo in my carry on, so that when the security officer opened my bag, my 18×36 nude posters would unravel along with my magnets. And it worked! The security officer opened my carry on to search my bag and when my posters fell out, he turned bright red. I told him he could have one if he wanted and I’d sign it for him 😉 He declined.

Nothing like this as a conversation starter to new people you’ve just met over dinner!

So let me guess….you want to hear the one about the sex toys, don’t you? Well, here is one for you. As some of you know, I used to have a well known duo called the Natural Blonde Thrillers and we used to do fully choreographed shows with skits. We were sensual not sexual and had a comedy component to our shows. This one time we were going through airport security and the female officer says she needs to look in our bag. Realizing that the bag had sexual content in it I told the security officer she’d need to take that bag aside as it contained inappropriate materials in it and we were around families. I was dying inside!! We had penis water guns, a penis pump and a huge strap on that we used in our Beauty and the Beast show! (I was the beast and would chase beauty around the stage with the strap on-it was hilarious!) She opened the bag, closed it with a look of disgust on her face and handed it to me angrily. I was trying to explain, “We don’t actually use those on each other! We are a duo act, it’s all for show! We are just friends!” She says firmly, ” I DON’T WANT TO KNOW” and walks away. You’d think we’d learn from that buuuut we didn’t.

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

This topic has come up a few times over the last 2 weeks with some friends outside of the industry, so thought I’d write my thoughts on the elephant in the room, so to speak. My friend says, “So, how much longer are you going to do this for? What’s the length a girl can dance for? You can’t do this forever.” I burst out laughing, “WHYYYY NOT?! I can be the vintage stripper on the stage doing walker tricks and popping wheelies in my wheelchair when I’m 102!! My energy, my sparkle and my titties will always be fabulous! 😀

Then I proceed with my more serious tone, “I am the wrong person to ask that question to. Here I STILL am and going strong. Just when I think I’m ready to wind things down, settle my roots…my career gains more momentum and reaches even greater heights that I didn’t know were capable, like getting a US work visa and a solid touring schedule for 3 years. Plus, I’m still having a blast! I love performing and creating my new shows. I am still so passionate, I’m not over it, yet. I have had a loooong, very fulfilling and fruitful career that I am grateful for. I have everything I want, I am firmly established, so I’m good to hang up the stilletos at any point.  This for me, is now the gravy train. When it’s time to move into fitness full time, I’m ready, but why would I when I am having so much consistent success and at a point where I am turning work away, not the other way around? Winning contests and titles, touring internationally, booked to headline events, high in demand, etc. This is my first week off in a year! And I am booked until the end of this year! I dance because I can and I love it, not because I need to.

And now that we are here, in this discussion, let’s open this can of worms right up! LOL Fuck the misogynist perception that a woman loses her sex appeal, sexuality and beauty once she hits 25 or 30. Screw that patriarchal and old way of thinking. From my experience, a woman’s sex appeal and sexuality only enhances with age…I know mine has!! Being tuned in, turned on and confident within yourself. Women should be celebrated in every phase of life and I am a leading example of that. Other OG features are following my lead and also killing it within the industry. One of my feature friends even came out of retirement! I am a feminine, athletic energy. I am waaay better now, in all areas, than I was when I was 20. 10-15 years ago, agents would put a dancer out to pasture once she moved beyond the 25-27 year old mark lol but back then girls would party a lot, do drugs and drink, not really take care of themselves. You can have longevity and sustainability if you take care of yourself from the inside-out. Even in some recent fitness competitions women who were masters (+35) were taking top placings in the open category against girls half their age! YES!!! Sex appeal is ageless and women of all shapes and sizes are sexy and beautiful. Good bye to the era that had women shamed for age, body type, ethnicity. This is a new era where women celebrate themselves and each other…..and men, too! Build each other up, not tear each other down. EmpowHer!!! As long as my audiences are coming out and enjoying my shows, I am not going anywhere until another venture sparks my soul.

I was working with these 2 dancers, who were upset because I was the feature and getting paid a much higher showprice than them. They would make age comments in the changeroom, to try and make me feel insecure, such a typical thing to do. At one point of the dancers came off stage and said, “Those guys weren’t tipping because they said I was old enough to be their mother. I don’t know how they’ll be with you.”

Well, I did lol I went on stage and they made it raaiiiinnn!!  She made $6 I made $430. After my show, I came into the changerrom and she was SO angry! She yelled, “I don’t get it! I’m younger than you!”

That’s when I said, “ ARE younger than me…but that’s it. Younger DOESN’T mean better. It only means, younger. It doesn’t mean: more talented, more beautiful, more sexy, more appealing, more fit….it ONLY means, younger. And if ‘Younger,’ is the only card you’ve got, you’ll be annihilated, because most of us OG features are playing with a full fucking deck. So, I suggest that instead of taking shots, you should be taking notes.”

