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Wish List & Sponsorship

With competition season coming up along with the ED Gents Expo in Las Vegas, I am looking for wonderful sponsors to connect with! I have 3 over the top, amazing shows that I am creating and you can be a part of them!

I am also part of a documentary called, Naked Justice and we are looking for an investor! @nakedjusticedocumentary

email me or send through PayPal

Below are Wishlist gifts. I will also happily and appreciatively, accept funds towards your favorite props/gifts and can place the orders myself. I will promote your business on all of my social media

ED Expo: $2500 (CLUB VIXEN has sponsored $700 of the total balance. THANK YOU CLUB VIXEN of BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND)

Travel Expenses for Expo, EDI East Competition, Miss Nude Showgirl Competition

Props for my new shows!

11x17 Signed Poster $15.00 USD +shipping using PAYPAL or etransfer:

Funstuff:                                                Fave Perfume: Pink Sugar-found at most perfume vendors, London Drugs, Walmart.

Vanilla or Satsuma body butter from the Body Shop

Fave chocolates: Anything peanut butter and caramel with nuts. Purdy’s is my most favorite chocolate store

Inflatable Paddleboard


Gift Cards: Bombshell Clothing:

LuLuLemon: www,

FitLove Sportswear:


Honey Birdette:


Canada Legging Full Printing

I also support these causes and you can make a donation in my name:

Support your local S.P.C.A and Animal Shelters