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New Poll Brewing! I Have a Week Open Coming Up-Where Should I Go??!

After receiving many requests lately to come back to certain cities/clubs I’ve decided to have fun with it and see who wants me to appear the most in their city out here in Central/East Canada. So far, Brandon, Manitoba and Thunderbay, Ontario are neck in neck with votes, totally duking it out! Then Winnipeg (Adelaide, Edmonton and Victoria had many votes as well but not in the same area as my current tour. But thx! Good to know where peeps want to see me) You can vote on my Facebook profile, Janine Jericho, leave a comment or send me an email.

This a perfect way to pursuade me to come play on your stage, and of course, it’ll be ALL my pleasure!



Centerfolds in Thunderbay, Ontario

Well, we picked up exactly where we left off the last time I was in Thunderbay….Monday night, jammed packed and for my last show decided to bring out the paint. There was a beautiful birthday girl sitting in the front row with all of her hot friends so I pulled her on her on stage with me. She was extremely shy so I promised her I’d be gentle and that I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want me to. I will always respect the boundaries of anyone who comes on stage with me, though I will tell you, her friends weren’t shy at all!

I got her to lay down on the stage, put paint in both her and as I straddled her, I let her paint my body. WELL…the bar went CRAZY! All of a sudden there were bodies all over the stage with tipping dollars and requests to get painted. As I was taking tips, the paint on my chest was transferring onto those faces I was taking tips from and by the end of my show everyone had paint on them. It looked like the worrior tribe of Thunderbay!

I had never had so many naked women on stage with me at one time before-it was great! I played with about 12 sets of boobies that night; what can I say, I love my job! Lol My show went over into a double encore and I ended up making over $400.00 in tips. What a great way to start the week off With an audience that’s so interactive like this one I love to bring out the fun stuff so I asked the Owner if I could break out the water guns but unfortunately the stage wouldn’t react well to a water show. It’s all good, paint and liquid latex it is!

Thunderbay Centerfolds

Yep!! lol Back in Thunderbay for round 2 and all I’m gonna say is, “My last show Sat night, standing ovation, everyone singing every word of my songs and at one point had 5 people on stage with me, two of them were women getting naked!” YEP! That’s what I’m talking about! Now that we’re getting to know eachother better the audience in Thunderbay is really getting comfortable. Of course, ‘Fresh meat Monday’ was jam packed with many gorgeous ladies as it was before.
It was funny cuz there was a hottie I was chatting with in the bathroom and on stage at one point I had my boobs in her face. The next day I go to a local gym to get a one week pass and guess who the front desk girl is…drumroll please…it was that girl. I recognized her before she recognized me. As I said before, when I dress down I’m just like the girl next door. I’m thinking to myself, “Didn’t I have my boobs in your face last night?” as I’m chuckling away and shaking my head. “Grrreat!” lol I hope I get a deal!

Centerfolds Thunderbay, Ontario

What do I say about one word-WILD! It’s funny, I tell my agent on the phone that this place is wild and he says, “I think you’re the one who’s wild,” I just laughed and replied, “I think you’re right. I may have just met my match!”
I walk into the club on Monday evening to a full house, 70% women! And these ladies were enthusiastic! I only have one rule with women sitting in the front row, show me the tipping dollars or show me your boobs! lol Yep, the best of both worlds! But honestly, these ladies were completley respectful, enjoyed the shows and their enthusiam just fuelled my fire to dance my lil heart out even more. And in Ontario there’s audience participation so these ladies were jumping on stage to tip me and became a part of the show.

Next time I’m bringing my paints lol Janine was here…and there and there; my painted handprints will be on everyone. And it continued to be a full house all week long but with the ratio of men to women levelling out. All around, they win best audience award cuz their constant enthusiasm, rowdy cheers and eagerness to share my stage with me never wavered. That’s one thing I love about smaller towns, they let it all hang out!
So as you can see, each week and each club is so different. I just walk into a place without any judgements, there to do my job and perform my best whether there’s 6 people in the bar or 100 and embrace each environment for what it is. I value the customers who come in and engage in my performances. Yep, I’m probably one of the most business minded and professional dancers you’ll meet. Some DJs still look at me funny when I’m early for my showtime. LOL I went from hotel to motel, a gentlemen’s club where I was completely taken care of on every level to a smaller pub where I was taking care of myself and both were fantastic experiences.