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Back In Australia

I’ve had some issues with my website so haven’t been able to update my blogs but looks like everything’s been sorted so am back 🙂

Well, been touring my butt off this year and had some new bookings that I’d experienced that were truly amazing, such as X-Static in Red Deer, Alberta. There was a bit of drama with a girl who unfortunately had a drug problem, a serious problem…on hard stuff, which you really don’t see too much in the clubs I work. Not to say there aren’t girls ‘partying’ but honestly, if there’s a girl with a serious drug problem she won’t get booked. The other girls in the change-room actually had a bet with how long this girl would last through the week till she got fired…she made it till Friday! lol Only cuz she had to work enough in order to pay off a fine she owed the club for damaging her room at the dancer house. Crazy!

I’ve had the BEST time here in Oz, my best trip to date for sure. I have been completely showered with gifts,  home baking (yummy cupcakes courtesy of Rose and Nick!) appreciation and enthusiasm from my fave favorite Aussie audiences, I Feeeeeeel the love! I’ve had to work xxxtra hard after all those boxes of my fave chocolates!! lol It’s been such a pleasure performing here! Next time I’ll bring out my aerial hoop and silks. This time around with all the connecting flights through the States it would’ve cost me an additional $300.00 to bring my hoops on top of the $150.00 I’m already paying in extra luggage, so decided to leave it behind. BUT, seeing that so many of you would like to see the new elements I’ve been bringing to stage and expressed how much you want to see them, I’ll definitely bring it for next time. An appreciative and generous audience will always inspire me to bring out the big guns 😉 Plus, I love requests! When peeps really favour a theme or element and connect with it, it inspires me even more.`

Enjoying all the fun displays of devotion