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Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

This topic has come up a few times over the last 2 weeks with some friends outside of the industry, so thought I’d write my thoughts on the elephant in the room, so to speak. My friend says, “So, how much longer are you going to do this for? What’s the length a girl can dance for? You can’t do this forever.” I burst out laughing, “WHYYYY NOT?! I can be the vintage stripper on the stage doing walker tricks and popping wheelies in my wheelchair when I’m 102!! My energy, my sparkle and my titties will always be fabulous! 😀

Then I proceed with my more serious tone, “I am the wrong person to ask that question to. Here I STILL am and going strong. Just when I think I’m ready to wind things down, settle my roots…my career gains more momentum and reaches even greater heights that I didn’t know were capable, like getting a US work visa and a solid touring schedule for 3 years. Plus, I’m still having a blast! I love performing and creating my new shows. I am still so passionate, I’m not over it, yet. I have had a loooong, very fulfilling and fruitful career that I am grateful for. I have everything I want, I am firmly established, so I’m good to hang up the stilletos at any point.  This for me, is now the gravy train. When it’s time to move into fitness full time, I’m ready, but why would I when I am having so much consistent success and at a point where I am turning work away, not the other way around? Winning contests and titles, touring internationally, booked to headline events, high in demand, etc. This is my first week off in a year! And I am booked until the end of this year! I dance because I can and I love it, not because I need to.

And now that we are here, in this discussion, let’s open this can of worms right up! LOL Fuck the misogynist perception that a woman loses her sex appeal, sexuality and beauty once she hits 25 or 30. Screw that patriarchal and old way of thinking. From my experience, a woman’s sex appeal and sexuality only enhances with age…I know mine has!! Being tuned in, turned on and confident within yourself. Women should be celebrated in every phase of life and I am a leading example of that. Other OG features are following my lead and also killing it within the industry. One of my feature friends even came out of retirement! I am a feminine, athletic energy. I am waaay better now, in all areas, than I was when I was 20. 10-15 years ago, agents would put a dancer out to pasture once she moved beyond the 25-27 year old mark lol but back then girls would party a lot, do drugs and drink, not really take care of themselves. You can have longevity and sustainability if you take care of yourself from the inside-out. Even in some recent fitness competitions women who were masters (+35) were taking top placings in the open category against girls half their age! YES!!! Sex appeal is ageless and women of all shapes and sizes are sexy and beautiful. Good bye to the era that had women shamed for age, body type, ethnicity. This is a new era where women celebrate themselves and each other…..and men, too! Build each other up, not tear each other down. EmpowHer!!! As long as my audiences are coming out and enjoying my shows, I am not going anywhere until another venture sparks my soul.

I was working with these 2 dancers, who were upset because I was the feature and getting paid a much higher showprice than them. They would make age comments in the changeroom, to try and make me feel insecure, such a typical thing to do. At one point of the dancers came off stage and said, “Those guys weren’t tipping because they said I was old enough to be their mother. I don’t know how they’ll be with you.”

Well, I did lol I went on stage and they made it raaiiiinnn!!  She made $6 I made $430. After my show, I came into the changerrom and she was SO angry! She yelled, “I don’t get it! I’m younger than you!”

That’s when I said, “ ARE younger than me…but that’s it. Younger DOESN’T mean better. It only means, younger. It doesn’t mean: more talented, more beautiful, more sexy, more appealing, more fit….it ONLY means, younger. And if ‘Younger,’ is the only card you’ve got, you’ll be annihilated, because most of us OG features are playing with a full fucking deck. So, I suggest that instead of taking shots, you should be taking notes.”

And as fabulous karma would have it, that entertainer had to follow my shows all week LOL I’m the feature for a reason, people are coming in to see me and my shows. This was my audience. I will say, that I did work with these two entertainers again a few weeks later and they both apologized for their behavior. I personally, have never been hung up on age. It’s not something that I’ve ever been bothered by or worried about. I concern myself with being a great performer and maintaining total health and well being. 

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