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Blonde Moment!!

Working at On the Roxx in Vernon and having a grrreat week here! Rockin audiences, enjoying the sun during the days, awesome staff! Really happy ūüôā Visited with my friend, Madison Cue, too! Funny conversation today between me and the other dancer I’m working with:

What did you do today?” “I went boating. And you?”

“Me too.” “Did you go wake boarding?”

“Nope. We were tied up to other boats.”

“Me too, we were tied up to other boats.”

“We were tied up to seven other boats! Crazy!”

“Us Too!

“We had girls hanging upside down and everything..”

“So did we!”

YOU ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING DON’T YOU…..The two blondes still didn’t have a clue LMAO

As I’m looking at her pictures I start laughing, “OMG, we were tied up with your boats! You were two boats down from us!” SERIOUSLY, I really shouldn’t be sharing our complete and total blonde moment but thought you’d enjoy a laugh at our expense…lol

Stories Within the Stories

Stories within the stories….here’s one for you: As you have read in my previous blog about the contest, I was having trouble with filling my angel spots for my show…the girls that had committed to being my angels kept flaking out so I was left scrambling at the last minute right before my shows looking for angels to come on stage with me. During my first show it was my friend, Dinah Might, and my old girlfriend from highschool who had never stepped foot on stage before, let alone a stage in an exotic dance club..yep, a total MILF lol so nervous but she rocked it like a pro ūüėÄ

Well, I called up from the troops my younger sister, a more conservative personality who¬†is a school bus driver, knowing she’d be a reliable person BUT would she and could she do it….she had never stepped foot on a stage before either AND I had a husband to convince to allow her to do it. To my surprise she not only was excited at the opportunity but her husband was thrilled with the idea (I guess I underestimated him lol hmm…sisters on stage together lol) he not only said yes but he said she could get naked if she wanted to! LOVED that support ūüėȬ†Didn’t realize my request was going to spice up their marriage so much, too! Awesome to see so many people benefiting from my show in one way or another ūüėČ

So my sis came down and she got to experience a day in the life of me AND the confessions of a change room. Girls shaking their naked asses in changeroom, a lil girl on girl talk, a conversation¬†about ‘squirting’, one girl who called herself psychic with the penis size of men…yep, my sis’s ears were no longer virgin ears- in my eyes. Really,¬†her ears probably lost their virginity a long time ago lol

She was texting her hubby saying, “Wow, there’s already talk of girl on girl. in here….” I’m sure in the back of his mind he was hoping she’d take pictures!

I have to say though, my change room did have the BEST energy and girls during the¬†contest all week. Everyone was so much fun, good vibes, GREAT talk, even some dirrty talk (I had my own mini girl crush te-he-he) and so helpful…unbelievable that these were contest girls. Ateasa Love was my other lil angel for Friday and Saturday and I was totally blessed to have her grace the stage with me, she was exxxcellent!

My lil sis rocked it, too!! Who knew she had it in her… must run in the fam ūüėČ It was funny, when she asked me what she was wearing I pulled out a red pvc bikini top and skimpy booty shorts. I was trying so hard not to giggle when I handed it to her and couldn’t look her in eye. She was like, “Seriously, I have to wear this?” I said, “Yep! And made a quick exit so I wouldn’t have to argue with her..if she put up a fuss BUT she didn’t. She put on the hot little number and was good to go. She has an incredible body and I knew she’d pull it off, ¬†so was firm on the scantily outfit. Plus her hubby will LOOOOOVE it!

After we wrapped up the show she was so cute, she told me she’d love to do it again!

MNC Finals

SOOOO…you all have been eagerly awaiting my perception of the Miss Nude Canada contest and how I did. WELL…I didn’t place. But before some of you start a riot (some of my hard core loyal rowdies lol) let me just say that this was one of the most high caliber contests to date; this could easily be compared to a Miss Nude World competition. The competition was fierce, every girl brought her A game and there was no room for error, which unfortunately for me, was my downfall.

But honestly, for the first time, this was a contest where there was no contender going in, it was anybodies game. All of the girls were SO good and all had special skills from aerial acts to acrobatics to choreographed routines. And props galore..even a harpest on stage!! It made me proud to be Canadian and in a line up of such fantastic talent! It was like being in Vegas!

My theme was from Hell to Heaven. I had special effects, smoke and lighting. I was a devil that conquered heaven and captured two angels. I came on stage to the Undertaker theme song then went into Dragula by Rob Zombie, Fire by Scooter, Heaven’s On Fire by Kiss at which point my angels turn into sexy little devils grooving to the music, Firewoman by the Cult, then the transition begins….Unforgiven plays by Metallica and I perform my aerial hoop routine and I begin to ‘see the light’ and a white light shines through a white shimmering sheet, I slowly dance over to it, Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Guns N Roses begins to play, I go behind the white backdrop creating a silhouette, I am now asking forgiveness and becoming an angel.

I come out from behind the white sheet, there’s a cloud¬†effect on stage,¬†I’m now an angel and I sing live on top of some white stairs to, ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams. Start off wild at heart and finish with finding true love. That was the deeper meaning of my show¬†ūüôā

There are so many stories within my story…where do I begin! I’ll start with my demise. My show for the semi finals was going amazing! The audience was off the hook and I was nailing every element to my show and then it came time to sing…and my sound was DREADFUL! It was terrible. The levels were off, the base was so high you couldn’t even make out the melody of the music, I couldn’t hear myself sing at all-it was like I was in a dark room looking for a light switch trying to find the notes, and the feedback everywhere was brutal.

NOW, when I decided to sing I had my ducks in order. I hired the best sound tech in Calgary cuz I knew that this would be a new element to bring to an exotic dance contest. I knew that the club’s djs wouldn’t be experienced in sound for a live musician. But the owner was extremely peticular about who was touching his sound equipment and after many emails, management guaranteed me that their sound tech could do it easily and was experienced.

On the semi finals night¬†the sound guy¬†‘couldn’t get my mic’s frequency on the right channel’ gave me the MCs speaking mic and was forced to go on stage to do my show. I wish I would’ve been more of a diva but can’t turn back time now. After my show I wanted to stick my head in the stand like an ostrich LOL Seriously..I can sing, I’ve sang for Jay Leno and performed in Vegas and Toronto, as well as many live shows…blah blah blah. I wasn’t sure about making it to the finals on Saturday BUT I did! WhooHoo! Now it was time to get things sorted for Saturday.

First thing in the morning I went down to the venue and spoke with management. I also emailed upper management and called my agents. I wanted to bring in my sound tech but they reassured me they’d get it right this time and send in their tech early to fix the problem. And he did. It was a bittersweet moment to see him pull out a sound board that they had all along and plugged my mic into it with no problem. I couldn’t believe it. It was disheartening BUT the show must go on and if anything, time to redeem myself.

AND…my sound was amazing! Vocals were clear and everything sounded beautiful and on perfect pitch. I was SO proud of my show on the eve of the finals. I had customers throwing up $100s, $50s and full rolls of looneys as I serenaded the audience! The doorman came up to¬†me after my show and said, “All this money is for you! The owners said we could keep any looneys or $5s thrown on the stage but I can’t keep all this, you deserve it, that was truely fanastic!”I then was booked with dances for the rest of the night ūüėÄ I felt amazing, I did the best I could, with what I had from where I was, and that is that. I even had another competitior tell me, “WOW, you are a real singer…not even like karoake but a real singer!” Ummm thanks?