And as fabulous karma would have it, that entertainer had to follow my shows all week LOL I’m the feature for a reason, people are coming in to see me and my shows. This was my audience. I will say, that I did work with these two entertainers again a few weeks later and they both apologized for their behavior. I personally, have never been hung up on age. It’s not something that I’ve ever been bothered by or worried about. I concern myself with being a great performer and maintaining total health and well being. 

Baby Janine aka Wild Orchid lmao to current Janine Jericho



The Show Did Not Go On

During one of my bookings in Australia, I was scheduled to do a show at a pub that was out in the middle of nowhere, literally, you drive down the hwy 45 mins from the city and if you blinked, you’d miss the pub that was at the side of the road. It felt like the real outback. Upon arrival I was met with the 2 gentlemen that were running the show and they were both very sweet and accommodating. I had performed there the week before and my Darth Vader show was a huge hit with these outback Aussies. They were very interactive playing along with my light saber slashes and my Star Wars theatrics!

This time around they had asked me to do more crowd interaction and to dance on the tables. Of course I’m game! I don’t mind playing around and interacting with audience more, bring it on!  So I step out to do my show, as my intro begins I walk over to a full table of enthusiastic customers and two men reach out to grab my hands to help me step up onto their table. Between the momentum of them lifting me up and my 5 inch stilettos, I ended up bumping my head. I was like, “Oh well…I bumped my head, no big deal, on with the show.” FB_IMG_1488656817257

As I crouch down to do a little tittie ra- ra, shimmying from the left to the right, I notice that the guy right in front of me looked like he had seen a ghost. In my mind I was thinking, this is not how a man looks when he is being tittalized lol. As I look down, I see blood on the table. I check my head with my hand and blood was on my hand. So I proceed to wipe my head with my cape, thinking I must’ve scratched myself and would just need to wipe the blood off but after taking the cape off my head it was soaked in blood, then the blood started rushing down my face. The guy sitting in front of me stands up and tells me he’s going to help me off the table, lifting me down onto the ground.

As I start to head back to the office where us girls get ready for the shows, the MC says, “And where is she going now?” I look over to him with blood gushing down my face and he immediately says, “She is going to the change-room! The next show will be in 10 mins!” As I walk into the change-room, the two other dancers and a bar owner look at me in horror and start racing around looking for a first aid kit. I was pretty calm and collected but with how anxious everyone else was I could tell I must’ve looked bad. Cass took the reigns and started to clean the gash and the blood that was everywhere. Heidi got ready and went onstage in my place. Everyone just moved into survivor mode. After placing pressure on the wound for a while, it stopped bleeding-yaaay, no stitches required! I really, really did not want to go to the hospital. Once Heidi came back from her show she mentioned that the fans were on and that’s what hit my head. I dodged a serious bullet on that one! It could’ve been way worse but I was fortunate enough to walk away with a small cut on my head. 

The best part was when I was all cleaned up, one of 20170511_201533the guys who worked there looked at me and asked if I’d be ready to go back onstage in 5 mins…. and of course, me being a true blue #albertastrong super trooper who just soldiers on said yes, if you want me to, I can go on. Cass raises her voice, shocked at the suggestion and said, “There is no way Janine is going on! She lost a lot of blood! Me and Heidi will go back on stage and do a show!”

I just laughed at the craziness of the whole situation. Only twice in my loooong career did the show not go on. And it as was a full moon taboot! The manager asked if I could come back the following week, they were disappointed I couldn’t perform and did so well the week before, that they were excited to have me there. I appreciated that, considering I just had a blood bath on their table and it wasn’t Halloween! Funny enough, I was wearing my Devil costume 😛

It was an unfortunate accident that happened but everyone was SO good to me, especially Cass and her sexy nursing abilities lol The pub, owners, staff and customers were all extremely attentive and I hope to one day go back there and redeem myself…with my vampire show! bahahaha naaaa, maybe I’ll keep it simple and just stay on the stage.


Yep, I made it down to Denver to compete in Miss Nude Universe and Miss Nude World! Totally last minute decision. Feeling an uprush of creative energy, renewed faith and inspiration and am indulging in my performances. I do In-Joy the stage so much. Already won some awards: 2nd place Miss Nude Exotic Universe, Universe Entertainer of the Year and Best Aerial Performance! NOW it’s time to get back in the saddle, refocus and tweak shows for MISS NUDE WORLD…the BIG one….the one I’m going for! Sh$# just got real 😀

