Canada's fanciest fanny!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Been a little delayed on the blogs, sorry for that peeps, but for the three months I was in Oz my material was more for a book oppose to a blog. Have to say that I had a good time there but it felt like my adventure was more for play/personal growth rather than work. I made some pretty amazing friendships and deepened a few that I had previously connected with. I was elated to get a standing ovation from the audience my last show. The dj told me that a feature performer hadn’t received a standing Ovation at the Crazy Horse in years-so that meant a lot to me. And was happy to see the turn out of the many fans I’ve made along the way. You all made my performances SO much more fun for me during the rough Aussie winter! Thank U!

After a much needed month off work I’m back n at it here in Central Canada. Did 18 shows within 2 days in Winnipeg (my agent told me he’s going to bronze my shoes and label them, ‘Janine’s Jammin Shoes.’ Ha ha ) and now here I am back in Brandon. From two flights, to drivers for all my shows in Winnipeg to the bus out here to Brandon I feel like a traveling gypsy! It was funny, the screening officer at the bus station was reading my shirt which says, “EVERYDAY is a holiday!” and then says, “Must be nice to be you-everyday is a holiday!” We both laugh then I respond, “Yep, it is. But really, it could be for anybody, even you, cuz it is all just a state of mind.” More to come in the blogging dept and will even share a few stories that are blasts from my past! Whoot whoot!

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