You see, they add the scores from Friday and Saturday together so it really didn’t matter how good I did on Saturday if I scored low on Friday. But that’s OK! From what I hear the girl who one, Onyx, was absolutely incredible and had the judges on their feet-you can’t argue with that! This one just wasn’t in the cards for me…at all. I had a lot of issues going into this comp, like not being able to do pyro or fire (took the pyro course specifically for this contest just to be told I coudn’t use it the week before the contest) my lil angels kept flaking out, leaving me to scramble at the last minute to find girls to help me with my show, my special effects didn’t work for the first show and then the singing.

Even¬†still, the singing may have been a little too off the wall for an exotic dance contest, too. What I do know is that this was an amazing experience, it was a well run contest-HUGE KUDOS to Ken and Independent for running such an excellent, fair, no drama contest and I did get a lot out of it in many other ways. Does it suck to walk off stage empty handed, yes but I gained so much on the heart level that it more than makes up for that…well almost lol¬†ūüôā Deepened some friendships and created some new ones, I got to sing my heart like a rockstarr, I got to watch my vision unfold before my eyes, my lil sis came on stage with me and show her support in the biggest way (THAT’S another story)¬†and ALL the people who came together to help me out and be a part of this. YAAAY! Lots to be thankful for xxoo

So my stories within this story are to come over the next couple days ūüôā And a video of my show!!!!

The Semi Finalists Announced for MNC…

So tonight was the big night, the first cut from 24 girls down to 12 for the semi finals for Miss Nude Canada. I just want to say that I had an amazing time performing in the contest and this year each girl¬†has brought her A game. The competition’s been stiff but have to say, a positive vibe so far and everyone’s been helpful and fun….def not the norm for one of these contests. Surprising since 16 contest girls are staying in the dancer house lol Thought some craziness would surface but nope, everyone’s been pretty mello. Regardless, I have completely enjoyed my trip here in Calgary,¬†the people and working at the BuDoir Rouge, which is the most beautiful club I’ve worked in.

SO…..they call each contestant up one by one till all 24 of us ladies are on stage, then they begin calling out the 12 semi finalists. As each person’s name is being called my heart skips a beat. Then the MC announces, “These are all of your semi finalists for Miss Nude Canada, give them a round of applause!” Yes, my name wasn’t called. A couple of girls, one being my friend, Dinah Might (who made it through btw-WhooHoo! Congratz babe) looked at me and pouted and I shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s alright. I’m ok.” Sure a lil disappointed but I was ok, I did my best.

THEN someone says, “You’re missing one girl…there’s only 11.” So the MC says, “Missing one girl, well then, everyone give me a drumroll please!” So all the customers start pounding on their tables and the girls on stage start banging their hands on their knees and he yells out, “The final contestant going through to the finals is…JANINE JEEEEERRRICHOO!”

YAAAAAAAY! I wanted to kick their asses for that one LMAO¬†but YAAAAAAAY! Going throught to the semis, my showtime is 9:40pm and now I know exactly what I need to do to smooth out show and change a few things that didn’t work previously. OH YES…and my voice is back!!! Thanks everyone for sending me positive, healing and supportive vibes-they worked! ūüėÄ

Miss Nude Canada Preliminary Show

Dun dun dun daaaaa!! Well, just got done my preliminary show for Miss Nude Canada and for starters, need to express an ENORMOUS THANK U to two beauties who completely helped me out in the eleventh hour, my fabulous, amazing, true friends to the core, Dinah Might and Jen. My show is a hell to heaven theme, starting off with capturing two angels from heaven, corrupting them and have them turn in to lil devils. The two girls that originally were to play my angels to devils bailed! One to a good cause and the other just flaked out :/

So it was a huge favour to ask Dinah Might, who is my fab¬†friend but also a competitor herself for this contest and my good, old high school friend, Jen, who¬†has NEVER stepped foot on a stage in her life! Just a mom who works as a social¬†worker in a small town just outside of Calgary.¬†It was a tall order but both ladies stepped in at the last minute without hesitation and were absolutely¬†AMAZING!! Not too many girls who are competitors would EVER help another¬†girl out, that says SO much about someone, big kudos for Dinah Might for being my friend in that moment. Great karma to her and that yields a pretty big, ‘I owe you one’. Same to my girlie, Jen. SO thankful to have had that support.

Also an enormous thanks to my special effects/lighting and pyro tech, Rob Sheridan, for working his ass off for my show! He has gone above and beyond putting things together and moving mountains for my show. Rob¬†is well known in¬†the field having toured with Jane Jones, one of the biggest features ever to grace the stage¬†doing all her lighting and special¬†effects as well as many musicians, movies and television.¬†Such a¬†blessing to have ūüôā

As for my show….in my perspective as an entertainer, not my best performance. Everything that could’ve gone wrong did beginning with waking up in the morning with no voice and I was supposed to sing my heart out as the finale to my show. I felt¬†a tingle in my throat a few days ago and had been taking everything from Cold Fx to honey and lemon tea to liquid calcium to try¬†and save my voice but to no avail. But I had a plan B just in case,¬†a water show. My slip n slide is always a favorite, however the water was put on stage near the end of my last song! Then there was my¬†aerial hoop being too low so I couldn’t use it, I actually hit it twice dancing, my smoke didn’t work at all, my costume for my angel sequence didn’t arrive from UPS in time cuz they made a mistake with shipping…blah blah blah blah BLAHHH! LMAO ūüėõ Yes, can laugh about it now.

Yep, just didn’t manifest as the vision I had ‘AND’ I still went¬†on with my show, didn’t let it frustrate me……almost..but didn’t allow it take hold and¬†danced my lil heart out and smiled from ear to ear, excited to just be a part of the event and performing for such an enthusiastic audience. I¬†just stayed in character, felt my music, didn’t let all the follies get to me during the show and focused more on the audience and played with them.¬† Though it was not was my vision was, if I felt myself slipping into disappointment I’d just remind myself that I made the most of it and I had the most amazing support system around when I needed them. What a gift.

After my show I was all packed up heading to my car and there were a few guys having a smoke just outside the club. They all congratulated me on my show and said they loved it and that they thought it was awesome. They continued on with how they loved the theme idea and costumes, the music was the best and having my two lil angels on stage. They then tell me they were all judges and gave me top marks for my show and hoped to see me back friday.

AWWWW! That in itself made my night. It may have been a few guys out of all the judges but is was great to hear that. It also made me recognize that the audience does see things from a different angle. Even though things didn’t work out to me in my ‘entertainer’ perspective maybe it did work out to some of those enjoying the show and who didn’t know about the mishaps…primarily because I just moved on with the show kept having fun….and maybe, just maybe, being the best chest¬†in the west had a lil something to do with it ūüėȬ†

Hmmm…well, we will see on Thursday peeps if I move on to the semi finals on Friday….do do do dooooooo! And if I do, I now know what needs to be changed and improved upon and please peeps, send me positive, loving and healing vibes so that my throat is healed and I can sing my heart out and entertain to my highest potential!!! Time to marry my singing with my shows ūüėÄ

Radio Interview On CJAY92 in Calgary

Myself and my fabulous good friend, Dinah Might will be doing a radio interview at 9AM Sharp on tomorrow August 9th at 9AM sharp!! Tune in peeps!! XD

Back in K-Town at the Liquid Zoo! Three Prong Triple Barrel…..LOL

Back in Kelowna working one of my fave places, the Liquid Zoo. So far it’s been a busy start to the week, seeing lots of my fave familiar faces in the audience ūüôā And yes, it’s been rockin so far! Excellent enthusiastic and generous audiences and a great line up of girls. Myself and Natalia are going to practise doing a routine with silks and potentially bring it to stage for Saturday night as a X-TRA SPECIAL DUO performance; Cirque De Soleil striptease style! And seeing that we both have Russian in our backgrounds we’ll call ourselves, From Russia With Love LOL Shaken….not stirred…a whole lotta shaken! ūüėÄ But always fun to have someone to monkey around with and practise circus skills on stage.

