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MNC Finals

SOOOO…you all have been eagerly awaiting my perception of the Miss Nude Canada contest and how I did. WELL…I didn’t place. But before some of you start a riot (some of my hard core loyal rowdies lol) let me just say that this was one of the most high caliber contests to date; this could easily be compared to a Miss Nude World competition. The competition was fierce, every girl brought her A game and there was no room for error, which unfortunately for me, was my downfall.

But honestly, for the first time, this was a contest where there was no contender going in, it was anybodies game. All of the girls were SO good and all had special skills from aerial acts to acrobatics to choreographed routines. And props galore..even a harpest on stage!! It made me proud to be Canadian and in a line up of such fantastic talent! It was like being in Vegas!

My theme was from Hell to Heaven. I had special effects, smoke and lighting. I was a devil that conquered heaven and captured two angels. I came on stage to the Undertaker theme song then went into Dragula by Rob Zombie, Fire by Scooter, Heaven’s On Fire by Kiss at which point my angels turn into sexy little devils grooving to the music, Firewoman by the Cult, then the transition begins….Unforgiven plays by Metallica and I perform my aerial hoop routine and I begin to ‘see the light’ and a white light shines through a white shimmering sheet, I slowly dance over to it, Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Guns N Roses begins to play, I go behind the white backdrop creating a silhouette, I am now asking forgiveness and becoming an angel.

I come out from behind the white sheet, there’s a cloud effect on stage, I’m now an angel and I sing live on top of some white stairs to, ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams. Start off wild at heart and finish with finding true love. That was the deeper meaning of my show 🙂

There are so many stories within my story…where do I begin! I’ll start with my demise. My show for the semi finals was going amazing! The audience was off the hook and I was nailing every element to my show and then it came time to sing…and my sound was DREADFUL! It was terrible. The levels were off, the base was so high you couldn’t even make out the melody of the music, I couldn’t hear myself sing at all-it was like I was in a dark room looking for a light switch trying to find the notes, and the feedback everywhere was brutal.

NOW, when I decided to sing I had my ducks in order. I hired the best sound tech in Calgary cuz I knew that this would be a new element to bring to an exotic dance contest. I knew that the club’s djs wouldn’t be experienced in sound for a live musician. But the owner was extremely peticular about who was touching his sound equipment and after many emails, management guaranteed me that their sound tech could do it easily and was experienced.

On the semi finals night the sound guy ‘couldn’t get my mic’s frequency on the right channel’ gave me the MCs speaking mic and was forced to go on stage to do my show. I wish I would’ve been more of a diva but can’t turn back time now. After my show I wanted to stick my head in the stand like an ostrich LOL Seriously..I can sing, I’ve sang for Jay Leno and performed in Vegas and Toronto, as well as many live shows…blah blah blah. I wasn’t sure about making it to the finals on Saturday BUT I did! WhooHoo! Now it was time to get things sorted for Saturday.

First thing in the morning I went down to the venue and spoke with management. I also emailed upper management and called my agents. I wanted to bring in my sound tech but they reassured me they’d get it right this time and send in their tech early to fix the problem. And he did. It was a bittersweet moment to see him pull out a sound board that they had all along and plugged my mic into it with no problem. I couldn’t believe it. It was disheartening BUT the show must go on and if anything, time to redeem myself.

AND…my sound was amazing! Vocals were clear and everything sounded beautiful and on perfect pitch. I was SO proud of my show on the eve of the finals. I had customers throwing up $100s, $50s and full rolls of looneys as I serenaded the audience! The doorman came up to me after my show and said, “All this money is for you! The owners said we could keep any looneys or $5s thrown on the stage but I can’t keep all this, you deserve it, that was truely fanastic!”I then was booked with dances for the rest of the night 😀 I felt amazing, I did the best I could, with what I had from where I was, and that is that. I even had another competitior tell me, “WOW, you are a real singer…not even like karoake but a real singer!” Ummm thanks?

You see, they add the scores from Friday and Saturday together so it really didn’t matter how good I did on Saturday if I scored low on Friday. But that’s OK! From what I hear the girl who one, Onyx, was absolutely incredible and had the judges on their feet-you can’t argue with that! This one just wasn’t in the cards for me…at all. I had a lot of issues going into this comp, like not being able to do pyro or fire (took the pyro course specifically for this contest just to be told I coudn’t use it the week before the contest) my lil angels kept flaking out, leaving me to scramble at the last minute to find girls to help me with my show, my special effects didn’t work for the first show and then the singing.

Even still, the singing may have been a little too off the wall for an exotic dance contest, too. What I do know is that this was an amazing experience, it was a well run contest-HUGE KUDOS to Ken and Independent for running such an excellent, fair, no drama contest and I did get a lot out of it in many other ways. Does it suck to walk off stage empty handed, yes but I gained so much on the heart level that it more than makes up for that…well almost lol 🙂 Deepened some friendships and created some new ones, I got to sing my heart like a rockstarr, I got to watch my vision unfold before my eyes, my lil sis came on stage with me and show her support in the biggest way (THAT’S another story) and ALL the people who came together to help me out and be a part of this. YAAAY! Lots to be thankful for xxoo

So my stories within this story are to come over the next couple days 🙂 And a video of my show!!!!

