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Wish List & Sponsorship

With competition season coming up along with the ED Gents Expo in Las Vegas 2020, I am looking for wonderful sponsors to connect with! Come with me as I take you on my competing journey, evolving my shows and skills even more! 

For sponsor packages, email me directly

email transfer or send through PayPal

Below are Wishlist gifts. I will also happily and appreciatively, accept funds towards your favorite props/gifts and can place the orders myself.

ED Expo: $2500 (CLUB VIXEN has sponsored $700 of the total balance. THANK YOU CLUB VIXEN of BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND)

Travel Expenses for Expo, EDI Competition, American Ultimate Entertainer Contest

Props for my new shows!

11x17 Signed Poster $15.00 USD +shipping using PAYPAL or etransfer:

Funstuff:                                                Fave Perfume: Pink Sugar-found at most perfume vendors, London Drugs, Walmart.

Vanilla or Satsuma body butter from the Body Shop

Fave chocolates: Anything peanut butter, caramel with nuts. Purdy’s is my most favorite chocolate store

Inflatable Paddleboard

Gift Cards for new clothes! Definitely could use some new threads 💓 I’ll even take a personalized photo in whatever you’ve gotten for me!

Bombshell Clothing:

LuLuLemon: www,

FitLove Sportswear:


Honey Birdette:            (size small) (size small)

Pole and circus training sessions:

I also support these causes and you can make a donation in my name:

Support your local S.P.C.A and Animal Shelters