The other dancer working this week, Miss Tygra Banks is an amazing pole dancer, flipping around that pole looking like a drops of water flowing so naturally and smooth she’s definitely inspired me to expand my skills even more. I LOVE it when I can get inpired by watching another entertainer. She’s gonna help me with polishing off a few moves and I will return the favour in another area that she could evolve in. Did I say GREAT line up….oh yes I did! Great when you can work with girls, exchange tools in evolving new skills, inspiring each other and feeding off of that cooperative energy wanting everyone to succeed rather than push each other down which happens far too much in this industry. Plus it makes for a week full of fun and a lil mischief in the change room ūüėČ

Funny moment: We opened the curtain and the window in the change room due to all the hairspray fumes lol and the window faces a back alley. It’s getting a little darker outside and there was a car in the back alley. It looked like no one was in it. The one girl who was naked stood in front of the window and said, “Oops, I have to bend over and pick this up.” and she bent over pretending to pick something up on the floor. “Then she giggled and said, “Is that a cop in there….haha could you imagine..” WELL, a moment later the car drove away!!!! There WAS somebody in the car! We all laughed our pants off…literally! So funny. And the phrase that pays for the night, “Even if you pinch it a little, it’s still loose.” (Talking about a hair weave LMAO)

Prepping for 2 Big Comps XD

Blogs are a little behind do to no internet connection for 6 weeks! Blah! Gonna have to wait till I’m in writing mode to jot down some stories and THAT I have from my last tour. I’m currently 2 days out to my next fitness competition, some of you have seen me start to lean out and eating chicken breasts I carry around with me lol but am feeling AMAZING! The carb depletion process was a breeze, easily maintained my energy and physique is definitely my best package yet! It’s been a joyful journey this time and have really in-joyed the process. It’s a different organization I’m competing with so it’s exciting.

Also prepping for Miss Nude Canada in a few weeks and THAT also has been SO much fun, designing and creating my shows! ūüėÄ Putting my best breasts forward! lol Doing contests is an opportunity to excel and expand your shows and create the ultimate performance. Had a blast working with all of the wonderful people I’ve been connected with and have had SO much fun all along the way and excited to see my vision unfold on stage. Even have my hot sister coming down to help me with the show…she may even get on stage¬†ūüėÄ And really excited cuz it’s in Calgary during the Calgary Stampede….save a horse ūüėČ Gonna break out my cowgirl hat for this one! I haven’t worked in Calgary so am looking forward to something fresh.

Have two new shows added to the collection… XD

It’s not the steps that matter but the path. And the path will take care of itself when you keep focused on your destination ūüôā


SO good to be home! I love my travels and experiencing different cultures and countries but there really is no place like home or my home audiences and tonight was such a pleasant reminder. I’m at the Red Lion in Victoria and had yet again another good week that just keeps getting better! When I have an audience like I did just now for my last show it’s SO exhilarating that I have to slowly wind myself back down so I can eventually go to sleep. There’s a moment during a show when I’m completely connected with the audience, I call it the sweet spot, and THAT is why I love what I do, for that moment. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world ūüôā

I had a nice treat today, a few customers had to leave before my show, so they each gave their friends who were staying tipping dollars to give to me. Also had half the front row full¬†of Americans who stayed through the hockey game to wait until I was back on again; they wanted to leave cuz they didn’t want to watch hockey…WTH I told them not to say that too loud. Didn’t you guys see what happened in Vancouver last year when we didn’t win the cup? Those are like fighting words in this neck of the woods. LOL But I completely appreciated that! Happy they enjoyed my performance. And of course, my fave ladies came out in full force tonight. The one DJ called me a chick magnet….ummmm, YEP! ūüėÄ Love all that feminine energy, sexiness and support.

I had the BEST time in Australia. I stayed in a couple of hostels along the way…that was interesting. I actually didn’t mind the whole ‘backpacker’ experience, it was actually a great way to meet people along the way and the girls I roomed with were all very nice. I did my best to conceal all the sparkles and sequence in my luggage in the effort to keep the fact that I am bit of a sensual starlet and a provocative one at that, to a minimum. I¬†love what I do but there are moments where I prefer to be more discreet with my profession. It usually sparks an endless conversation consisting of mostly questions and sometimes I rather not spend all my time talking about work; sometimes.¬†I do like to learn about other people, too ūüėõ It’s just a juicy topic and I appreciate people’s inquisitiveness.

In Australia I did the flying trapeze which was insane!! I conquered my fear of heights from a ledge, well, for that moment. lol I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. I even told the guy when I got up there I couldn’t do it but he kept talking me through it. I finally let go of the platform, placed both hands on the trapeze bar and away I went!. Even did a back-flip my first time! It was incredible! I then went up another 6 times and got to the point where I could ‘make the catch’ from another guy on a trapeze who’d catch me and then dismount with somersaults or back-flips. I knew it-I should’ve joined the circus! LOL This is only after I also started learning ariel hoop from my amazing instructor, Sylvia Louise aka AcroSilver, and after 3 classes was able to perform a 2 minute routine. Ariel hoop comes a lot easier to me than pole work. It’s crazy! And not just ‘looking pretty’ poses but some challenging moves and I just breezed through it.

I got to hang with my besties, Candi, Justine and both of their hubbies and it really made my trip worth while. Those Aussies are so hospitable, at one point a friend of a friend acted as a tour guide and totally took care of Candi and I while we were in Melbourne. Chivalry isn’t dead! He showed us the sights and was a true gentlemen. But then again, he’s was hanging out with two hotties ūüėČ I kept laughing, Candi has new boobs and kept playing with them, unintentionally,¬†and he would try SO hard not to look but come on…lol ‘A for effort!’ The guy at the trapeze school even asked us why we were in such good shape and what did we do. Hmm, what do you mean? Don’t you have a lot of ladies with big boobs and trim bods learn trapeze? Bahaha

As far as New Zealand goes, that’s a whole other blog with a potential litigation in suit, so no comments at this time but will definitely will keep you all updated on the unravelling of that situation….One thing that I thought was awesome was the customers that were coming in to see me would start singing, ‘O Canada’ every time I walked in the room. I thought that was hilarious. But as far as other issues, I’m not at liberty to discuss them at this time :/

On a positive note, I’m getting ready for a few big competitions! My On Season has begun and am 10 weeks out to my next comp! Dun dun dun daaaa! SO excited! ūüėÄ And there could be another reason to sing ‘O Canada’ ūüėČ


Calendar Girls in New Zealand!

