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Sibbald…One building, 10 people and a Cow

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSo I had a week off and my agent asked me if I wanted to go to Sibbald….where?? I have never even heard of this place. He starts laughing and says it’s along the Saskatchewan and Alberta boarder and the population is about 10…and a cow LOL What the heck? He said that it’s out in farm country and there aren’t any venues where they have dancers for 3 hours each direction, so a tiny little pub brings in girls as a treat for the farmers in the surrounding community and it actually gets quite busy, worth the trip.

So being as adventurous as I am 😉 and always up for something new and another place to cultivate a loyal, appreciative following, I say YES! Bring on the cow!

Well, he wasn’t kidding, there was only one building and a few houses. When I met the owner and his girlfriend they were wonderful, made me feel at home right away as small town peeps do. They had a black lab cross who ended up being my buddy during my stay there. But sure enough, word spreads fast about me coming to town and people start rolling in. As I said before, I LOVE country boys!! It was Easter weekend so could’ve gone either way in terms of bringing in an audience but it was banging! I had an amazing 2 days 😀 And went through SO much promo it was like working a full week!

AND…I got a speeding ticket! Batting of the eyelashes didn’t work at all 😛 Lucky though, cuz I actually started to slow down right before I saw the cop so he got me going slower than I actually was. He was like, “I know what driving these roads are like..” In my head I was like, “BOARING…ya think?” But then he proceeded to tell me there were a lot of deer along that road and we wouldn’t want something to happen to me. Of course not, I’m the entertainment for the week! lol I told him he should stop by for a beer….lol