The Semi Finalists Announced for MNC…

So tonight was the big night, the first cut from 24 girls down to 12 for the semi finals for Miss Nude Canada. I just want to say that I had an amazing time performing in the contest and this year each girl has brought her A game. The competition’s been stiff but have to say, a positive vibe so far and everyone’s been helpful and fun….def not the norm for one of these contests. Surprising since 16 contest girls are staying in the dancer house lol Thought some craziness would surface but nope, everyone’s been pretty mello. Regardless, I have completely enjoyed my trip here in Calgary, the people and working at the BuDoir Rouge, which is the most beautiful club I’ve worked in.

SO…..they call each contestant up one by one till all 24 of us ladies are on stage, then they begin calling out the 12 semi finalists. As each person’s name is being called my heart skips a beat. Then the MC announces, “These are all of your semi finalists for Miss Nude Canada, give them a round of applause!” Yes, my name wasn’t called. A couple of girls, one being my friend, Dinah Might (who made it through btw-WhooHoo! Congratz babe) looked at me and pouted and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s alright. I’m ok.” Sure a lil disappointed but I was ok, I did my best.

THEN someone says, “You’re missing one girl…there’s only 11.” So the MC says, “Missing one girl, well then, everyone give me a drumroll please!” So all the customers start pounding on their tables and the girls on stage start banging their hands on their knees and he yells out, “The final contestant going through to the finals is…JANINE JEEEEERRRICHOO!”

YAAAAAAAY! I wanted to kick their asses for that one LMAO but YAAAAAAAY! Going throught to the semis, my showtime is 9:40pm and now I know exactly what I need to do to smooth out show and change a few things that didn’t work previously. OH YES…and my voice is back!!! Thanks everyone for sending me positive, healing and supportive vibes-they worked! 😀

Miss Nude Canada Preliminary Show

Dun dun dun daaaaa!! Well, just got done my preliminary show for Miss Nude Canada and for starters, need to express an ENORMOUS THANK U to two beauties who completely helped me out in the eleventh hour, my fabulous, amazing, true friends to the core, Dinah Might and Jen. My show is a hell to heaven theme, starting off with capturing two angels from heaven, corrupting them and have them turn in to lil devils. The two girls that originally were to play my angels to devils bailed! One to a good cause and the other just flaked out :/

So it was a huge favour to ask Dinah Might, who is my fab friend but also a competitor herself for this contest and my good, old high school friend, Jen, who has NEVER stepped foot on a stage in her life! Just a mom who works as a social worker in a small town just outside of Calgary. It was a tall order but both ladies stepped in at the last minute without hesitation and were absolutely AMAZING!! Not too many girls who are competitors would EVER help another girl out, that says SO much about someone, big kudos for Dinah Might for being my friend in that moment. Great karma to her and that yields a pretty big, ‘I owe you one’. Same to my girlie, Jen. SO thankful to have had that support.

Also an enormous thanks to my special effects/lighting and pyro tech, Rob Sheridan, for working his ass off for my show! He has gone above and beyond putting things together and moving mountains for my show. Rob is well known in the field having toured with Jane Jones, one of the biggest features ever to grace the stage doing all her lighting and special effects as well as many musicians, movies and television. Such a blessing to have 🙂

As for my show….in my perspective as an entertainer, not my best performance. Everything that could’ve gone wrong did beginning with waking up in the morning with no voice and I was supposed to sing my heart out as the finale to my show. I felt a tingle in my throat a few days ago and had been taking everything from Cold Fx to honey and lemon tea to liquid calcium to try and save my voice but to no avail. But I had a plan B just in case, a water show. My slip n slide is always a favorite, however the water was put on stage near the end of my last song! Then there was my aerial hoop being too low so I couldn’t use it, I actually hit it twice dancing, my smoke didn’t work at all, my costume for my angel sequence didn’t arrive from UPS in time cuz they made a mistake with shipping…blah blah blah blah BLAHHH! LMAO 😛 Yes, can laugh about it now.

Yep, just didn’t manifest as the vision I had ‘AND’ I still went on with my show, didn’t let it frustrate me……almost..but didn’t allow it take hold and danced my lil heart out and smiled from ear to ear, excited to just be a part of the event and performing for such an enthusiastic audience. I just stayed in character, felt my music, didn’t let all the follies get to me during the show and focused more on the audience and played with them.  Though it was not was my vision was, if I felt myself slipping into disappointment I’d just remind myself that I made the most of it and I had the most amazing support system around when I needed them. What a gift.

After my show I was all packed up heading to my car and there were a few guys having a smoke just outside the club. They all congratulated me on my show and said they loved it and that they thought it was awesome. They continued on with how they loved the theme idea and costumes, the music was the best and having my two lil angels on stage. They then tell me they were all judges and gave me top marks for my show and hoped to see me back friday.

AWWWW! That in itself made my night. It may have been a few guys out of all the judges but is was great to hear that. It also made me recognize that the audience does see things from a different angle. Even though things didn’t work out to me in my ‘entertainer’ perspective maybe it did work out to some of those enjoying the show and who didn’t know about the mishaps…primarily because I just moved on with the show kept having fun….and maybe, just maybe, being the best chest in the west had a lil something to do with it 😉 

Hmmm…well, we will see on Thursday peeps if I move on to the semi finals on Friday….do do do dooooooo! And if I do, I now know what needs to be changed and improved upon and please peeps, send me positive, loving and healing vibes so that my throat is healed and I can sing my heart out and entertain to my highest potential!!! Time to marry my singing with my shows 😀

Radio Interview On CJAY92 in Calgary

Myself and my fabulous good friend, Dinah Might will be doing a radio interview at 9AM Sharp on tomorrow August 9th at 9AM sharp!! Tune in peeps!! XD