Landed in Auckland, New Zealand a few days ago and freakin LOVE it! Just when I thought it couldn’t get better it just did! SO beautiful and the people here are amazing, very laid back and kind but you probably would be too, living in a place like this. Found a gym and have my Internet, now I can conquer the world one eyelash at a time..well ok,¬†maybe just the southern hemisphere for now.¬†lol I may just do the base jump off the Skytower….TBD

I am working with one of the nicest group of girls I’ve ever worked with and the club is beautiful. The stage is a little small for me and a bit¬†of a challenge maneuvering around how the set up is, I can’t quite¬†go all out on it BUT the poles are amazing and it glows a bright red which looks absolutely stunning. The lighting in the club is excellent, sets a cool vibe with the dark decor and glowing blue lights. Had a few hot dates with the poles this week already and have been able to excel a few combinations that I had been working on. WOW do great poles ever make a difference. However, almost made myself sick on the spinning pole…hanging upside down in a jaded split¬†and spinning too fast-who needs carnival rides! lol The stage really is my own amusement park ūüėČ But the stinging in my thighs is almost gone-THIS is when your body finally has adjusted to a new move….the Superman in this case.¬†The sting on the skin is numb and less bruises. It was cute, one of the newer girls here at the club had a huge bruise on her leg. I looked at her and said, “New pole move?” She laughs and says, “Yep, just don’t know which one’s giving me the bruise!”¬† It’s funny cuz customers must think we have rough sex or¬†get beaten or something. Yep, took a good beating from the pole last night! lol

Well it’s St. Paddy’s Day here which is said to be bigger than New Year’s, so am looking forward to tonight.

I do however feel a potential trip extension in the works…


the Liquid Zoo

I’m back in Kelowna at the Liquid Zoo, one of my newest fave places to be! LOVE the club, a true show-bar. An AMAZING staff all around from the doormen, the hot waitresses, excellent DJs (one of my most fave¬†and important¬†things in a club, as many of you know lol) right on through to bartenders and management. The decor is electric with a night club vibe and the stage is built like a cage, with 4 poles on each corner on the stage and cross bars at the top to monkey around on LOL Too much fun! Definitely keeps me busy during my shows and gives me an extra workout for the day with all those chin ups and playing on the poles!

The audiences are SO generous and enthusiastic-LOTS of sexy ladies coming out and showing their appreciation, giving all the guys a run for their money, though many of the men here are pretty top notch as well. I’ve signed so much boobage here I feel like Vince Neil at a Montley Crue concert! But I have something on all those rockstars, I get to sign 6 packs as well…the guys like to get in on the body signing action, too. Yep, I LOVE my job ūüėÄ

Was a crazy drive out here, though. The highway driving out here was a nightmare!! Heavy winter, mountain conditions :S People were in ditches, including the big trucks w chains on their tires, peeps were spinning out right in front of me! My heart was beating a million beats per it felt BUT I had faith in my Super Cooper with my super snow tires n plugged right on through and around the chaos. The guys in their big trucks would just watch me pass them in my Mini lol After I had make it to Kelowna safe and sound I heard they closed much of the highway off. Perfect timing for me. And I arrived to a beautiful, sunny day!

Well, first night went off without a hitch. A busy, rowdy night and a grrreat way to start off the week! Already went through¬†25 posters, not too bad for a Monday eve. Good line up of girls this week as well. Great costumes, good attitudes¬†and entertaining shows. Looking forward to getting all messy with finger-painting and a water show Saturday night, you know, the usual ūüėČ The wetter the better!!

Looney Tunes In Alberta!

I just wrapped up 2 weeks in Alberta and was pleasantly surprised with these two bookings. Now I’ve worked Alberta years ago when I was still a newbie but have heard that the industry had changed quite a bit for the negative¬†and I haven’t been back since then. BUT I actually enjoyed working here so much I’m looking forward to a full out¬†Alberta tour once I’m back from overseas. They play looney and tooney games here in Alberta which is something not done anywhere else. It’s actually quite hilarious…you play games with the guys where they try to win your promo by throwing dollar and two dollar coins on the stage. Now at first I was like, “WTH, people throw coins at you?” And not only do they throw coins at you but some of these girls make their private areas the target! WTH!! Umm ouch….Seriously. lol So different out here.

Well, after I has a show where I made $500.00 in tips, I LOVED these looney games! LOL However, I’m more of a carnival queen when I play and my target is a good ol beer jug, funnelled poster or knock a magnet off my hip. The last looney in the beer jug wins or 2-3 dollar coins in a row. It actually is a lot of fun and a great way to play and interact with the audience, not to mention those loonies and toonies sure add up; I could have 8 people sitting in the front row and still walk off stage with $100.00! Yep, embracing this different Albertan style completely ūüėÄ And I just love these hard working men, such an excellent audience and SO appreciative.

Red Deer was a bit of a gong show week. I really liked the Gents Club and am looking forward to gracing their stage again in the late spring but a drama filled week for one of the girls on the line up. Poor girl had such a rough week from rude customers, to a fist fight with two female customers and then a kerfuffle over misplaced food with the old Chinese couple who own the dancer house where we stay.

Yep , an all out fist fight with two female patrons. From hair pulling, scratches, a few punches followed by a stripper, stiletto platform shoe kick right in the C you Next Tuesday- it was eventful to say the least! Then something happened where her pizza that she had been saving in the fridge got thrown in the garbage and when trying to find out who did it, that created even more drama. There’a a dancer house where us girls¬†stay and it’s owned by an old Chinese couple. They don’t speak English too well so when she was upset and asking them what happened to her food they both started saying in broken English that they don’t eat pizza, they eat noodles, then proceeded to talk loudly back and forth in Mandarin to eachother. It was funny to listen to that episode play out. They probably thought that the dancer was just some crazy, messed up girl but honestly, I felt for¬†her cuz I¬†KNOW how much it sucks when you’re starving after work and all you want to do is eat and your food is freakin gone. That is the worst!! She’s so sweet, too, just had an off week.

I’m hoping to have a high quality camera soon so I can start v-logging and posting more pics within the next week and even post some footage of my shows. WhooHoo! Now it’s time for the ‘Wetcoast’ and getting closer to home…dun dun dun daaaaa! Haven’t worked at home in years, not since my music and fitness careers, so the thought of gracing a stage on the homefront with the notoriety I’ve attained from those industries,¬†makes me feel nervously excited! Kinda like in Madonna’s Truth Or Dare movie when she’s explaining how nervous she was to do her masturbation scene for Like a Virgin when she knew her family was coming to see the show. lol “Do do do do dooo..OK next!”

Nervous cuz it’s provacative and even a little defiant from what people knew of me but excited to entertain and bring to the stage my authentic self, performing with passion, owning my feminine power and sensuality¬†and enjoying every minute it!

Authenticity doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from who you are. And when you are being authentic, true to yourself and what feels right to¬†YOU, regardless of¬†what other peoples opinions and perceptions are, you bring that authenticity INTO whatever you do…whatever that is. Yes, I’ve said that before AND I’ll say it again and again…¬†

High Quality Showgirl/Feature School In the Works!

So, after much deliberating I’ve decided to develop¬† a program specifically for those dancers who want to evolve as entertainers, more towards grooming girls to be Feature performers but will also take on girls who may want to develop into a high quality showgirl if the Feature role isn’t exactly a right fit for her. In my travels around the globe I’ve noticed a serious lack of top quality performers and it’s NOT because these girls don’t have what it takes, they just don’t know what to do or the tools they need to not only put on a great show but to be bookable and bankable every week and at every booking. There just aren’t any mentors around anymore for the new girls coming into the industry.