I’m performing my LED FROZEN SHOW and STAR WARS, as they were my highest scoring shows so far. For the first time I feel at ease, no contest head or contest gitters, just moving through this experience with lightness and fun. Keeping my shows consistent and familiar is the key. Not trying to whip out anything new or never done before and keeping stage crew’s involvement as minimal as possible…however, I will say, they have been EPIC so far. Jason Cherry has been doing a great job on my shows. Usually stage crew has made costly mistakes with me but Im feeling comfortable with how things are flowing so far. A few tweaks needed for Frozen but nothing major. I’m having SO much fun and the girls on this trip are a blast! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

The club, PLATINUM 84, along with all their staff are AMAZING and beeeeautiful. I’m definitely fired up and makes me think…I’ve still got a lot in me. I do loooove it down here in the States. Feeling inspired and do see a ton of potential. Wish me luck, peeps 🙂

I also have magazines to sell to anyone who wants one and I will personally sign my spread just for you. They are $25.00 USD and you can etransfer or through PayPal.  A limited amount are available, so let me know asap. Thanks, peeps!

P.S. If you’d like to check out some video of my shows, they are posted on my Facebook Fan page, Janine Jericho 


Sun of a Beach-Back in Brandon!


Just wanna recap on the rest of the week in Brandon. It’s funny, looks like with my blogging I’m picking up right where I left off before getting my own site up n running. Here I am doing my Central Canada tour once again, though I’ve been to Australia and Eastern Canada in between. Well, I’ll share stories from those trips as I’m now more consistent with blogging. But for now all I have to say is, “Sun of a Beach!” Bahaha This is an annual volleyball tournament that happened the same wk I was in Brandon. My hotel room happened to be on the same floor as all the teams competing and it truely was like partaking in Spring Break a few weeks early! People gone wild!!

The hallway party with bongs and beer kegs, so hilarious. And then there was everyone knowing where the ‘dancers’ where staying, so endless knocks on the door with peeps wanting to hang out became the norm. Izabella and I became the ‘token dancer’ friends to some of the teams. But it was excellent cuz they all came down for our shows and proved to be an over the top, enthusiastic audience! There was a blizzard in Brandon but yet, the bar was a full house!!

One thing I wanna share with you all is Izabella’s quick evolution in the dancing world. *I’m SO proud of how far she’s come in such a short time) I met her in Australia where she was a newbie working as a floor girl doing private dances-never gracing a stage as a showgirl. She came and met me in Ontario where she continued to work as a floor girl and then came the BIG step up to stage this week in Brandon. She was SO nervous, she didn’t know if she could do it. But having a background in hip hop I just told her to use some of those sassy dance moves n make sure to make eye contact and SMILE on stage…that’s it. It really is that easy.

An audience wants to be entertained and appreciates it SO much when a girl is enjoying what she is doing. Who wants to watch a girl with a cranky look on her face make the art of striptease look like a chore-like she hates her job or even better, just watches herself in the mirrors?? LMAO I told her that by incorporating some her ‘real’ dancing into her shows that the audience would eat it up AND they did!! Her first week as a stage girl and she not only cleared more than $700.00 for the week in tips, and that’s without posters or promo to give away-that was just her being her entertaining and happy self but received great reviews from everyone. YEP, I’m a proud mama bear 🙂

LOVE it when girls absorb what I tell them and then utilize those tools reaping the huge rewards. A true validation that IT WORKS!! And really, it is so easy, so so easy if you let it be. It was also my best week in Brandon and enjoy seeing all those familiar faces..a few shout outs to Jennifer, Uwe, Greg, Angela, Danielle…EVERYONE!! P.S. I have never autographed so many beautiful sets of boobies before!! Muuuah sexy ladies!!



So funny, here I am back in Brandon, Manitoba (and having another rockin week!) and am lounging around in between shows with my friend, Izabella, who I had met in Australia and as we’re both naked, laying in bed watching t.v. our food delivery comes! Oh yeah, guess I should put some clothes on! Lol I’m just so comfy hanging out in my birthday suit. As soon as I get into my room I just take it all off.  Hmm..wonder what he would’ve done 😛

I am SO happy that my friend from Oz has decided to come out and get a taste for the Canadian audiences and how things work out here. She’s loving it! And of course, Brandon’s proving to be an amazing week. Customers are even paying cash for extra shows! Love that kind of enthusiasm and appreciation. Honestly, my darker characters usually go over the best out here so was a little concerned about performing burlesque but it was so well received.  SO many beautiful and generous ladies have been in the audience this week, LOVE IT!! I enjoy tapping into that feminine sensuality and exuberating that energy, inspiring the women in my audiences. I find sometimes that women forget that they are all such sexy beings and I hope that they are reminded of that in my reflection. Ladies can be so hard on themselves, their bodies. feelin shy around their men when disrobing in front of them, and also get preoccupied with kids, work, cleaning,  just being busy that they lose/forget that feminine power, that natural sexiness and sensuality that we ALL possess. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, so c’mon ladies-just allow yourselves to be the sexy beings you were created to be and let it shine! 😀