Many dancers out there today think a show is all about showing and¬†shaking¬†your tits and ass….WRONG! Or that featuring means nicer costumes and a boob job…WRONG again! Well, maybe in a few places that’ll work but not as a high quality feature being booked around the world. That’s not enough. Even a great show doesn’t stand on it’s own anymore, girls need to go the extra mile and be friendly and personable to generate a loyal following in today’s industry. It’s all about the art of striptease and cultivating an audience¬†and really, if you put on a great show, the audience doesn’t even care what or how much nakedness you show. But as I said previously, cultivating an audience is one of the most important things. There are a few girls with great shows out there but have a terrible attitude with customers/audiences and people will not come back in to watch a girl like that no matter how great she performs or how much fire she blows out her ass. lol You want customers to rave about you, not complain about you. Your attitude on and off the stage is one main element that’ll make or break a girl and club managers take notice of how busy the bar is when you’re working and how the customers respond to you.¬†One question I’ll always ask a girl who wants to feature or who already is featuring but not getting many bookings is, “Who’s coming in to watch your shows? How many people are coming in to watch your shows? How many people out there right now are here to see YOU? How often do you get held over at a club? How many clubs are specifically requesting you?” There’s one insight for you. And bar WILL pay when there’s someone worth it. They WILL go over their ‘cap’, I know from my own experience. But you need to show your worth and I can help you develop that.

I will teach everything from attitude on and off the stage, how to connect to an audience, put on a show from music to costumes to personality to reading an audeince, how to work with the agents, DJs and bar managers, how to build your name and popularity, how to market yourself and be booked all around the world and a lot more…..everything included from the entertainment realm¬†to the business side of things because ultimately, if you handle the business side efficiently, that in itself will yield you great success but many girls don’t even know what that means.

It’s time to bring QUALITY back to the stage and bring back the average Joe customers who came into clubs for the high caliber entertainers and just to have a beer with his friends. When you take quality off the stage, you eliminate your average customers who aren’t coming into the club for private dances but who are coming in for a fun, relaxed¬†boys/girls night out. And they will come in and COME BACK in¬†for a great entertainer they connect with. Well ladies, THAT could be you! Make the most of this career while you’re in it, there is a lot of room at the top for girls hungry enough to work for it. There is work everywhere and every week for high quality entertainers.

I will be quite selective as to who I take on and therefore will have an application process. The ladies I train will need to fit the all the right criteria in order to be in this program. I’m still developing the program but am hoping to have it available to ladies for the Fall of 2012.

All Over the Map…And Even More Craziness Added To That!

From Quebec City to Hanover to T-Bay to Montreal and am now here settled in Winnipeg for at least a couple of weeks lol traveling wilbury is to say the least! And some adventures along the way, of course,¬†from freaking out on a Dj, (something I don’t do often, I always try to avoid conflict, keep a somewhat pleasant and easygoing work environment for the week¬†and work things out if an issue does arise BUT sometimes people don’t respond to the high road of communication and resolution, they need the feisty freak out to get the point!) to¬†learning what a ‘plus’ club was,¬†to a triple shooting, to getting thrown out of my motel, to almost being stuck in Montreal then a lil miracle happened, to landing in Winnipeg where I was on stage performing a show no less than 20 minutes after¬†arriving ¬†and then¬†11 shows¬†the following day, just to turn things up a notch. Pheeew! As I’m dabbing a little sweat dripping from my forehead lol I do see a vacation in my very near future…

Yep, got into a scuffle with a dj, for a brief moment the bitch switch was turned on high but then we worked things and all went well for the rest of the week. All over effin smoke. I don’t like their smoke machine, I feel sick directly after my shows that have had it. He kept blowing smoke on my shows, every one, even with me telling him before I’d walk on stage. It’s one thing to be kind and want to create an enjoyable work vibe for the week but at the same time you do need to stand up for yourself when someone’s crossing your¬†boundaries and just being blatantly disrespectful. He then would say, “It’s water based, it’s not even smoke, it’s a mist,” “How about I DON’T care if it’s coming out your butt, I don’t want it!” Why do I need to explain myself? Seriously….WELL, then I spoke with the owner after a show where he once again put the smoke on and the dj happened to walk up behind the owner and I just freaked out.

When he apologized later to me, which was a nice gesture, ¬†he said he’s never seen me get angry like that before….yes, and we both don’t want me to angry like that again or there’ll be some knuckle sandwiches given out! Dukes up, baby! JOKING Honestly, I don’t like wasting my energy on getting angry or creating an uncomfortable work atmosphere. I let things go and brush the small things off but I will¬†remember when it comes time to tip the dj at the end of the week.

Next drama..and These Are the Plays Of¬† My Life…or better yet, As My Stomach Turns.. ha ha ha¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I was SO excited to go back to Montreal for the grand opening week of Studio 300 and¬†THEN there was a triple shooting! No, I wasn’t there, and no, it wasn’t some sort of scuzzy biker bar lol It actually was¬† quite beautiful, very modern and classy and the staff was amazing. It really was too bad that happened there. Though I have to admit,¬†it is the worst stage I’ve ever danced on-stainless steel and aluminum everything! Brutal! It was I was in Ice Capades!¬†But the show must go on.¬†Suck it up and make the best of what I’ve got. They wanted more of audience participation show (basically go out into the audience, interact with them, bring them on stage¬†and whip them LOL)¬†and I don’t mind having fun with the audience but I LOVE putting on my show, too, so it was a double edged sword that way.

It felt weird being in a full out¬†Viva¬†Las Vegas showgirl costume and going off stage to interact with the audience. Being flexible and adapting to new places goes¬†with this type of career if you want to take it to a global level where you’re performing around the world. Different things work for different cultures and audiences. I’ll¬†embrace a new environment and try to incorporate their style of doing things, if I like it and feel comfortable I’ll continue,¬†if not, I’ll move on. It’s that simple. I need to be the right fit for a place and they need to be the right fit for me.¬†As much fun as interacting with the customers is and I do enjoy making it a part of my show, I didn’t like it being the entire show. I am a showgirl at heart and do need the balance of performing. It was a little too much interaction¬†for me and not enough show but then again, that stage was a bit of a nightmare to perform on so what to do when you’ve got lemons……make lemonade! ūüėČ More like paintonade-did paint and water shows to my heart’s content.

The shootings of course were all over the news and many stations reported that it was gang related, locals that lived by the bar were in upset and wanted the bar gone, it was chaos. In most cases the bar would be closed down but they had a hope that maybe they’d recover and the police couldn’t revoke their liquor license¬†so the club went ahead and continued with the grand opening week. There was a heavy police presence to make people feel safe (yeah right, it didn’t help, if anything it kept people away! Not that anyone would want to come to a club that just erupted in gunfire anyway.)

“But this is normal for Montreal,” is what I was told-well, no thanks then. I didn’t end up finishing my week there, of all places I ended up in Winnipeg, which was such a blessing in disguise and a nice Christmas present to receive.¬†And to add to the chaos I¬†ended up being asked to leave my motel in Montreal cuz pets weren’t allowed and I had my lil pooch with me. At that point I knew I just needed to get the heck out of there; too many red lights. So I made a couple of phone calls and Winnipeg was eager to have me come finish off my week there. After dealing with the chaos it was a pleasure to come back to my familiar, enthusiastic audiences and have received more boxes of chocolates than I know what to do with! (a few¬†pounds later…lol But loving every decadent bite :D) My family is quite small and spread out from one side of Canada to the next, so I just work through the holidays and it was going to be quiet. It was¬†SO nice to be in a place where I have so many familiar faces in my audiences, the holiday spirit energized the city and peoples warmness and generosity was abundant, it made me feel at home ūüôā

That’s one thing I always teach peeps: Be attached¬†to your¬†ideal outcome but not¬†to the process of gettin there cuz many times what appears as obstacles or blocks could be blessings guiding¬†you towards what u really want in a better way. Be open¬†to surprises or changes that detour ur road from A-B. On¬†your detour u may see many other vistas and could even change¬†your destination¬†to something greater that¬†you would’ve missed…happy I ended up here, afterall. Dealing with the drama¬†wasn’t what I wanted, what I wanted was to have a funfilled, prosperous week surrounded by joyful people to get me through the holidays, maybe even move out of my Grinchness a little…well, that’s the outcome I¬†ended up receiving¬†ūüôā Wasn’t my ideal path to get me there but I guess it needed to be a big chaos to move me the heck out of Montreal pronto to where I was supposed to be and being in Winnipeg at this time was for my highest good and THAT’S what counts in the end.

ps A ‘plus’ club in Quebec is where anything goes…as in, you can get whatever you want in the private dance room. My agent told me I was to only do my 2 feature shows per night and to not be on the floor selling posters. Now, I don’t judge, I just go into a place where I am contracted to do my shows, perform and leave. It’s none of my business what goes on behind those doors cuz I’m not the one behind them. It does come to a bit of a surprise though, when you’re not used to seeing that or hearing about it.¬† Geeze, in Manitoba a private show is on a side stage and the customer has to be 3 feet away! And a ‘private dance’ in Quebec is $20.00 and $40.00 in Manitoba! SO different everywhere! But each place has their system and I have mine….on the big stage!¬†Well, nighty nite peeps and I will get caught up on my blogs and even have some photos to post ūüėÄ

Here At Danny’s in Hanover, Ontario (Where Everybody Knows Ur do do)

Well, here at Danny’s in Hanover, Ontario! Thought I’d just drop a quick hello and post a pic with one of the lovely ladies I’m working with this week, Karina-a true lil hottie!! One of my fave things about this place is the people. The staff are amazing and make this an easy and¬†fun working environment. When my agent first asked me to go to Hanover I was like, “Where? Is that in Canada?” lol As it turns out, this small town is the biggest town in it’s area, so¬†Danny’s became the hub for all the neighboring counties with it’s great staff, comfortable atmosphere and consistent sexy ladies. It really does feel like,¬†‘Cheers’. Whenever someone walks through the door¬† I just think of the scene where Norm walks in and everybody says,¬†‘Norm.’ lol¬†

It’s been a nice start to the week, a lil quiet due 2 pre-holiday errands but have been SO happy to see many of my familiar faces already and am exxxcited to see a great crowd out for the rest of the week-and from all the enthusiasm I’ve been receiving in Facebook messages and posts,¬†it should be rockin¬†ūüôā

I’ve just started choreographing my dominatrix/batgirl show using red duct tape! Nothing like getting a lil sticky! But it looks and feels so sexy and I love that it’s quite a unique element to add. Will try to have some video footage in 2 weeks when I’m gracing the stage in Montreal for the grand opening of Studio 300. Just can’t¬†keep me away now that I’ve had a taste for the French! And from what I hear, now that they’ve had a taste¬†of me, they say I taste pretty good too, so the feelings are mutual¬†ūüėȬ† Te-hehe

It’s a HUGE week with Playboy T.V. being there amongst other industry professionls¬†and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.

New Poll Brewing! I Have a Week Open Coming Up-Where Should I Go??!

After receiving many requests lately to come back to certain cities/clubs I’ve decided to have fun with it and see who wants me to appear the most in their city out here in Central/East Canada. So far, Brandon, Manitoba and Thunderbay, Ontario are neck in neck with votes, totally duking it out! Then Winnipeg (Adelaide, Edmonton and Victoria had many votes as well but not in the same area as my current tour. But thx! Good to know where peeps want to see me)¬†You can vote on my Facebook profile, Janine Jericho, leave a comment or send me an email.

This a perfect way to pursuade me to come play on your stage, and of course, it’ll be ALL my pleasure!



Bonjour les amis mon! On the Quebec Tour!

Well, have my rental car and have been booting around this wonderful French land n practising moi qui parle fran√ßais! Oui, Oui!! I haven’t spoken the language in years but am picking it up again quite quickly and can read and understand it better when other people speak it rather¬†than me speaking it. I think that’s cuz I’m still feeling a little shy to speak it. But practise makes perfect and the people out here are taking the time and helping me along.¬† They appreciate the effort ūüôā

Being from the West Coast and traveling to China a few times I made it more of a priority to speak Cantonese, which isn’t even spoken very much anymore, the more common language for Chinese is Mandarin. But I am now inspired to brush up on both French and Spanish. I LOVE languages and learning new tongues ūüėČ

I’ve got two words…poutine and smoked meat sandwhiches!! SO GOOD! They even have poutine at Tim Hortons! Ha ha, I think that’s awesome.

It’s like being in a different country over here and I’m just taking it all in. I’m currently working at Sexy Hollywood, a smaller club that offers a more intimate vibe and am getting a feel for these French audiences. Had a fun ‘paint date’ last night! And the crowd Thursday eve¬†gave a warm welcome¬†ūüôā ¬†

The absolute, most sure-fire way of physically moving in the direction of your dreams, on a day-to-day basis, without messing with the “cursed hows,” is living them, now, to any degree that you can.

And you can ~Mike Dooley~

Blasts From the Past-Oldies But Goodies!

Thought I’d share a few stories from past adventures on the road and all I’ll have to say is you better hang on to your hats for these ones! As I mentioned previously I had a well known duo and we were called the Natural Blonde Thrillers. We had achieved extraordinary heights during our career together winning every duo title there was to win and becoming one of the biggest¬†duo acts in the industry. We performed fully choreographed routines with skits, pyro and props. We were sensual dancers with a comedic edge to our shows. We also worked our butts off to achieve everything that we gained and nothing was handed to us. We were two rookie dancers when we met that most people never took too seriously. But we wouls spens night after night practising flips and¬†dance moves and putting together shows from start to finish as if it were like a¬†musical play. Boy, her different boyfriends that helped us out along the way through this journey¬† must’ve freakin loved it LOL When I reflect back to a specific night where we’d practise moves and ask him his opinion he must have been in heaven! LMAO Of course, we were just so¬†innocent and truely focused on getting the routine right that we didn’t even¬†notice that fact.¬†¬†

Well when¬† we were on our Canadian cross country tour we happened to miss a flight leaving Winnipeg. As it turned out there wasn’t another flight till 5am the next morning so we were freaking out on what we were going to do. We were being very stingy lol and didn’t want to pay for a hotel room so asked the ladies working at the airline if we could just sleep in the airport. Nope, at the time the airport closed at midnight and locked it’s doors. So we pulled out the damsels in distress, a few tears and one of girls working at the airline offered to take us in for the night. It was convenient because she would be checking passengers in on our morning flight so we could all drive in together.YAY! Didn’t have to get a hotel! So we thought…

When we arrived at her apartment it was a really cute little place. Her husband was home from his job and we all had a bite to eat and engaged in some small talk. They seemed like your average, ordinary, even a little ‘square’ kind of couple. We felt pretty comfortable….till bedtime. They set up beds for us in the living room and just down the hall was their room and then the bathroom right next to it. Well, Jenna and I started to hear some sounds coming from their bedroom and it was pretty obvious that this couple was gettin down! And they had a porn flick playing with the the volume cranked! lol The crazy part was that they left their bedroom door wide open and were talking loud enough so we’d here and they were wanting us to join the action. WE WERE HORRIFIED!

All we could do was pretend we were sleeping but we couldn’t stop laughing! Seriously?? Is this really happening?? Next time let’s not be cheap. And the worst part was neither one of us wanted to go to the bathroom cuz we’d have to walk right by their door! So we held it all night. Everyone acted like nothing happened in the morning and that was that.

Isn’t THAT ironic…the two people who seemed to be ‘square’ and ‘normal’ ended up being the wild ones and here you have the Ultimate Duo Champions being the ‘squares’. And that airline isn’t know for having friendly service…well, guess we saw the extra friendly side!


I was in Kamloops last week at the Duchess and what an amazing little club! Was pleasantly surprised! It’s a beautiful showbar (it under went renovations last year. From what I hear it’s a HUGE improvement from what the club was before-ex: the stage was like 2 tables pushed together LOL) and not what I was expecting for a smaller city tucked away in the B.C interior. I usually expect something a little rougher around the edges but have found that these smaller venues can be the most fruitful, laid back and fun bookings, so will always try them out when they¬†pay well. Honestly, I LOVE small town mentality, probably cuz I’m a small town girl myself and really, it is like a paid vacation for the week.

And of course, throughout the week I had many people asking me what the heck I was doing there…shouldn’t I be in Vegas or something?! lol They don’t get showgirls like me come through there very often. Which was fantastic, it’s a great feeling to have my efforts appreciated and validated. Love adding a spark to the stage! And got to enjoy working with one of the BEST DJs ever, Mr. Deryck Crawford! Yep, a shout out to Deryck who did everything a GREAT dj does. Another hidden gem out there in the BC interior ūüôā

Not too much drama this week lol A table of people got throw out cuz of guy who almost grabbed me…almost. I saw his hand coming and batted it out of way. I was pretty damn close to giving him a knuckle sandwich but remembered to stay professional and got the bouncers. 5 years ago I would’ve just knocked him out! But having someone else deal with it IS the higher road. His table got thrown out, which I hate to have happen. His friends were actually a lot fun. It’s too bad, I just want to¬† havefun and keep the party going. Blah! Well, it’s very rare that ever happens so just got deal with it.

One of the girls kept having freak outs in her room. Don’t know what her issue was but clearly she had a few! Each week there’s always one. lol But all in all, a really good week and am looking forward to going back to the Dutchess again.

2 weeks out to my fitness competition, leaner than I’ve ever been and am so happy with how my physique is looking-my best package yet! However, due to not having vitamins in my diet right now and the food I’m eating consists of chicken, white fish, green beans and rice cakes, my body’s bruising quite easily and it looks like I’ve been beaten! lol Nope, no fights, just my hot dates with the pole! Damn pole work! But feeling pretty amazing and full of energy despite the carb depleting process. Usually at this stage of the game it’s tough to get through the day let alone a workout AND shows but am feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I;m an all natural athlete and believe that your mind is the BEST enhancer you can use, so I just stay focused and allow my passion to fuel my energy.

But not gonna lie, cravings are surfacing and I’m obsessed with watching the food network right now! lol I LOVE the Cake Boss and Iron Chef! And talking dirty to me right now would be, “Ice cream, chocoloate, cookies, pizza,” and for the Big ‘O’…cherry cheesecake! hahaha¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


Creative Juices Are Flowing n Growing!

Really excited these days! I’m currently writing a screenplay for my blogs. I have some interest from the film industry¬†on bringing my adventures to t.v. *fingers crossed* Also on the agenda is: writing songs to record, I have a meeting with a director for a potential role in a movie, I got a new puppy to train AND I’m 6 weeks out to my next fitness competition biotches! Yep, lots on my plate but with my healthy appetitete I’ll take a second helping! Bring it on! Whoot whoot! Dream big and always shoot for the moon cuz even if you miss you’ll and among the stars. My mom always used to tell me that ūüôā¬†Another fave quote: The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss, but that it is too low and we reach it.‚ÄĚ – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo :0)

Not to mention I’m back here in Winnipeg where I’m sure one day Rick, my agent, will bronze my jamming shoes. lol This is where in between my feature shows I have jam shows all over the city. I usually will perform 12-24 shows in a week but here in Winnipeg that goes up to 40+! And that’s on top of my 2 hour a day gym sessions training for my comp. When I’m prepping for a fitness competition my training is quite intense along with the diet but I LOVE every minute of it and truly ‘In-joy’ the whole process.

And nope, no takin an easy here due to my crazy work schedule, it’s play hard or don’t play at all! When I compete I go for gold so my focus each workout and each day with my meals is set on that win and walking off stage with a 1st place trophy! As I said, I enjoy the process, I’ve always been an athlete and this is another platform where I can really reach above and beyond my previous limits and continue to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually, however, at the end of the day it’s also great to walk off stage with a 1st place trophy in hand! I will own that. Peeps say they competefor the experience or just for fun, when I compete, I compete for number 1! And no matter how well I do, I know that I am already a champion cuz being a champion is in the attitude you carry.

I have been truly blessed on this road trip, my driver is a former bodybuilding champ and at 57 is going for it again next year! And I think he’ll win! So he totally understands the process I’m going through and¬†is even helping me eat extra clean by cooking me the most amazing chicken along with taking care of my lil pup so I can train in the afternoons. A trainer away from my trainer lol A HUGE thank you goes out to Valentine Payne for totally giving me all the support, motivation and extra dose of inspiration¬†I need on this competing ¬†journey right now. Definitely an angel looking out for me. And he’s a personal trainer as well so if anyone’s looking for a great trainer add him on Facebook and get in touch for further details.



Here I go of week #2 in Winnipeg and so far it’s been great! I was at Teasers and 3D last week and at the Marion and Solid Gold this week. Having a blast at both places so far! It was excellent having a room full of peeps from T-Bay last night. Of course the rowdies were from there, I should’ve known! Coming into Winnipeg to catch a Jets game and Janine Jericho-LOVE IT!


And just to be clear, the movie opp is NOT an adult film or in that industry whatsoever. I’m a showgirl, not a porn star and wouldn’t ever take that road. Not that I have anything against it, I believe every one’s got their own journey to take and wouldn’t ever judge, it’s just not my cup of tea. I hate to burst any naughty promiscuous fantasies but honestly, for me, sex isn’t just sex, it’s so much more than that and I prefer to keep what goes on in the bedroom, or in the kitchen, or on the airplane, in a public washroom, on a bus¬†or in a truck…te-he-he, for someone special and who I care deeply for. THAT’S what really gets me off; true passion and intimacy so you really can unleash all your inhibitions with someone you trust and care about bringing it to a higher level of pleasure…in private and not for film or movies, unless maybe a home made movie! lol And I wouldn’t want to ‘act’ in those films anyway, just¬† give me the real deal thanks!

TORTOLA Chapter 2-Introducing Kelly, Chuck n the Party Girl Yacht!

So here I¬†was in the British Virgin Islands, soaking up everything it had to offer from the beautiful sun, to eating fish right out of the ocean to the wonderful island people and their culture and loving every minute of it. Now I understand the meaning of, “Ire mon, ire.” lol Work was alright, not exactly my cup of tea but I made it work for me. Then one night I was intrigued when I caught a glance of another hot blond in the bar…not only blond but platinum, with a fitness physique. Feeling slightly territorial (I grew accustomed to the notoriety of being the only blond, white woman on the island lol Tortola isn’t known for having a lot of tourists as some of the other Virgin¬†Islands) I wanted to see who this mystery lady was and why was she on Tortola?! Not to mention I thought it was crazy that I felt like I was looking at my own reflection! Hmm….was their a connection? Time to investigate!

Once I made my way over to her table to introduce myself I notice that she had slipped away for a moment leaving a male companion just sitting by himself. I introduce myself and we start to chat while waiting for her to come back. Then Kelly comes over to table, introduces herself and makes room for a big bottle of champagne heading towards the table. As we all engage in conversation we all just connected instantly. Kelly and I did have so many parallels in our lives and it started to feel like we knew each other forever. And her partner, Chuck, was also such a down to earth, charismatic man and we all enjoyed just hanging out for the evening sharing stories and sipping some bubbly.

Kelly prefers hanging out in strip clubs cuz of the laid back atmosphere; she used to be a dancer herself and enjoyed the environment so that’s why they ended up at this club oppose to somewhere else. Kelly and Chuck were quick to make friends with the club owners and a few other people and we all decided to meet the next afternoon for a few drinks at a local sports bar. They would be in Tortola for the week and it’d be nice to hang out with people that you get along with so well. After a few days of getting together, Kelly invited me along with a few other staff members from the club to go boating the following afternoon. “Sure! I’d love to!” The next afternoon we all go to the dock to meet Kelly and Chuck and were a little surprised that they weren’t there. In their place were two men in a speedboat who told us to hop on, they were bringing us to where Kelly and Chuck were. I thought that was a little strange for a day of ‘boating’ but just went with it.

Well as we’re ripping through the Caribbean Ocean we start to slow down. We began to come closer and closer to a yacht…a 146 ft yacht…with a crew of 9 people and the name, ‘Party Girl” written across the side. I was thinking to myself, “NO WAY. WTF, seriously?” and then started laughing to myself. Sure enough THIS was our stop! As the two crew men help me on to the yacht there’s Kelly ready to greet us in her see through purple¬†shirt with pasties on underneath and the tiniest g-string I’ve ever seen. As soon as I see her I burst out laughing and say, “Nice ‘boating’ Kell. I like your ‘boating’. I’m thinking Sea Doo, maybe a little speed boat, that to me is boating LOL Anyways, I like your boat.” ūüėõ

She smiles at me and directs me into the living room to get a drink while waiting for everyone else to get on board. I later learn that Chuck was an extremely successful owner of a well known franchise. It was a pleasant surprise. Honestly, it was nice and refreshing to meet someone of his success and stature  and how incredibly humble, kindhearted and fun he was. Let the partee` begin!!

For the rest of the night we all had such an amazing time, diving off the yacht, hottub, tubing, jello shots, pole dancing, eating, eating and more eating. I did run into a bit of an issue with a guy who had really taken a liking to me. He started following me around and almost was at the point of being a little aggressive and was agitated¬†that I didn’t share the same feelings he had. As the party was winding down on some of the ship and winding up on the other ;), Kelly and Chuck snook me into a more private area where I’d be away from that guy and where we could just relax from all the people who were starting get unmanageable, a lil wild¬†and wasted. WaaaWaaa! lol

We ended up laughing the night away and deepening the friendship we were already building. When the morning came Kelly and Chuck invited me to stay onboard and sail with them to St. Maarten where they were meeting 5 of their friends from Florida to spend the weekend there. Something in me just said YES! Usually I’m quite guarded and would never sail with strangers lol¬†But I did feel a good vibe and there were going to be 14 other people onboard as well, so I felt pretty safe. And of course I called home to let my family know where and who I was with. And that was it for my work stay in Tortola. My contract was coming to an end anyway so the timing couldn’t have been better. I briefly got off the yacht, went straight to my room, packed my things and was off on yet another magical adventure! Chapter 3 COMING SOON!¬†


YAAAY! Champagne Glass Tub-bubbles anyone?

I’m SO excited right now, I just found a champagne glass tub to use in my burlesque shows! And with that new addition comes my decision to¬† go to cirus shcool and learn some new tricks! Though my shows are already high caliber and high energy, I believe that as an entertainer there’s always room to grow and evolve and once you hit a certain level with your shows, why not reach for more!¬†¬†Challenge yourself to reach your highest potential, with anything you do, really. Whoot whoot! I look forward to clowning around over the next little while on silks and contortion classes ūüėÄ

Catfight-And the claws came out tonight!

Here we are on Friday eve and I swear it’s a full moon out; craziness is everywhere! It’s been another busy week full of amazing, rowdy audiences…maybe a lil too rowdy! lol A girl jumped on stage with another dancer, and instead of just being playful as most girls are when they wanna jump on stage and tip the dancer, she started parading around attempting to upstage the dancer and take over her show. OK ladies….this is not something you EVER do. Be an attention whore somewhere else, some other time. I was sitting with another dancer and as we were watching, we both were commenting on how that wasn’t right and the girl needed to get off the stage before it got ugly, but ugly came.

The dancer who was on stage at the time, Gia, had asked the girl nicely to leave the stage a few times, then the girl lightly pushed Gia’s arm and that was it…GAME ON! All of a sudden there were heads being smashed on the stage floor, punches in every direction, rolling around wrestling….but there was no tapping out here! lol Finally the bouncer grabbed the half naked, dishevelled girl, put her over his shoulder and took her out of the club. Of course the audience was on their feet and cheering for Gia for standing her ground.

Seriously, you really don’t wanna piss off a dancer. Dancers usually come from some sort of background that has thickened their skin, we work every single week with other girls who are catty and can be bitches so are used to standing our ground not not¬†taking crap¬†and many dancers do have pent up anger and frustrations that they are just waiting to unleash. Don’t go there, it won’t be pretty. We work in a very cut throat industry at times and many girls are always ready for battle. Keep it fun, keep it playful and most importantly, KEEP IT RESPECTFUL. This isn’t always an easy job for some girls and as women we should be supporting eachother, not out to get eachother. Really, Fingerpainting is SO much more fun!


Halfway In Thunderbay!

Back here in T-Bay and it was so funny, while on the bus coming up here from Winnipeg a group of air cadets who were also on the bus recognized me; it made for an interesting trip to say the least! lol I actually used to be an air cadet, even flew a glider! Of course I get the usual 20 questions with the #1 question being, “Why do you dance? You seem like you can do anything?” My speech as a response back, “Because I love it! And you’re right, I can do anything and have. This is what I really enjoy doing for now. I’m a sensual and erotic woman and enjoy being sexy and exhuberate that through the art of striptease. I’m a passionate performer and embrace my femininity to the fullest. For way too long women have put they’re own sensuality and sexiness on the back-burner, working in a very masculine society and I’m here as a reflection to that feminine power that has been forgotten, both by men and women. I love traveling around the world, meeting so many different people with extraordinary stories and experiencing culture. I¬†love what I do! ” One guy yells out, “Right on! I’ve¬†NEVER heard a dancer say that before. That’s so honest and admirable.”¬†Whooohoo! lol

Then as I’m heading down to the rental car place I have Erin, the gal who totally takes care of my rentals when I come to town, mentions how I’m popular with the ladies. Word travels fast in these smaller towns. Yep! The hotties in T-Bay are my faves! Such a fun, playful¬†audience and the ladies here do own their own sexiness! Love it!¬† I even went into Subway and had my salad made by a lil hottie who comes in for my shows ūüôā I actually used to be a sandwich artist myself! In my pre-dancing days.

Well, here we are halfway through the week and it’s been off the hook and busy every night. T-Bay never disappoints! Breaking out the finger paints for the weekend……